Fuze HD Audio & Video Conferencing Guide

High-definition meetings from Fuze

Fuze HD Audio & Video Conferencing Guide

Part of our Ultimate Fuze Buyer’s Guide

Meetings and conferences make up a crucial part of the average business day. No matter which vertical you’re in, you’ll still need to connect with your shareholders, colleagues, and customers in an immersive way if you want to get the best results from your projects. American companies hold around 11 million meetings a day.

Industry leaders in the UC world like Fuze are beginning to transform the way we meet, by allowing us to enjoy successful discussions with remote workers and clients around the world. This not only reduces the need for expensive business travel, but it also ensures that every meeting you hold is as productive as possible.

Fuze HD Audio and Video conferencing is the cloud-based solution for mid-sized to large enterprise companies looking for better connections through the cloud.

Features & Benefits

Now that the modern work environment is in a state of constant change and variability, leaders like Fuze know that their users need a way to communicate quickly, effectively, and through the right channels. Through their unified platform for communications, Fuze offers HD Audio and Video conferencing available at the click of a button. No matter whether you’re connecting via mobile or desktop, you get the same consistent user experience every time.

What’s more, Fuze HD Audio and Video can support everything from one-on-one meetings to conferences with hundreds of participants at once. Features include:

  • Access to omni-channel collaboration tools including real-time content sharing, instant messaging, and presence
  • Global dial-in access, WebRTC click-to-join conferences, and HD VoIP
  • Interoperability with multiple HD video conferencing rooms, HD monitors, and USB speakerphones from leading vendors
  • Telepresence Connect for integration with Fuze mobile, Lifesize, Polycom, Cisco, and more
  • Integration with tools like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Skype for Business, Google Drive, DropBox and many more
  • Integration with Fuze Real-Time Content Sharing with 4k images and HD playback
  • Access to Fuze Managed Web Casting: Deliver video clips, files, and Q&A sessions to hundreds or thousands of global participants at once over an industry-leading cloud environment

With an advanced unified communication portfolio, Fuze makes it easier to collaborate on even the most complicated projects, regardless of where your team members are or which devices they might be using. Whether you need a cloud environment for simple business meetings, or you want to share information with thousands of people at once through the Fuze Managed Webcasting solution, you’ll find everything you need within the same easy-to-use platform.

Fuze HD Audio and Video Conferencing also come with support for Fuze Guest. “Fuze Guest” allows organisations to collaborate with people outside of their internal teams. The Guest solution offers secure access to people outside of your enterprise, allowing them to unlock all the same benefits of the Fuze platform that you get every day, including HD video meetings, one-to-one, and team messaging.

Target Market & Regional Availability

Fuze supports companies around the world from their headquarters in Boston. Thanks to an extensive network of dedicated partners, and a global presence with multiple data centres in countries from the US, to the Netherlands, almost anyone can access Fuze HD Audio and Video Conferencing. Current customers include Starbucks, Marketo, Macys.com and many more.

Primarily, Fuze caters to mid-market and enterprise customers. If you’re not sure whether Fuze HD Audio and Video Conferencing is right for your company, reach out to Fuze online, or contact one of their partners.

How to Buy & Pricing

Fuze products, including the Fuze HD Audio and Video Conferencing solution, are available on a Unified Communications as a Service model. This means that Fuze delivers your solution over the cloud, with flexible licensing to reduce your outgoing expenses and keep return on investment high. To get a quote for your HD Audio and Video conferencing solution, you’ll need to speak to Fuze, or a member of the Fuze partner network about the kind of UCaaS setup you’re looking for.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

Fuze HD Audio and Video Conferencing is part of the Fuze UC platform, intended to change the way that people work in the modern, digitally-connected world. Fuze delivers a comprehensive Unified Communications as a Service strategy that can be tailored to suit almost any business, regardless of what your UC&C requirements might be.

If you’re looking for a simple, but highly immersive conferencing solution that provides enterprise-quality audio and video for your teams around the globe, then Fuze has you covered with a highly-reliable, secure, and innovative UC stack.

Q: Who Can Join as a Fuze HD Audio and Video Conferencing Guest?

A: With Fuze Guest, anyone with a working email account (such as an account on Gmail or Outlook) will be able to participate as a guest in a meeting. Fuze can manage their guests via the Fuze Desktop and Fuze Mobile account manager platforms. Fuze admins can also control how guests participate in their environment with options to add or deactivate guest accounts.

Q: What are the CTI and Click-to-call Integrations for Fuze HD Audio and Video Conferencing?

A: Fuze integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, Skype for Business, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome, Google Calendar, Gmail, Firefox, and Internet Explorer for Click-to-call support and CT integrations.

Q: Can You Get a Demo of the Fuze HD Audio and Video Solution?

A: If you’re not sure whether the Fuze UCaaS solution is right for your business, Fuze offers a video on their website that show’s you an in-depth insight into the application. Additionally, if you want to test the platform for yourself, you can also schedule a demonstration from a Fuze Unified Communication expert, who will explain how the solution will support your business.

Have you upgraded your conferencing experience with Fuze HD Voice and Audio conferencing? Tell us all about your last meeting in the comment section below.

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