Accessing Simpler MiFID II Communications Compliance with StarLeaf

StarLeaf delivers a range of native Microsoft Skype for Business meeting rooms

Accessing Simpler MiFID II Communications Compliance with StarLeaf

A leading provider of meeting room solutions for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, StarLeaf, recently announced that they’d be offering meeting room systems fully prepped for compliance with MiFID II. StarLeaf will be the first manufacturer to sell systems designed with the functionality features required to manage the regulatory rules of the new Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

The MiFID II regulation is a law set out by the European Union to standardise the regulation of financial and investment companies across various states within the Economic Area of Europe. MiFID II came into effect this year, and it introduces a range of significant revisions intended to provide more transparency and protection in a selection of asset classes. The new rules indicate that any form of communication used to address financial transactions must be safely recorded for auditing purposes. Compliance means that all meetings must be recorded, and participants must be logged to ensure absolute security.

The New StarLeaf Compliance Strategy

Skype for Business is one of the most frequently-accessed business tools in the unified communications space. As Teams emerges as Microsoft’s solution to collaboration, it’s likely that we’ll see more adoption of that tool too. The good news is that with StarLeaf, it’s possible to access a range of powerful technology features intended to support MiFID II compliance.

According to the Head of the Microsoft Business Unit for StarLeaf, Jonathan Williams, most financial service organisations have plenty of technology to help them ensure compliance with the Microsoft UC platform, but they don’t necessarily have the tools required to handle meeting rooms and video conferences – particularly when they need to log every participant.

StarLeaf gives its customers a way to achieve stronger compliance by ensuring that anyone joining a meeting room with the system enabled will be tracked and accounted for.

Simpler Strategies for the Conference Room

According to Jonathan, while MiFID II has been an important consideration for StarLeaf this year, they’ve always been devoted to ensuring every employee can use the conference room system with ease and efficiency. The StarLeaf meeting room range allows people in the financial services industry to meet with MiFID II regulations without complicating the user interface for collaboration, which is sure to make adoption easier.

The broad collection of video meeting room systems available from StarLeaf are intended to provide enterprise customers with everything they need to efficiently manage and equip all meeting room spaces, regardless of whether you’re investing in larger conference halls or huddle rooms. By offering a safe and simple environment, StarLeaf hopes to provide their customers with a streamlined strategy for collaboration that works natively with the Skype for Business or Office 365 system.

Now, with the addition of automatic MiFID II compliance, StarLeaf users will be able to rest assured that they’re handling their meeting room needs in the safest way possible.


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