Huddly Acquires Assets to Advance Intelligent Cameras

Huddly purchases assets from AI company epigram

Huddly Acquires Assets to Advance Intelligent Cameras

Norway-based vision technology company Huddly recently announced the acquisition of an AI start-up called “Epigram”. The acquisition will move intellectual property, employees and various pieces of equipment over to Huddly, helping to enhance the AI potential of the Huddly range of intelligent cameras.

Epigram specialised in visual classification and computer vision software. The business produced a broad range of cutting-edge software and tools designed to collect and analyse big data, with a greater focus on the application of intelligence in understanding context and content. The team that will be joining Huddly following the acquisition include 7 highly-trained data scientists, increasing the Huddly headcount to 63.

The Prior Relationship Between Huddly and Epigram

Before the acquisition took place, Epigram was already working alongside Huddly, training the AI models that run on the Huddly camera systems. Epigram helped the AIs detect and count people in real-time and contributed to Huddly IQ – the product that offers features like automatic framing and advanced space analytics.

The new acquisition of Epigram is sure to extend and enhance Huddly’s abilities in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence spaces. Huddly has already revealed plans to continue its technology services to boost the potential of what their intelligent cameras can pick up and respond to in a room. Huddly’s robust hardware platform is an excellent foundation for the evolution of their portfolio. With Epigram, Huddly can now take the next step in their evolution with the continuous training of their AI solution.

The Start of An Exciting New Team

According to the CEO of Huddly, Jonas Rinde, the business is thrilled to be welcoming Epigram into the team and giving them the support that they need to truly accelerate the Huddly products. Rinde says that he is confident that Epigram will help Huddly to deliver unforgettable and valuable experiences to their customers, will evolving their intelligent camera to a more mature solution for end-users, driven by AI.

The VP of engineering for Huddly, Vegard Hammer also said that the Epigram team are a great addition to the Huddly group. These “world-class” engineers are sure to deliver valuable expertise to Huddly in the coming years, and the business already has plans in place for how they’re going to take advantage of the new integration.

The CEO of Epigram, Bendik Kvamstad is also looking forward to being a part of the Huddly team. In a press release, he announced that Epigram had been following Huddly for a long time, and they had always felt impressed by the team’s experienced. Epigram is thrilled to be a big part of the next step in Huddly’s evolution.

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