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Out Loud: Transforming Cloud Collaboration with Telstra

In today's Out Loud we get all the latest from Telstra on their Cloud Collaboration with Cisco, TCC

Out Loud: Transforming Cloud Collaboration with Telstra

Patrick is joined by special guest Adam Wilson who is Head of Indirect Channels for EMEA at Telstra.

Adam tells Patrick about Telstra’s reasoning behind developing TCC. Their reseller and managed service providers are searching for solutions that can offer them a truly global platform providing their end customers with the latest and most innovative collaboration features. Cisco’s HCS combined with Telstra’s enterprise global network can provide exactly that.

As a reseller or service provider providing end customers with a truly scalable and globally available platform is key and by utilising Telstra’s network they can offer their customers a solution that would not be achievable without one of the world’s largest and most advanced providers.

“Our core is our network – the ability to offer networking and bandwidth on demand, between our 58 datacentres globally, that is also part of our unified communication and collaboration offering.”

Cisco are one of the world’s leading innovators in the unified communication and collaboration space and their HCS offering is one of the market leading platforms. Telstra’s relationship with Cisco will enable partners to be able to utilise all of the power of HCS and offer that to their own customers in conjunction with the benefits enterprise networking technology.

The Telstra network is one of the key components of the TCC offering, they have made large investments to ensure that solution can offer the industry global redundancy, scalability and security by utilising a more software defined approached to its typology.

“It’s been a significant investment to establish the six global nodes – The six global nodes do indeed provide full geographic redundancy.”

A key principle of Telstra’s approach is the sovereignty of the partner customer relationship. They recognise that resellers and service providers have worked extremely hard to understand, and subsequently build relationships with, their end customers and that protecting that relationship is vital to their continued success. That is why Telstra have decided on specific routes to market which rely on utilising partner customer relationships rather than any form of direct model.

“At Telstra we are absolutely focused strategically on indirect routes to market and indeed our mantra is ‘our platform, your customer'”

The mantra of ‘Our platform, your customer’ will reassure partners that Telstra are only focused on helping partners succeed and that any notion of competition is negated. As well as reassuring partners over competition, the TCC platform can also help partners in their continued transformation towards recurring revenue models. This is an area that Telstra have great experience in their own domestic markets and assisting partners by drawing on this knowledge is another critical asset.

Adam Wilson, Telstra

As well as the huge investment in the platform itself in terms of technology Telstra have also made commitments in terms of the support model that partners can expect. They have already put in place specific channel managers to assist partners throughout the sales and support cycle, as well as creating a wealth of education programmes to improve knowledge around the platform. Support will also be available in the form of marketing and sales collateral alongside market development funds.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and special guest Adam Wilson.

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