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Introducing the Stem Audio Conference Room System

A new Ecosystem for conference rooms

Introducing the Stem Audio Conference Room System

New audio conferencing vendor, Stem Audio today reveals their next-level conference room ecosystem, designed for the modern meeting room. Stem Audio is committed to empowering the groups and employees of today, with excellent high-level meeting experiences. The revolutionary Stem Audio conference room ecosystem is a collection of five state-of-the-art networking products that businesses can mix and match to suit their needs.

The customisable nature of the Stem Audio conference room solution makes it an excellent addition to any meeting room environment. According to the company, the solution will alleviate the common pains experienced by everyday users and IT teams, by making conferencing set up as simple as possible. The ecosystem includes three audio devices for the wall, table, and ceiling, which work alongside the Stem Audio Hub and Controls.

Revolutionising the Audio Industry

In a press release about their pioneering new meeting room system, the Chief Executive Officer of Stem Audio, Jacob Marash, touted the benefits of the tool. According to Marash, the team wanted to create something revolutionary for the audio conferencing industry. They believed that the solutions currently available on the market weren’t enough for companies dealing with rising technology standards. The Stem Audio group decided to create a complete ecosystem based on the principles of simplicity, control, intuition, reliability, scalability, and flexibility.

The Stem Ecosystem is a result of the company going out into the world and asking IT professionals, end-users, consultants, designers and architects about how they’re planning to pursue their digital transformation. According to Vice President of Sales, Jonathan Boaz, hundreds of conversations helped the business to identify common pain points for many individuals.

Stem Audio also discovered that one-size-fits-all solutions are very rarely what they say they are. IT professionals need a more reliable system that they can manage remotely. Additionally, users want to avoid the learning curves that typically come with new technology.

Changing the Status Quo

Jacob Marash

Jacob Marash

With their complete ecosystem solution for audio conferencing, Stem Audio believes that they’re transforming the status quo. The company is delivering a completely new range of technologies, available in a brand-new meeting room environment. The system comes with access to deep-learning neural networks that provide improved echo-cancelling and noise-cancelling algorithms.

Additionally, the Stem development and research team have also discovered a host of ways to optimise microphone placement and beam design for beamforming performance purposes. In a world where excellent audio quality is always crucial to an effective meeting, Stem re-designed their traditional approach for voice clarity measurement and implemented a proprietary combination of multiple industry standards. The Stem Audio ecosystem design combines high-level audio pickup with state-of-the-art sound quality to make meetings better than ever.


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