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Xarios Technologies Platform Review

With more than 15 years of experience working with global leaders in communications, Xarios has earned its place among the top competitors in UC&C. The brand is responsible for developing, designing, and supplying a host of telephony applications and UCaaS offerings that put usability and simplicity first.  

For companies keen to leverage the latest in innovative communications technology, Xarios makes digital transformation simple. Several companies and channel partners have built disruptive packages with the Xarios application portfolio. 

Here’s your guide to the Xarios Technology platform.  

Xarios History 

Xarios Technologies was founded in 2007. The company was created to respond to the growing demand for flexible and customisable communication applications in the marketplace. Xarios is an innovator in the Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) marketplace, with 100,000s of global users.  

Today, the company offers a wide selection of products, ranging from cloud telephony facilities to keep companies connected wherever they are, to Contact Centre as a Service, with in-built call analytics. The Unified Communications offering, Dimensions Voice, is built on top of a reliable background of CPaaS functionality.  

Xarios supports channel partners across the globe in creating differentiated product offerings, through a comprehensive UCaaS platform, scalable call recording, and even enhanced IVR solutions for the modern contact centre.  

Xarios Dimensions Voice Key Features 

Dimensions Voice is a compelling UCaaS offering from Xarios, bringing together a host of flexible communication features. Though the UCaaS solution is new to Xarios’ portfolio, it builds on the company’s heritage of powerful CPaaS functionalities, with a device-agnostic approach.  

Dimensions Voice is designed for UK resellers that need to differentiate their offering, with flexible integrations through Bring Your Own Carrier setups. Features include: 

  • Simple licensing: A simple licensing strategy makes it simple for channel partners to provide their users with an experience that’s suited to their needs. Users can be licensed for multiple devices, rather than one device at a time. Users can connect via WebRTC, UConnect softphones, handsets, and MS Teams
  • Video conferencing: Ready to support the new age of hybrid work, Xarios offers video conferencing within the UC environment, ready to be accessed via compatible devices. Multi-party video calling is available for any business   
  • Reporting and analytics: A wide range of reporting and analytics functions are available to every user as standard. Historical call data and real-time wallboards work together to offer an end-to-end view of communication and contact centre functionality. The analytics approach allows for a more data-driven business
  • Call recording: Call recording forms a central component of the Xarios platform stack, allowing for more secure and compliant solutions. The Dimensions Voice platform is fully encrypted with DTMF and pause/resume functionality included within the standard offering

Xarios Go to Market 

Xarios is a reseller-only company dedicated to assisting partners in capturing and maintaining their target market. The Dimensions Voice solution is flexible enough to suit the needs of countless companies, with extra access to tools like call analytics and live stats available. 

Training is provided to channel partners directly from Xarios, and sessions are customised to suit the needs of each reseller. Every partner will learn how to self-provision customers, and they maintain access to Xarios pre-sales tools too. Resellers even receive an account manager to help with their sales and demonstrations.  

The Xarios Dimensions platform is fully prepared for white label access, so partners can build a memorable brand.  

Integration with Microsoft Teams 

Channel partners ready to leverage the Microsoft Teams ecosystem can access Teams solutions through their Xarios Dimensions Voice environment. Teams is a valuable endpoint available to endusers through Xarios, and any Teams users get full access to all the benefits of the full Xarios UCaaS platform. This includes support for call recording, PCI compliance, and reporting.  

Xarios Platform Benefits 

The Xarios Dimensions Voice platform is a state-of-the-art CPaaS solution ready to scale to any level. With extensive flexibility and minimal costs, companies can achieve an edge in today’s competitive reseller market. The UCaaS, provisioning, and reporting elements of the platforms are all developed by Xarios directly; benefits include: 

  • Flexibility: Companies have the potential to bring their own carrier at a reseller or large customer account level. There’s also support to bring your own call recording storage at a customer or reseller level
  • White labelled: Partners get access to a highly customisable white-labelled platform so they can build a memorable brand. Carrier-class resilience is included as standard
  • Excellent call analytics: Analytics are a central part of the Xarios platform, making it easier for companies to keep track of both historical and real-time data related to communications 
  • Simpler licensing: The unique licensing model makes it easier to provide users with a strategy that’s suitable for them. Licensing is offered on a per-user, rather than a per-device basis for greater freedom 
  • Highly customisable: The Xarios platform is a fully scalable and flexible UCaaS solution that combines features to suit everything from small companies to large multi-site enterprise deployments

Capabilities Checklist    

User Experience  Included  Optional  Notes/Comments 
Cloud Calling Options (UCaaS / Hosted Voice)    Can be used as either a UCaas or Hosted Telephony platform     
Calling Plans – Global availability of Dial-in Numbers (DID/DDIs) and local breakout to PSTN        Xarios offers a default carrier option with unlimited UK landline and mobile calling plan     
BYOC – Bring your own Carrier e.g SIP trunks, E1/T1 connections, SBCs     Resellers can add multiple SIP carriers to suit their unique requirements.       
PBX Call Routing, Auto Attendant, IVR, ACD, Queuing, Announcements, peer to peer dialling   Yes   ACD and contact centre features   
Voice messaging/unified messaging, User mailboxes, group mailboxes, voice mail to email, voice mail transcription    Yes        Voicemail transcription currently not enabled  
Advanced Contact Centre Routing e.g Skills-based routing, predictive routing, intelligent routing        Yes      
Interoperability / Federation / Multi-site networking, SBCs            N/A  
Users and extensions, access control, permissions, feature access control    Yes          
UC Clients for Smartphone / Tablet multi-OS / WebRTC    Yes        
Endpoint Devices e.g phones, conference phones, personal speakerphones, ATAs, headsets, wearables, video endpoints    Yes          
Smart Endpoints with APIs, Android OS            
Team Experience 


Team Collaboration Software with voice, video, persistent chat, file sharing, Bots, integrations         Yes     
Video Conferencing, audio bridge, VCaaS, Meeting Assistants, Room Kits, AI capabilities    Inbuilt video/audio conference bridge.        Contact Centre AI in partnership with 3rd parties  
Huddle Rooms, Room kits, video endpoints          
Interactive Whiteboards, collaboration screens     No         
Customer Experience             
Omni-channel e.g voice, video, SMS, email, social media            Coming Q3-4 2021  
WFO / WFM software  


Call Analytics, reporting, real-time wallboards, call recording, AI analytics and insights    Yes          
Speech technologies, speech analytics, NLP,             Q1 2022  
Chatbots, Live chat, AI-enabled conversational interfaces            Coming Q3-4 2021  
Automated outbound dialling e.g click to dial, predictive, power, progressive diallers    Click to Dial        Progressive Dialler Coming 2022 
Business Experience             
Innovation, Leadership, financial stability, strategy, agility, ability to execute, completeness of portfolio.               
Administration, programming interface, admin training, LDAP integration, service management    Yes          
Integrations with 3rdparty applications e.g CRM integration    Yes        Salesforce Lightning  
APIs / SDK / CPaaS, development hub/community, documentation, example code        Yes      
User Adoption, support plans, help, guides, documentation, adoption programmes   Full reseller sales and technical support included, online documentation         
Resilience, geo-redundancy, global availability, deployment options e.g hybrid cloud    Geo-redundant infrastructure        
Security e.g fraud detection/prevention, ISO 27001, SBCs,      Toll fraud limiting features         
Compliance – GDPR, MIFID, PCI-DSS, data sovereignty etc        Yes    Via 3rd party  
Licensing options, upgrades, migrations,   


Pricing options, group packages discounts and incentives, perpetual licensing vs subscription    No    No      


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