VBeT’s VT 8200 UC Headset Kills Employee Anxiety

David Bradley

How the latest headset advances improve performance through enhancing confidence

VBeT’s VT 8200 UC Headset Kills Employee Anxiety

VBeT’s VT 8200 UC headset improves call handling performance, but it can relieve anxiety too. Anxiety at work is an increasing problem. The UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimate 12.8 million working days were lost in 2018-19 due to stress and anxiety.  

Since the pandemic, anxiety has increased through hybrid home/office work. Home call handlers can’t just ask an IT support staff member to configure their headset with the latest version of Microsoft Teams. Headset compatibility issues cause anxiety for lone call handlers. For them, everything must work straight off the bat. 

As Victor Fan, MD at innovative UC headset manufacturer, VBeT explains, “Our VT 8200 UC headset is designed to work plug and play with a wide range of UC and telephone systems, including Microsoft Teams, Avaya and Cisco Jabber, 3CX etc.” Victor Fan continues: “With USB-C or USB-A connectivity, the VT 8200 is ideal for the multi-location user.” 

In Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour Work Week, Ferris describes a call centre employee depressed by being office-bound. He persuaded his boss that he’d be more productive working from home. The boss reluctantly agreed. A year later, to the boss’s surprise, the employee had become much more effective. The boss then realised that the call handler had, in fact, been working in China.  

Cloud communications has unleashed freedom for itinerant call handlers. But the downside is anxiety. What if the equipment breaks? Can the listener hear tell-tale flamenco music in the background?  

As VBeT’s Victor Fan, explains, “for travelling call handlers without an IT department to call on, the VT 8200 UC Headset comes with medical-grade liquid silicon headbands. It’s long-lasting. Users can feel its quality when they touch it, pick it up and place it on their heads. They can feel it just works every time.” 

Victor Fan continues, “the VT 8200 UC headset has an advanced noise-cancelling microphone. This allows call handlers to work in less quiet environments without feeling anxious about background noises – vital for confidence and enthusiasm.”. 

Finally, discombobulation through poor ergonomic headset design causes anxiety too. Not so with the VT 8200 UC headset. 

According to Victor Fan “the VT 8200 UC headset is built around a simple, intuitive user experience. For example, our customers can make, receive or redial calls simply by pressing a button on the headset once or twice.”  

But what if a colleague interrupts, just when the call handler is acutely listening to what the caller is saying?  

Victor Fan explains, “key to call handling performance is a headset that prevents staff being distracted by colleagues. When VBeT’s VT8200 is in its idle state, the indicator light shows green. On a call, the red is activated automatically, so colleagues know not to disturb.”  

Then Victor Fan points out that comfort relieves anxiety too. “Leather cushion ear pads help concentration on longer calls. Agents feel more confident. Users can even move the mic arm to be on their left or right. We take the trouble to design around the needs of the user.” 

If managers take on board Victor Fan’s points about headset comfort, noise cancellation and ergonomic design, the HSE’s next report on workplace anxiety should make happier reading. 




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