Visit the Voxbone Cloud Communications Hub

Come and visit Voxbone's Cloud Comms Event in London on October 1st for free insights, beer and pizza

Visit the Voxbone Cloud Communications Hub

The communications industry is evolving at an incredible pace. Today’s consumers are looking for new and improved ways to access more dynamic and incredible communication services, particularly with strategies like “Bring Your Own Carrier” becoming increasingly appealing. Voxbone, one of the market leaders in global communications solutions, is launching a brand new event to celebrate the new era of cloud communications and help today’s customers learn everything they need to know about building the perfect tech stack.

The Cloud Communications Hub is a newly-formed networking group that brings together cloud communications tech enthusiasts. The first event, set to take place in London this October 1st, includes our very own Rob Scott, the publisher and founder of UC Today, as well as Senior Solutions Architect of Voxbone, Mehmet Hussein. A panel at the event will address the growing trend of Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC), and why you should be considering it in your business, particularly as we move deeper into the age of digital transformation.

Book your place on the first Cloud Communications Hub meetup in London here.

The Cloud Communications Hub

The cloud communications Hub is a Voxbone-sponsored environment where people can go to learn everything that they need to know about cloud communications. This unique networking environment aims to bring together like-minded people from around the world and help them to unlock the latest innovations in cloud communication technology.

Starting with the first BYOC event on October 1st this year, Voxbone aims to hold Cloud Communications Hub meetings every quarter. These events will bring together tech evangelists, top analysts, and leading speakers for round tables, panel discussions, keynotes, and beers.

According to Voxbone, the event will specifically look at the biggest challenges, risks, and opportunities facing enterprise communications in the current age of cloud, and the key challenges that companies face when scaling global communications. Additionally, Voxbone will also look at the benefits of taking a true BYOC approach.

The event on October 1st will be held at Fora Spitalfields, in London and will offer attendees a chance to get together with their industry peers to engage with an informal but insightful chat about BYOC opportunities. Voxbone promises the chance to check out some great new tools and technology, as well as pizza and beer intended to remove the awkwardness of most modern networking experiences and create a friendlier overall environment.

A New Age of Communications Networking

Voxbone is welcoming all people with an interest in cloud communications to the event on the 1st of October. With free drinks on offer, there’s really no excuse not to attend. The great thing about this event (in our opinion) is how lighthearted and friendly it’s set to be. Ultimately, for many people in the communications and IT industries, networking can be an exhausting and stressful experience. Often, networking involves sitting in stuffy rooms and listening to other people talk, rather than having the freedom to chat with members of your sector.

Voxbone wanted to make a real difference to the way that the people in the communications industry interact. That’s why the new Cloud Communications Hub event is designed to give today’s communications experts and sellers the opportunity to learn about their industry, without being overwhelmed. The team at Voxbone wanted to create a networking experience that goes against the trend of boring seminars, so that people can have more time together, talking about the things that matter most to them in the communications environment.

If you’re in London this October, the Cloud Communications Hub event could be your chance to experience a new kind of conference, where industry-leading speakers and analysts get together with people from all backgrounds to share a bite of pizza, get involved with panel discussions, and have fun during roundtable sessions with a couple of refreshing free beers.

Going forward, Voxbone will continue to host their Cloud Communications Hub events in fantastic locations around London, giving people a chance to regularly meet with others in their community and learn more about the space. The Cloud Communications Hub is available to explore online too, go here.

If you’re interested in joining our founder, Rob Scott, and some other great attendees at the first event on October 1st, you can sign up for your free spot at the Cloud Communications Hub event here. We look forward to seeing you there!

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