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Out Loud: Five New Microsoft Teams Features and Five More to Come!

October's edition of our Microsoft monthly podcast bringing you all the details on the new features announced for Microsoft Teams

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Our usual expert guest and Microsoft MVP Tom Arbuthnot, from Modality Systems, joins Patrick to review all of the Microsoft Teams news from the past few weeks.

Firstly Patrick and Tom discuss the five new Microsoft Teams features that have been announced as generally available over the last few weeks. With Microsoft Ignite just around the corner you might have expected the flow of new features to slow but this has not been the case. Tom takes Patrick through all of the latest additions which include: a ‘Meet Now’ button, pinning a meeting participant in view in a meeting, new chat filter options and the ability to turn off notifications in specific threads. The fifth new feature is the addition of PSTN and VoIP Calling capabilities to Teams in the chrome browser.

As well as the five new features that have been announced as GA Tom tells Patrick about five more features that are due to be released imminently through Microsoft’s financial quarter 4. Dynamic Emergency Calling for Microsoft PSTN calling plans will soon be available allowing emergency services in the US to determine the origin of a Teams emergency call. Tom takes Patrick through some of the other new features such as pinned chats, enhanced delegation and reverse number look up abilities.

The upcoming feature that Tom is most excited about though is native federation for one to one chats. Current federation allows only basic chat functionality between Teams users in different organisations. New native federation will allow a much more enriched chat experience including the possibility to use emojis and GIFs. Patrick and Tom also discuss how these new chat tools have started to transform the way we communicate by allowing greater expression.

As well as covering all of the new feature announcements Patrick and Tom also talk about a couple of pieces of news. One exciting development is that Microsoft have now confirmed they are working on a native Teams client for Linux. This should have great appeal to the developer community operating Linux systems.

There was also a rumour about the development of a Microsoft Surface branded Teams speakerphone device. Tom explains that although a patent has been registered Microsoft have stated publicly that they have no intention of producing the device at the moment.

Finally Tom and Patrick look ahead to Ignite. Microsoft’s customer conference is one of the biggest events on the calendar and Tom will be appearing in two speaker slots. The first will be ‘Microsoft Teams: Real-world troubleshooting’ a session where Tom will share tips for troubleshooting in Microsoft Teams deployments. The other session ‘Microsoft Teams: Real-world tips for success’ is based on Tom’s real world experience with Teams and will provide delegates with the top tips to ensure successful Microsoft Team’s deployments.

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Presenter Patrick Watson with expert guest Tom Arbuthnot.

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