Intelligent Compliance: ULAP Networks Leads the Way

ULAP Networks signs strategic alliance with CallCabinet to add compliance recording, storage and analytics to Smart Exchange Platform

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ULAP Networks Signs Strategic Alliance with CallCabinet
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Published: August 4, 2023

George Malim

ULAP Networks has formed a strategic alliance with CallCabinet, highlighting its commitment to expanding partnerships and bringing additional cost-effective solutions to its ecosystem.

Global collaboration and remote working environments, are pressing businesses to meet regulatory compliance requirements in their customer interactions and data. CallCabinet’s addition to the ULAP Smart Exchange provides access to call recording and analytics tools to ensure they meet global compliance standards. CallCabinet’s AI-driven call recording platform provides customers with high-quality assurance, next-gen AI analytics and monitoring capabilities to empower business intelligence in any communication environment or jurisdiction.

ULAP for CallCabinet through the ULAP Smart Exchange provides frictionless integration with most major SaaS platforms, as part of a single solution from ULAP. ULAP is focused on enabling its customers with the latest innovations via cost-effective intelligent solutions that power enterprises to achieve their business goals.

“This partnership marks an exciting expansion of our global availability into parts of the world currently under served,” says Ryan Kahan, the Chief Executive Officer at CallCabinet. “Combining the cutting-edge capabilities of CallCabinet’s AI-powered call recording solutions with ULAP’s Smart Exchange will materially move the needle for businesses who haven’t had access to compliant call recording as well as analytics pulled from their conversation data.”

“We’re delighted to have added CallCabinet to our growing ecosystem and to our portfolio of available solutions,” says Dominic McDonald, Chief Executive Officer at ULAP Networks.

“We’re known for providing cost effective solutions, to and from parts of the globe that others find hard to do business, to provide intelligent business solutions that our multi-national corporate customers.  CallCabinet’s global expertise and robust platform, is just what our customers are seeking as part of our comprehensive offerings.”

Visit ULAP for CallCabinet for more information.

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