Konftel Brings Lecture Mode to Flagship Speakerphone

Ryan Smith

Konftel launches lecture mode to give more freedom to meeting presenters

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Konftel Brings Lecture Mode to Flagship Speakerphone

Konftel’s flagship 800 Speakerphone has been updated with a “lecture mode” wireless headset feature to give more freedom for teaching and training.

The company has designed the feature to give the presenter the ability to move around a room and “break free” from any traditional communication barriers.

While the presenter is speaking, lecture mode will mute all the microphones of the meeting participants except for the presenter’s, and when they stop talking, everyone else is unmuted.

Torbjörn Karlsson, Konftel Product Manager, commented: “Wherever they are located, perhaps facing a whiteboard, they can still have perfect microphone pick-up and be heard clearly by all remote participants.

“We are delighted to announce the Konftel 800 now has this valuable new feature via a free software upgrade. Lecture mode ensures total freedom of movement and an optimum audio experience for everyone.

“Lecture mode gives the presenter complete freedom to roam around a room and break free from any traditional communication barriers. Wherever they are located, even with their back to the room, they can still be heard clearly.”

An approved wireless headset needs to be connected to the speakerphone to use the new function, with the first release only supporting the Jabra Engage 65.

Kontftel has confirmed that other headsets will become available with future firmware releases.

In addition to lecture mode, Konftel has developed a ceiling mount kit for the Konftel 800 to provide an alternative to the traditional desktop placement.

The company says it addresses a growing demand for smarter and flexible room configurations with up to three devices capable of being connected from above.

Karlsson added: “You can move furniture and rearrange the room every day without any technology hassle. It’s perfect for larger spaces and multipurpose rooms, where daisy-chain capabilities make sure every inch of the room is covered by audio.

“With the speakerphones mounted to the ceiling, you’re clearing the table from devices and cables for a really neat and tidy room appearance. It also elevates the video meeting experience.

“The user can forget about where the microphone is placed and focus on the interaction with remote participants on the screen. The audio pick-up and distribution works it’s magic without anyone noticing. It all comes natural.

“The addition of Lecture Mode plus the option of ceiling mount flexibility ensures the appeal of the Konftel 800 continues to grow.”

Earlier this year, Konftel launched a series of new video kits optimised for in-room PC-based systems.

The Konftel Attach range is for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms, focusing on compatibility with Lenovo and Dell hardware.



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