Cisco – Advanced Meeting Solutions Enhancements

Cisco delivers several new solutions for cloud meetings

Cisco – Advanced Meeting Solutions Enhancements

As the workplace continues to evolve, meetings remain a crucial component in ensuring the productivity of the workforce. Meetings allow for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business consistency. Of course, the way that we conduct those conferences today has changed drastically, thanks to the rise of collaboration solutions, video conferencing and instant messaging.

Cisco connects proven hardware with SaaS and software solutions to offer today’s companies an innovative approach to the meeting solution. Recently, Cisco unveiled a selection of new updates to their meetings platform, sure to upgrade the way that today’s professionals connect.

The Latest Cisco Meetings Updates: @Meet & Cisco Edge

The first feature Cisco unveiled in their recent release was the “@Meet” solution. Users can now type @Meet into a meeting invite and schedule their conference with dial-in information automatically included, regardless of the device or deployment used. This upgrade builds on Cisco’s dedication to making the business environment simpler for their customers.

Simplicity has always been a crucial value for Cisco, and something they’ve implemented with previous deployments like their “One Button to Push” join experience that makes it simpler to access conferences on any device.

Cisco also announced the arrival of Cisco WebEx services, which provides customers with a global backbone of WebEx technology, available to access within any user’s data centre. The WebEx Edge solution is the only collaboration service designed specifically for real-time media, which means that Cisco users will be able to accelerate their digital transformation in a way that allows for instant communication between people anywhere in the world – whether they’re collaborating with employees in the office, or remote workers. Cisco WebEx Edge comes with three services, including:

  • WebEx Edge Audio
  • WebEx Edge Video Mesh
  • WebEx Edge Connect

Cisco’s Latest Hardware Upgrades

Aside from the new software solutions available through @Meet and Cisco Edge, Cisco has also unveiled a selection of updated hardware endpoints too. This month, Cisco introduced several new devices intended to support meetings in rooms of any size. The range of endpoints includes the “WebEx Room Kit,” which contains capabilities for 4K content sharing, AI-driven communication, and more. This new hardware will give Cisco customers even more opportunities to choose how and where they host their most important conference meetings.

Additionally, to support employees searching for a more mobile approach to meetings, Cisco has also developed a catalogue of new wireless professional headsets. The Cisco 500 Series of headset devices work with all Cisco devices and integrate seamlessly with services like WebEx Teams, WebEx Meetings, and Jabber. Now, users can access the “561” and “562” wireless headsets for enhanced freedom within the office.

All of the latest updates from Cisco come in response to the demands and feedback that the company has received from its extensive customer network. Cisco plans to continue unveiling new solutions going forward that will bring greater simplicity to the meeting environment and collaboration experience.


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