Introducing Nureva: A New Kind of Collaboration

Rob Scott

Nureva and result-focused teamwork

Introducing Nureva: A New Kind of Collaboration

We’re living in the age of collaboration.

According to Markets and Markets, the enterprise collaboration market will be worth at least $59.86 billion by 2023.

It’s no wonder when you consider the agile, remote and mobile practices that are driving businesses forward today. However, there are many different kinds of collaboration out there – some businesses need more than just instant chat and presence tools. These companies need a way to enhance the processes within their conferencing and communication strategies.

Nureva, a company committed to making it easier for people to come together, offers a range of practical visual and audio collaboration and conferencing systems for businesses around the world. I spoke to VP of Product, Rob Abbott, to find out more about what Nureva can do.

Tell Us About Yourself and Nureva

Nureva creates the systems and solutions that resolve team problems in the collaborative workplace. That means making conversations simpler, reducing the need for IT support, and transforming the clarity of audio experiences.

With more than 15 years of experience in the technology space, Rob Abbott is a valuable part of the Nureva team, responsible for driving product growth. Abbott works hand-in-hand with the Nureva customer community to create unique solutions to help organisations grow.

Abbott told me: “I work with our development teams to build great products, but the most important part of my job is listening to the market and making sure that we’re hearing what they’re saying and solving their problems.”

What Kind of Go-To-Market Approach does Nureva Take?

Nureva has a strong background in the communication space. Its founders, David Martin, and Nancy Knowlton, also founded SMART Technologies, which was responsible for placing SMART Board interactive whiteboards into boardrooms and classrooms worldwide.

Rob told me that Nureva has a portfolio of products extending into software, firmware, and hardware.

“We’re an agile shop with a lot of different kinds of development under our roof. We believe in delivering results quickly so that we can learn from what we’re shipping and get regular feedback from our customers”

According to Abbott, Nureva’s team believes that it’s crucial to have consistent conversations with their customers so that they can keep learning and getting better. A cloud-based platform allows them to get things out more quickly and rapidly.

What has Nureva Delivered Recently?

Nureva has been unveiling some exciting products lately, including their HDL300 audio conferencing system, their incredible Span™ Workspace, and their Nureva Wall. “With the HDL300 system, the core differentiator is its Microphone Mist™ technology, which continuously gets better over time thanks to ongoing firmware and software updates. We can constantly refine our pick-up tech in response to customer demands.”

Nureva’s range of products is built on the needs and expectations of customers. Rob noted that their customers were looking for solutions developed on lean prospects and solving everyday problems. For instance, the Microphone Mist technology is all about making sure everyone in a space has their voice heard.

“Microphone Mist is a suite of patent pending audio technologies that solve the issue of sound pickup in dynamic environments. Unlike typical beamforming tech, Microphone Mist focuses on specific locations in a room by analysing sound sources at thousands of 3-dimensional points in a room.”

Nureva HDL300

The HDL300 system has the key audio conferencing system elements in an integrated wall-mounted unit

Microphone Mist accurately targets crucial sound sources by focusing on the location of specific noises. The technology also calibrates consistently, improving echo cancellation and getting an overview of the number of people in a room, changes in furniture layout and more. In the past year, Nureva has shown how Microphone Mist is evolving to solve real-world problems.

“We recently introduced new functionality like Active Zone Control and Intelligent Sound Targeting”

Tell Us about the Span Workspace and Nureva Wall

Nureva is working with its customers to drive the benefits of the Microphone Mist technology into a wide variety of spaces. However, Mist isn’t their only innovation. The company also unveiled the Span Workspace to help support companies in collaborative experiences. “We’ve tuned our collaborative experience to address the structural processes in visual collaboration.”

One particular focus with the Span Workspace, is the integration of APIs. Nureva recently launched a JIRA integration, and they’re looking into releasing a Span API too.

“We’re trying to take basic task systems and create a visual front-end for them with our collaboration tool. The Span API is in beta now, and we plan on releasing it at the InfoComm event for 2019.”

At the same time, Nureva also offers their Wall solution. While the Span Workspace can be used on most modern browsers and interactive displays, Nureva knew that there were still customers out there who needed a dedicated solution for a larger space. The Nureva Wall helps to deliver more immersive experiences for teamwork.

What’s Important for Nureva Going Forward?

Rob told me that the number one thing Nureva wants to keep its eye on is its customer. “We need to listen to the customer and continue delivering solutions to their problems.”

According to Abbott, one big focus for the company this year is on developing APIs that deliver genuine value to their audience. They want to let their customers mix and match their technology, without just paying “lip service” to the concept of APIs.

“Products need to speak to other products. We’re doubling down on APIs for visual collaboration and audio processes”

Nureva is also looking forward to getting feedback from their channel partners at InfoComm and developing more solutions based o continued conversations with its community.



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