Konftel’s Flagship Phone Secures Zoom Certification

Marian McHugh

The vendor’s 800 conference phone is first in product range to gain Zoom Phone accreditation

Konftel’s Flagship Phone Secures Zoom Certification

The Konftel 800 conference phone is the first in the vendor’s product range to secure Zoom Phone certification.

The accreditation means that Konftel’s flagship device is officially certified to work with Zoom’s phone solution.

“The Konftel 800 is the first in our product range to be certified to work with Zoom Phone, which when paired together deliver a natural and fluent meeting experience,” stated Konftel Product Manager, Torbjörn Karlsson.

“Zoom Phone includes traditional PBX features that enable users to talk and interact in new ways for businesses of all sizes. It’s also secure and reliable, delivering secure HD audio with enterprise-class reliability and quality of service. The Konftel 800 and Zoom Phone platform represents a seamless and natural fit, combining exceptional audio with flexibility, ease of use, and quick set-up.”

The Konftel 800 has been certified to connect to Zoom Phone as a SIP device, and features a smart microphone and “daisy chain” capabilities that extend the audio pickup and listening range.

The Konftel 800 is suitable for small to very large meeting rooms and has been certified to connect to Zoom Phone as a SIP device. It also features smart microphone and daisy-chain capabilities to extend the audio pickup as well as listening range.

Tommy Edlund, Konftel’s Director of Global Sales, stated that the Zoom Phone certification addresses growing customer demand, as Zoom Phone continues to increase in popularity.

“Zoom Phone now has over two million seats across 47 countries and territories, doubling from one million to two million paid seats in less than nine months alone,” he added.

“There’s been a strong customer appetite for official certification and users will now be able to appreciate in ever greater numbers, the synergy, ease of use, reliability, and high performance offered by Zoom Phone and the Konftel 800. It’s a compelling combination”

Jeff Fox, Zoom Senior Product Marketing Manager, added: “Organisations around the world no longer have to settle for a phone solution; they can choose one that strategically scales with their business.

“Over the past two and a half years, we’ve focused on creating a phone solution that’s easy enough for small and midsize businesses to use and deploy and has all the advanced capabilities large multinational organisations require to support global users. Certification of the Konftel 800 further adds to the appeal of our Zoom Phone.”



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