Eyeson Hits 3 Million Download Mark

Video collab product reaches download milestone

Eyeson Hits 3 Million Download Mark

Eyeson, a technology leader in the world of smart and unlimited video collaboration and communication, recently announced that it had achieved an incredible milestone with its flagship product. The cloud-based video collaboration solution from Eyeson is based on a pioneering single-stream technology, which gives companies access to endless scalability for their teams. This compelling solution has now hit the 3 million download mark for the first time with iOS and Android customers. What’s more, Eyeson reports a total of 2.4 million registered users.

As video communication and collaboration becomes more popular in the age of remote working, tools like Eyeson give companies the option to access consistent and reliable video calls wherever they are. Eyeson’s software provides a constant bandwidth technology regardless of the number of participants involved in a meeting so that teams can scale as much as necessary.

Embracing Mobile Video Collaboration

The CEO and co-founder of Eyeson, Andreas Kröpfl, noted that mobile video collaboration is a crucial component of many workforces today. Agile and dynamic teams want to be able to spontaneously access and use video meetings through the tools that they’re already comfortable with. To make it easier for today’s employees to access video conferencing and collaboration anywhere, Eyeson works seamlessly with many of the leading collaboration products, like Slack, Trello, Jiro, Freshdesk, Talkdesk, and many others.

What’s more, to ensure that everyone can have access to video wherever they are, Eyeson also offers APIs for B2B businesses. This means that Eyeson can provide a range of customers access to quick, simple, and reliable video, without the need for complex installations. The Eyeson experience is available through all web browsers and mobile devices, which has earned it the attention of countless companies worldwide.

Eyeson’s milestone of 3 million downloads comes only seven months after they reached the 1 million download mark for the first time at the beginning of 2019.

Planning for Continued Growth

Andreas Kröpfl

Andreas Kröpfl

Eyeson has dedicated users in more than 100 countries across the globe, giving it an exceptional level of reach in the competitive video collaboration space. Countries like the USA, Mexico, Turkey, and India currently hold the highest number of counts. Eyeson believes that the app’s exceptional growth will continue in the months and years ahead, as video collaboration grows more popular. The team feels that the 10 million installation milestone is now well within reach.

Going forward, Eyeson will be investing in extending its regional focus from the US and Asia to Latin American countries too. These countries have shown significant growth for collaboration vendors, particularly areas like Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. The expansion into new markets is being supported by the investment of various well-known brands, including Austrian tech investor, Hermann Hauser, eQventure, and I4G.

In 2017, Eyeson (then Visocon) was named as the only “cool vendor in UC” in Europe, by Gartner.


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