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Huddly IQ Review

Huddly’s newest AI camera upgrade, Huddly IQ, combines great visuals with easy usage

Huddly IQ Review

Huddly started its journey in Oslo, Norway, as recently as 2013. The company calls itself a “vision technology major” and brings together cutting-edge Scandinavian hardware, software, and AI technologies to create innovative video collaboration tools.

Huddly’s products are known for their flexibility, ease of use, and simple-to-upgrade features. Interestingly, the company constantly adds new updates to its product lineup, ensuring relevance, popularity, and immediacy. Huddly is known primarily for creating video collaboration tools, perfect for team meetings, huddles and conferences.

Huddly IQ is a wide-angle intelligent camera device with a natural 150-degree view and real-time framing. An update on the previous Huddly GO, the device is billed as a first of its kind; an AI-powered smart camera system with an embedded mic array and a neural engine for seamless AI interactions and advanced analytics. It is also extremely compact, runs on USB, is absolutely platform-agnostic – and could transform meeting and collaboration experiences for good.

Inside Huddly IQ

Let’s delve a little deeper into the product’s feature set.

The AI-driven conference camera – as mentioned, Huddly IQ offers a 150-degree wide angle video, has embedded microphones, and state-of-the-art AI capabilities.

Genius Framing – with Genius Framing, Huddly IQ naturalises any multi-location meeting, zooming in on participants and ensuring each frame is rich and blur-free. The Huddly App ensures that the camera is always up to date, with download options for the newest features.

Watch this video to see Genius Framing in action:


Unique video rendering methodology – the neural engine inside Huddly IQ makes responsiveness and environmental cognition work with greater real-time accuracy. Users can now choose to not manually control the camera with Huddly IQ’s powerful AI and automation capabilities.

Meaningful data insights – Huddly IQ also offers its users the chance to evaluate, measure, and analyse data on meeting space usage. This is enabled by the Huddle InSights API.

Why Huddly IQ Makes a Difference

Now here’s the thing – Huddly IQ packs in a number of basic but vital features pushed to their maximum.

The 150-degree wide angle lens and the studio-quality microphone array make both seeing and talking, a pleasure. On the other hand, the neural engine makes it highly intuitive, responding to the changing environment, even as the Genius Framing feature can quickly frame multiple team members.

There’s also a wealth of insights on how meeting spaces are being used which can help organisations working across various locations and geographies plan their future projects better. And the simplicity of its platform-agnostic, device-friendly plug ‘n play feature makes Huddly IQ ready for easy integration in any workplace setting.

You can also take a look at the meeting room data and analytics by linking it with other management dashboards. This means that managers can:

  • Quickly share meeting updates in real time
  • Collaborate and coordinate with multiple stakeholders more easily
  • Avoid glitchy, grainy, and unprofessional video calls
  • Gather data on meeting room quality and hygiene to finetune future sessions
  • Offer your team a product that’s as robust in usage as it is simple in implementation

What We Think

There’s no denying it. Huddly IQ is a best-in-class device, perfectly suited for small to mid-sized businesses who want to appear serious and professional when meeting with prospective partners or customer. The best thing about Huddly IQ is how easy it is to use, its clear and concise instruction booklet, and its USB-based plug ‘n’ play setup.

As companies work with remote and external team members across the globe, tools like Huddly IQ will make collaboration, connectivity, and engagement as simple as walking into a conference room or sharing a coffee (and brainstorming) with your colleague in the cafeteria.

Like a camera, only smarter – Huddly IQ


4.7 out of 5

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