Veritas Offers Hybrid Cloud-Agnostic IT for VMware

Introducing the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform

Veritas Offers Hybrid Cloud-Agnostic IT for VMware

The global leader in enterprise data protection solutions and software-defined storage, Veritas, recently introduced the arrival of its new Enterprise Data Services platform for VMware. The new Veritas solution is available for VMware environments running on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform environments. The integrated solutions from Veritas will enable VMware users to manage the availability of their essential business services at the application layer.

Additionally, the new offering promises to help companies leverage flexible data protection strategies, with at-scale recovery solutions that are entirely cloud-agnostic and ready for hybrid cloud.

The Enterprise Data Services platform, a unified collection of technologies intended to reduce the complexity of infrastructure and data management for enterprise IT, will give users access to a new era of data and application management, insight, and protection options.

Providing Full Hybrid Cloud Support

According to the CEO for Veritas, Greg Hughes, the Veritas landscape is a critical solution for enterprises in search of a simple way of leveraging hybrid cloud deployments powered by VMware. The Enterprise Data Services platform will help companies to maintain higher resiliency levels and excellent infrastructure versatility in the hybrid world.

The platform is designed around a core of the “NetBackup” offering for reliability and redundancy. It also comes with access to a range of proven solutions, such as APTARE IT analytics and Veritas InfoScale. This will allow customers to access more of the data they need when they need it most.

The Enterprise Data Services platform will enable users to:

  • Extend availability management solutions to the application layer in the hybrid cloud: As modern businesses demand a higher level of application availability, flexibility, and performance in the hybrid cloud, Veritas can help companies achieve the application availability they need. Veritas InfoScale enhances the VMware infrastructure with availability management on the application layer
  • Gain operational insights into VMs and cloud environments: Veritas offers insight into data across a range of multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments using APTARE. This single interface for visibility spans the whole data environment will help companies to manage data more effectively. What’s more, native integration with VMware vRealize will simplify the way that customers deploy data protection and insights too
  • Optimise at-scale and granular recovery wherever data lives: No matter if your information is on-premise or in the cloud, Veritas can help you to ensure it’s recovery and protection. With support for more than 400 workloads, NetBackup offers an excellent foundation for resilience and reliability in the modern workplace

Veritas Enterprise Data Services

According to Greg Hughes, the latest version of NetBackup at the heart of the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform ensures peace of mind for users. What’s more, Veritas’s completely agentless architecture and API-first approach support flexible automated protection, orchestration, migration, and recovery of data in any environment.


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