Oblong Designs Cisco-First UI for Mezzanine

Introducing Multi-Share to Cisco Meeting Rooms

Oblong Designs Cisco-First UI for Mezzanine

Oblong Industries, a company committed to helping people work more efficiently and effectively with innovative technology, recently announced its latest creation. The company has designed a Cisco-centric user interface for its workplace collaboration Mezzanine platform, to help bring multi-share capabilities into the Cisco Meeting Room.

Multi-share is a core component of Mezzanine, helping collaborators to compare, cross-reference, and contrast data from multiple contributors in any environment. The Mezzanine platform is now available on the Cisco Global Price List, with a UI that’s specifically intended to help Cisco users make the most out of the multi-share functionality. The Cisco-first UI allows users to see how simple it can be to share content streams from multiple locations and sources at the same time.

Discovering the Benefits of Multi-share

By helping businesses to unlock the benefits of multi-share as part of their typical collaboration experience, Oblong hopes to help drive adoption of the new solution. For instance, in a Cisco system, a white background will indicate that the system is ready to start a meeting. The same applies to the Cisco-first UI for Mezzanine too. Additionally, Oblong has added prompts to help users discover more flexible ways to share their screens and interact with their colleagues over the Mezzanine app.

While most typical videoconferencing environments will only allow a single person to share content at any given time, Mezzanine from Oblong ensures that a wide range of people can share information at the same time, using the multi-share screen solution. In a Mezzanine room, as many people can share their screen as needed, allowing for opportunities to compare and cross-reference in projects and tasks. What’s more, with Oblong’s award-winning remote technology, scaling and moving content windows is simple too.

Additionally, Oblong offers iOS and desktop apps to give users multiple ways to control their meetings. The flexible layout and range of controls allow users to zoom in the information they need most.

Making the Most of Meetings

Oblong’s user tests up until now suggest that Mezzanine multi-share offers employees a form of self-guided discovery that’s highly engaging and memorable. With the new Cisco-first user experience, users will be able to enjoy all of the benefits they already know and love from Oblong’s workplace collaboration tool, complete with a familiar UI. Meeting participants will be able to share up to 10 live streams at a time, all while having full control over their screen content.

Oblong recently invited all Cisco partners, sellers, and execs to come and test the multi-share experience for themselves at Cisco IMPACT FY20 in Las Vegas.


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