HRS Huddle Room Solution Introduced by AudioCodes

Designed to offer a solution to rising need for cost-effective, high quality audio meeting spaces

HRS Huddle Room Solution Introduced by AudioCodes

AudioCodes, a world-class provider of converged solutions for voice communication which enables service providers and enterprises to transition completely to all-IP networks, recently introduced “HRS”, or the Huddle Room Solution. This new meeting place is intended to offer a solution to the rising need for a cost-effective and high-quality solution for communications when it comes to crafting small meeting spaces.

The new development comes from an understanding of the fact that most of the meeting spaces required within a standard enterprise are small rooms that can offer support for as many as 6 people at a time. However, the AudioCodes Huddle Room is intended to offer a cost-efficient opportunity that allows for everything from 2-person huddles to 15-people group meeting spaces.

Introducing the Huddle Room Solution

The Huddle Room Solution is designed to improve meeting productivity and decrease costs in UC environments, including solutions for Skype for Business. Ideally, the new huddle option will give clients an intuitive and familiar user interface that eliminates complexity and gets rid of the various challenges that might be associated with joining and starting meetings in other environments. IT managers will now be able to efficiently transform any location into a meeting space.

AudioCodes have introduced their Huddle Room Solution to provide instant support for some of the leading codecs in voice, which include SILK. This ensures that everyone gets access to the highest quality of voice, no matter the conditions of the network. All of this combines with the latest in microphone tech to offer clear sound in any layout or room.

The Huddle Room Solution is an add-on for the AudioCodes 400HD IP phone system, which means that it can be deployed as a part of a completely managed solution for IP phones, with a life-cycle management option provided by the AudioCodes suite of IP phone management solutions.

A New Addition to the 400HD Portfolio

The latest addition to the 400HD portfolio serves to enhance the AudioCodes offering for high-productivity solutions and fill a gap in the existing market which currently exists between IT budgets and user needs. According to the Vice President for marketing in AudioCodes, Nimrode Borovsky, the Huddle room solution is just another step forward in the evolution of the “One Voice” portfolio that should continue to offer new enterprise solutions within environments powered by Skype for Business.

The Huddle Room Solution offers:

  • High-definition call audio and quality
  • Advanced microphone technology
  • Fully-managed IP Phone services
  • Familiar user interface

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