BlueJeans Huddle Review – Video Conferencing System

Read our review of the BlueJeans video collaboration tool

BlueJeans Huddle Review – Video Conferencing System

Founded in 2009, Blue Jeans is a California-based company that provides an interoperable cloud-based video communications service that connects participants across a wide range of devices and conference platforms – but how do its products fair against other brands on the market?

With this in mind, we shall be taking a look at one of the brand’s flagship products, the BlueJeans Huddle, reviewing the many features it has to offer and giving out own professional opinion on what types of businesses would benefit most from investing in it.

Before we continue however, we must inform you that we are not trying to sell this product and this is an impartial review written by a team of professionals with years of experience working within the IT and Telecommunications Industry.

What is the BlueJeans Huddle?

As business continues to evolve, the emergence of 6-8 persons huddle group meetings is rapidly increasing in popularity and fast becoming the preferred type of collaborative working environment for businesses wanting to brainstorm, share ideas, hold presentations and make contact with other huddle groups from different locations over the internet. Typically, the huddle groups take place in small meeting rooms, known as huddle rooms, and require a solution that can accommodate from the small space and provide all the necessary tools needed to help the group share information with one another in a fast, efficient and effective manner…this is where the BlueJeans huddle comes in!

What can the BlueJeans Huddle do?

With its innovative Smart Sensor Technology, the BlueJeans Huddle works in line with the smartphones of all members of the huddle meeting, enabling them to join every call at the click of a button with touch-to-join-simplicity. By doing this, the Huddle not only saves the precious time of each individual user but also ensures that everyone that needs to be involved in the call can do so without hassle or fuss.

Likewise, the Wireless Content Sharing feature available on the BlueJeans Huddle means that each member of the meeting is able to share slides, screens and applications into the meeting directly from their mobile, tablet or laptop device for a fast and efficient collaborative experience like no other.

As well as this, the Impeccable Audio & Video Quality provided through the BlueJeans Huddle ensures that every video call placed on the hub can be seen and heard with absolute clarity from start to finish. This way, no information is ever misheard and all points made in the meeting can be stated clearly and evaluated without misinterpretation.

Moreover, the compact components and support for a wide range of different room layouts make this device a Highly Flexible Solution that can be adapted to suit the specific needs of a wide variety of business types. As we all know, one shoe rarely fits the all in business and this solution promises to work with each individual company to create a bespoke setting that matches their preferences perfectly.

From an administrative perspective, the Central Management feature means that administrators can configure and manage all active BlueJeans Huddle devices from the command centre dashboard, thus saving a great deal of money and time that would be spent maintaining each device separately.

Lastly, the Calendar Integration works in line with Microsoft and Google Calendars for touch-to-join simplicity, meaning users can see upcoming meetings dated in their calendar and can simply click the link once the call is active to join without any hassle. As well as being an incredibly efficient feature that ensures people are given fast and simplified access to important meetings, the Calendar Integration can also be used to replay old recordings of meetings for the benefit of users who were present during the live meeting.

What do we like the most?

Though there are many things that appealed to us with the BlueJeans Huddle, we were specifically impressed with the flexible deployment options that give businesses the chance to choose an almost bespoke package that matches their personal preferences and will help their teams work more productively. Given that all businesses are different, we feel that the inclusion of this feature is incredibly innovative and can really help make a difference in performance levels of users during their huddle meetings.

BlueJeans Huddle Review – UC Today Opinion

When looking at all the features available to users on the BlueJeans Huddle it’s clear to see that a lot of thought and effort has gone into designing a hub system that specifically supports smaller huddle groups as opposed to larger conference meetings. By increasing staff productivity, aiding collaboration and cutting down maintenance and servicing costs, we feel that just about any SME would benefit from investing this product and we can’t recommend it enough.

Having said that, if you have tried this product and feel differently, or if you wish to ask any questions about the BlueJeans Huddle and the features it offers, please feel free to submit your thoughts to the comments section at the bottom of the page and we’ll be happy to help in anyway we can.


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