Viber Announces New Messaging Features

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Viber Announces New Messaging Features

A world leader in messaging platforms, Viber, recently announced the launch of a variety of new features for their messaging solutions. These updates will be going live throughout June for more than 1 billion international users. According to the press release available from Viber, the upgrades are designed to make the service even easier and more intuitive for their customers to use.

The updates will be available throughout June on Google Play and the App Store. You can just click on the update button to upgrade your service from Viber.

Exploring the New Features

To enhance the functionality of their Messaging app for users from all background, Viber will be introducing a range of new features for usability. For instance, users on both Android and iPhone will be able to access:

  • Groups in Common: This will allow users to see which Viber Groups they have in common with other contacts on their list. You can check these details via the Info screen on any one-to-one chat with a contact
  • Messaging visibility: Get more insight into your chat status from the main chat list. Users will be able to see whether someone is typing a response, or whether your message has been properly delivered and read
  • Quick replies: Save time by instantly responding to a message by just swiping down on your notification. There’s no need to tap into each individual chat

Additionally, now that Viber’s desktop solution is becoming increasingly popular across millions of users, the company has also introduced the Lock Desktop feature. This service is for users that share their desktop or computer with other users. You can use the solution to keep your Viber conversations password-protected and private when you’re not at your screen.

Supporting Usability and Data Privacy

The new range of updates from Viber is designed to support the company’s commitment to simple usability and ongoing data privacy. There’s full end-to-end encryption included on all private one-on-one conversations and group chat.

Encryption is included as part of your Viber service as standard and turned on by default. You can find out more about Viber (part of the Rakuten group) and the recent upgrades to their application on the Viber website.


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