Measure and Manage Your Meeting Rooms with Polycom

Polycom's new Cloud Services offer additional control

Measure and Manage Your Meeting Rooms with Polycom

Polycom, one of the world’s biggest providers of telephony and communication solutions, recently announced an updated UC strategy, complete with Polycom Cloud Services, and Polycom Device Management Services. These two new evolutions in the UC portfolio are designed to give enterprise users a greater level of control over their telephony experiences. In a world where compliance, privacy, and security are critical to offering the best possible customer experience, this extra layer of control could be critical to modern organisations.

Already, Polycom has a significant presence in the communication world, with more than 15 million conference phones currently active on desks across the globe. Polycom’s service provider and enterprise footprints will be complemented by the service’s ability to simplify and streamline the updating, provisioning, and management process.

A New Cloud Experience for Businesses

Mary T. McDowell

Mary T. McDowell, Polycom CEO

As part of their announcement regarding the new cloud-based services, Polycom also noted that they will be continuing to deploy a new range of cloud solutions for businesses while adding extra opportunities for service providers in the months ahead. These new services will be designed to give users more support with device lifecycle management, helping them to use the flexibility of the cloud to tap into the possibilities of their data and analytics systems. The end result should be an opportunity to monitor, measure, and distribute audio solutions within any business environment.

According to the CEO of Polycom, Mary T. McDowell, employees around the world are looking for better ways to solve complex problems through state of the art collaboration tools and communication. As digital transformation (DX) continues, and meeting room innovation continues at a rapid pace, companies still need a way to manage the complexity of the conference space. The new range of Polycom cloud services gives users informative and actionable data they can use to understand and manage their meeting room experiences with ease.

The Polycom Cloud Services Include:

The new services introduced by Polycom for their cloud portfolio include the “PDMS” system for enterprise users, which allows IT, experts, to manage the audio devices in their Polycom portfolio using a single cloud portal. The portal also allows enterprises to update and provision audio devices too. There’s also the Polycom RealConnect interoperability solution which will emerge as part of the Cloud Services system in the third quarter of this year. This cloud service creates an additional layer of interoperability for audio services, particularly in regard to solutions like Microsoft Skype for Business.

From a service provider perspective, there’ll also be a PDMS system that allows SPs to incorporate analytics and device management into a customer portal. Service providers can benefit from the ability to mitigate and anticipate customer issues with ease, as well as the opportunity for increased uptime. What’s more, Polycom is delivering an API in the third quarter of the year which allows service providers to customise the analytics and services they want to offer to each customer. These APIs should turn PDMS into a platform that helps service providers to introduce opportunities for future sources of innovation.

What’s Next for Polycom?

For now, the solutions offered by Polycom Cloud Services currently centre around audio systems. However, the company plans to add more support for enterprise customers who want to manage their video conferences in similar ways by the close of the year. As video conferencing becomes more popular, this increased control will be crucial.

Back towards the beginning of 2018, Polycom introduced their NLP (Natural Language Processing) solution, which is available in leading video and audio conferencing systems like The Polycom Group Series and Trio. Simplifying human to human connection has always been an important part of the Polycom roadmap, and that’s something they plan to continue in the years ahead. Polycom Cloud Services will streamline the ability to bring stronger, yet simpler experiences to customers in the cloud environment.

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