Millennial Mania: Addressing the Generation Shift from X to Y

Millennials are flexible, agile, and adaptable – capable of coping with a rapid rate of change

Millennial Mania: Addressing the Generation Shift from X to Y

Whether you call them “Generation Y” or “Millennials“, it’s hard to ignore the impact the younger generation is having on the workforce. These ambitious individuals are not only taking over most of today’s businesses, but they’re also rapidly embracing leadership positions too.

Managers today are looking for ways to respond to a multi-generational workforce, made up not only of Generation Y, but also Gen X, Baby Boomers, and more. As different generations begin to collaborate, a new dynamic has emerged. After all, while it might sound like a stereotype, the truth is that different generational groups do have different behaviours to share in the workforce. The question is, how do you address this shift?

Moving Away from Generation X

Generation X are the people in your team born between the years of 1965 and 1978. They’re the independent, relatively tech-savvy and pragmatic individuals that have been leading the way in various industries for some time now.

Though Generation X have seen some serious hardships over the years, from a recession to problems with politics and more, they thrive thanks to their focus on impudence and dedication. However, unlike their baby-boomer parents, Gen X is less interested in the workaholic lifestyle, and more drawn towards work/life balance.

Recruiting and retaining Gen X is all about ensuring flexible schedule, embracing technology that allows for telecommuting, and supporting their independence and creativity.

Exploring the Millennial Mindset

So, what makes millennials so different? Born between the years of 1979 and 1994, these experts can sometimes be impatient and bold. While some employees consider them to be “high maintenance”, others suggest that Generation Y have more potential than their previous generations, as they know how to take advantage of the digitally-transforming workplace.

Millennials are flexible, agile, and adaptable – capable of coping with a rapid rate of change. They’re not just technologically savvy – but tech sophisticated. Just like their parents in Generation X, millennials crave more flexibility and fun, supporting the idea that companies around the world should be making the move to a more digital work environment.

Millennials are the first step on the move towards a truly global workplace, where people can connect to their role regardless of where they are and what they’re doing. These are the first digital natives, who learned how to communicate and think, surrounded by an eternal ocean of new and increasing information.

Bridging the Gap from X to Y

While it’s tempting to think of Generation X and Generation Y as completely different species of worker, the truth is that they’re more similar than you might imagine. After all, not only are they both interested in the concept of flexibility and remote working but they also each have their own level of expertise when it comes to dealing with new technology.

Bridging the gap between the old leaders and the new isn’t as difficult as it might seem. It’s all about looking at new ways to improve work/life balance with Unified Communications & Collaboration and Cloud Communications, and devoting your time to keeping things moving in your industry. If you’re willing to embrace new technology as it emerges, without overlooking the needs of your older employees, you should be on track for success.


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