Exploring the New Meetup Huddle Room Experience with Logitech

The Meetup huddle room device - we take a closer look

Exploring the New Meetup Huddle Room Experience with Logitech

As small conference room spaces grow increasingly popular, it’s crucial for today’s companies to have the resources required to ensure an immersive and engaging experience for every participant within a conference. During the UC EXPO conference, I had a great opportunity to explore some of the huddle room technology being introduced to the marketplace for those who want more intimate meeting spaces. One of the most compelling offerings available had to be the “Meetup” huddle room device from Logitech.

Anne Marie Ginn, the Senior Marketing Manager, was on hand at the event to show me around the device and give me an insight into how it works to create more engaging conference experiences for companies of all shapes and sizes.

What Can the “MeetUp” Huddle Room Offer?

The MeetUp huddle room device is a soundbar-shaped system that measures in at around 15 inches wide. The device includes a set of high-powered speakers, and even more intriguingly – a 4K ultra-HD camera with a 120-degree field of view designed to accurately capture all attendees in a small conference space.

Perfectly suited for the increasingly-popular huddle room environment, Anne Marie showed me how the camera lens enables the user to tilt, zoom, and pan the camera remotely for greater freedom during conversations and presentations. It’s not just the video quality that’s designed to impress either – the integrated audio is specifically intended to suit huddle room acoustics, with beam-forming microphones and a custom-tuned speaker.

The MeetUp huddle room device can connect directly to a communication system through a USB port, working perfectly with any video conferencing software application or cloud service. This means that video collaboration can be set up within seconds of entering the room.

From the Small Meeting Room to Something Larger

The compact nature of the MeetUp huddle room experience means that it can be easily carried from one room to another and set up within seconds. This is perfect for any company who needs to facilitate multiple meetings in various rooms throughout the day. What’s more, MeetUp comes with a free mobile app that’s available to give users remote control over the system from their smart device. Some of the other great features I saw included:

  • An expansion mic to extend your audio range up to 4.2 metres
  • Easy integration – you really can set up your meeting room with any of the other devices you might already use
  • Exceptional detail and resolution on the video capture

Of course, Logitech isn’t just focusing on the huddle room in the years ahead. While I was talking to Anne Marie at UC EXPO she also gave me a quick sneak peek at their larger meeting room solution.

However, I’m leaving my insights on that to another review – so stay tuned if you want to find out more.

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