Yamaha Introduces New Dedicated UC Department

Yamaha Commits to the unified communications Market

Yamaha Introduces New Dedicated UC Department

One of the world’s leading pro audio companies, Yamaha recently took a step into the market of Unified Communications with a dedicated department. Using the expertise provided by Revolabs (a Yamaha subsidiary), Yamaha will be able to focus on solutions to enhance communications and develop products that help organisations reach their goals for the business.

According to the executive officer, and senior general manager for Yamaha, Hirofumi Osawa, the company already has over a decade of experience working in the UC industry, through their collaboration with Japanese enterprise customers. The latest change to the organisation will represent a natural step forward to help Yamaha cultivate more UC relationships around the world. Thanks to their core strengths in music and sound technology, Yamaha are in a great position to explore the UC market segment.

What about Revolabs?

Yamaha purchased Revolabs during 2014, expanding their portfolio and providing them with their chance to enter the UC market. Revolabs is well-known across the industry for its conferencing and audio solutions, as well as excellent technology integration with leading providers for UC, including Google, Microsoft, and Cisco. When combined with the world-class quality offered by Yamaha, Revolabs will be able to develop incredible conferencing solutions for customers.

Revolabs will be continuing their process of designing and producing UC conferencing solutions under the Yamaha brand. The idea is that the latest products will combine the strengths of both companies. By fusing expertise and technology together, Revolabs and Yamaha will be able to offer cross-solution support that addresses the growing collection of business communication needs.

What Should We Expect?

The first joint project introduced by Yamaha and Revolabs will be the Yamaha CS-700 video sound collaboration system for Huddle Rooms. This service will combine the microphone expertise of Revolabs, with Yamaha’s strict quality control and audio expertise. Beside amazing audio, the CS-700 also offers an HD wide-angle camera that allows meeting participants to see body language and facial expressions from everyone in the room.

The latest solution is the first to use video technology from Yamaha and will provide users with a comprehensive video and audio solution which eliminates operational challenges and offers a more productive collaboration experience. According to Osawa, the Yamaha mission is all about enhancing customer experience through the right services and products. The CS-700 is just the beginning of a quest to enable the perfect video and voice conferencing for any company.



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