Fuze and Slack Collaborate

Next-level collaboration with Fuze and Slack

Fuze and Slack Collaborate

Slack, one of the leading providers of collaboration solutions for today’s distributed workforces, and Fuze, a pioneer in communication strategies, recently announced their new integration. Fuze revealed the news on the 10th of September 2019, stating that as the structure of work continues to evolve, businesses need more open communication channels to help support today’s remote and distributed teams.

According to Fuze, today’s business leaders now need to work harder than ever to equip their employees with the tools that help them seamlessly navigate their work tasks and keep up-to-date with the latest news from their colleagues. Fuze’s integration for Slack is a fantastic step forward for the communications company. According to Fuze, Slack is a “like-minded” organisation that’s also committed to supporting the future of work.

Supporting a New Way of Working

In their blog post about the recent collaboration, Fuze said that business leaders are identifying new and improved ways to keep workers connected across diverse skill sets, backgrounds, and industries. The new Fuze collaboration with Slack will help to bridge the digital gaps in the enterprise to help businesses embrace a more aligned and cohesive age of user experience, in a more agile and integrated work environment.

Fuze believes that its integration with Slack will help companies to solve significant challenges with things like scheduling meetings and improving teamwork. The integration will bring together two of the current market leaders for communication and collaboration solutions in the enterprise, ensuring that organisations can access the flexible tools of Slack, complete with Fuze’s powerful global communication offerings. With the new integrations, users will be able to switch between both platforms with ease, using one-click simplicity and Slack commands to escalate from a direct message on Slack private or public channels to a Fuze video meeting or full-screen sharing experience.

For businesses who already spend a great deal of time working in Slack, the Fuze integration will also expand into scheduled meetings too, allowing for Slack’s integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar display upcoming meetings in Fuze, making sessions available with a single click.

Moving Beyond Traditional Communication

Fuze notes that now that traditional methods of communication like switching applications for video and chat, or picking up a desk phone become less frequent, integrated platforms are evolving to suit new demands. Today’s workforce communication assets need to work seamlessly together so that productivity and innovation can thrive.

The shared perspective that Slack and Fuze have on facilitating the future of work will help them to continue delivering excellent collaborative experiences in the years ahead.



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