Visocon Named a 2017 Cool Vendor by Gartner

The company provides a novel cloud based video service enabling a unique communication solution

Visocon Named a 2017 Cool Vendor by Gartner

VisoCon, a leader in Video Communication Technology, announces that it has been named in the 2017 Gartner report for Cool Vendors in Unified Communications.

Each year, Gartner identifies “Cool Vendors” in key technology areas. This year, VisoCon is recognised in the report of Cool Vendor in Unified Communications along with only four other companies.  We believe this highlights VisoCon’s focus on delivering vastly exceptional and innovative solutions for video conferencing in the era of Unified Communications with eyeson services.

The core of VisoCon’s eyeson services is the patented Single-Stream-Technology (SST), which gathers audio, video and data inputs from multiple sources, merging them into one single video stream deliverable to WebRTC browsers, mobile applications and video content management solutions. SST is based on a bandwidth sensitivity algorithm adjusting dynamically to network conditions enabling an optimal viewing experience.

In the IoT use cases, eyeson can be used to collect data from multiple connected devices, in combination with live and recorded video feeds from various locations, static images, as well as live audio conversations.

“It is a great honour for us to be mentioned by Gartner. We feel our designation as a Cool Vendor in the 2017 Gartner report of Unified Communications is a confirmation of our exceptional video communication solution and we are very proud to be listed”, Andreas Kröpfl, CEO at VisoCon

With eyeson, users can enter/join video rooms immediately right from the browser or the mobile app. Users benefit from high-quality video conferencing without any performance restrictions regardless of the number of participants, the available bandwidth and the used devices. Worldwide unique experience is enabled with the data-in-video functionality and the possibility to live-stream a video conference to broadcasting networks like Facebook or YouTube.

“Our focus is to provide a software service delivering multi-media streaming of static and real-time elements from multiple data sources and video. So, service providers, developers and integrators can create engaging services. Our goal is to build highly sophisticated software solutions meeting our clients’ needs”, Michael Wolfgang, CTO at VisoCon

About VisoCon
VisoCon is engaged in the development of smart video collaboration solutions. eyeson is VisoCon’s core product, a cloud-based software solution providing a video conferencing platform. It is based on a patented real-time communication server with Single Stream Technology. A major benefit of SST is its scalability, making eyeson especially suited for presentations, lectures, meetings and conferencing. Regardless of the number of video participants, the video- and audio quality remains high. eyeson is also available for several online collaboration tools, such as Slack, Dropbox, Kaltura and HipChat, more will follow. Developers can smoothly integrate eyeson’s API on their website.


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