West Corporation Reveals Rebrand to Intrado

New name for leading global communications provider

West Corporation Reveals Rebrand to Intrado

West Corporation, one of the global leaders in tech-enabled services in the communication environment, recently announced that it’s rebranding with a new name. The updated title “Intrado” is intended to reflect the evolution of the company, and its vision for future growth.

Since its launch in 1986, West Corp has always committed to staying ahead of the curve, adapting its portfolio and operations to meet the transforming demands of clients and customers. The new name change is just another example of how West Corp plans to stay up-to-date in rapidly transforming digital environment.

The decision to rebrand comes soon after West Corp has seen an exceptional acceleration in their growth strategy, thanks to the divestiture of their call centre business, and the acquisition of various new companies.

Information to Insight

John Shlonsky

John Shlonsky

West Corp’s new name comes equipped with the tagline “Information to Insight” – a powerful statement that highlights Intrado’s mission to provide business users with insightful and useful business information. Intrado hopes to continue creating new solutions that allow businesses and people to connect at the right time, making conversations more relevant and actionable than ever.

The cloud-based structure for the Intrado portfolio will make this forward-thinking approach easier to pursue, particularly as the communication world grows more complex. According to the Chief Executive Officer and President of the newly-renamed company, John Shlonsky, the solutions offered by the brand simplify technology and transform information, giving businesses the insights they need to make better decisions.

Intrado is moving forward with a focus on development and reliability. Shlonksy noted that the company aims to deliver amazing results, whether they’re streaming a live conference, or developing eye-opening insights into productivity analytics. The company has also adjusted its operating segments to strengthen the strategic position of the business, solutions, and products available.

The New Intrado Operating Segments

The latest additions to the Intrado portfolio include:

  • Life and Safety:
    • Products that enable public safety, such as next-gen 9-1-1 solutions, carrier services, and government solutions
    • Notifications for education, healthcare, and utility, aligned with critical communications strategies
    • Telecom solutions, providing cloud-based communications platforms following the Flowroute acquisition
  • Enterprise collaboration:
    • UCaaS and cloud collaboration
    • Traditional collaboration and conferencing, including on-demand audio, and web conferencing features
  • Digital Media:
    • Web hosting, public relations and webcasting businesses acquired from NASDAQ
    • INXPO’s streaming platform
    • The commercial component of the previous Interactive Services segment
    • The newly acquired Notified business (provider of cloud-enabled monitoring, media, and measurement features)
  • Health and Wellness:
    • Health Advocate, which makes it easier for millions of Americans to simplify and navigate their healthcare experience
    • Claims Recovery, which helps health insurance payers, third-party admins, and self-insured organisations improve cash flow

Intrado is dedicated to developing innovative and immersive cloud-based technology that makes it easier and more efficient to deliver the connections that count in any business environment.


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