Out Loud: More Bridges and No Islands in Our Cisco Collaboration Update

Patrick Watson

This episode of the Cisco collaboration podcast brings you all the latest news on new Webex features, Cisco hardware updates and info on the latest third party integrations

Out Loud: More Bridges and No Islands in Our Cisco Collaboration Update

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Our regular Cisco podcast features expert guest Jonathan George, who is a Digital Collaboration Lead at Adoptt, and he joins Patrick to review the latest updates from the world of Cisco collaboration.

It has been a while since the last podcast recording so Patrick and Jonathan review some of the major news that has emerged over the past few months. Firstly they review Cisco’s Partner Summit which concluded in Las Vegas at the start of November. Jonathan explains that there was a major focus on the importance of customer experience and customer success which are apparently two key areas of focus for Cisco. This is reflected in various new approaches including lifecycle selling.

Patrick and Jonathan then discuss the big news from September which related to Cisco’s acquisition of Voicea. Jonathan explains more about what attracted Cisco to Voicea in terms of technological capabilities. Some of these capabilities were demonstrated on stage at the Partner Summit, with meeting transcription and translation particular highlights. The guys then move on to discuss how the advent of these technologies could be transformative for a host of industries.

Jonathan then talks Patrick through the latest meeting feature updates for Webex Teams. These include functionality such as; two-way whiteboard collaboration, virtual sticky notes,’Pop Out’ spaces, prior comment reactions and improved analytics. The improved analysis is incredibly important for Cisco partners and Jonathan explains why this is.

Cisco have also released some new hardware devices. The Desk Pro and Webex Panorama, are brand new, and Jonathan explains what each of the devices is, and more about its potential applications in businesses. As well as unveiling the new devices Cisco have also announced a new hardware as-a-service (HaaS) purchasing model. Jonathan tells Patrick about some of the potential benefits of this for both Cisco customers and partners.

Finally the team review the big news which emerged during Microsoft’s Ignite conference. Cisco and Microsoft have revealed that they will be working more closely together to offer more in terms of platform integration. Cisco will first introduce the Microsoft third-party certified offering, which enables Webex Room devices and SIP video conferencing devices to join Microsoft Teams meetings. Jonathan analyses the various announcements and talks to Patrick about what the ramifications might be for Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams users.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Jonathan George.

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