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Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – 43 Billion Minutes with Zoom

Head of the UK and Ireland for Zoom, Daniel Creigh, joins Patrick in this episode of Out Loud to discuss their year so far and their plans for the future

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – 43 Billion Minutes with Zoom

Patrick was joined by special guest, Daniel Creigh, Head of the UK and Ireland for Zoom.

Zoom Video Communications have been one of the most disruptive forces within the video communication space and have experienced remarkable growth across the business globally but also within Europe.

“We are approaching 43 billion minutes a year on the platform – that’s a lot of minutes.”

Daniel takes use through the statistics for their growth. In the UK and Ireland their revenue has grown by around 275% year on year. The reason that Zoom are growing so quickly may well be there industry recognition, and Daniel explains how they got in the latest Gartner quadrant for meeting solutions.

With such huge levels of rapid growth it is vital for Zoom to maintain their company culture and principles as they evolve. Luckily Zoom have just the platform to aide that global communication.

“Using Zoom we are able to keep to in close contact with our HQ and other colleagues around the world and obviously video is the perfect vehicle for that, being able to effectively and easily launch into a video conference from whatever application we happen to be in.”

Daniel and Patrick then discuss the main trends which have enabled Zoom to be so successful so quickly. The changing consumerization of video consumption has changed people’s ideology towards video calls. Daniel explains that without the improvements in networking and connectivity over the past few years solutions like Zoom would not be as feasible. The most important aspect of increased adoption and the changing consumer mindset is probably the vast changes that have been made to improve the user experience and make the process more simple.

“Traditionally if you look at 5 or 10 years ago these types of technologies were complicated and you had to have teams to set up every single video conference. Today users are able to do these types of meetings on the fly without the worry of spending 10-15 minutes trying to get the thing to work.”

Zoom are also looking to enhance the feature set of their platform by adding tools like transcription which utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to develop an understanding of context.

Daniel then explains what the main targets and focusses will be for Zoom over the next 12 months in terms of expansion and development. Daniel also dangles the carrot of some big news that will be released at Zoomtopia 2018 which takes place in October.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Daniel Creigh from Zoom Video Communications.

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