Huddle Room Technology – Who’s dominating the small meeting space in 2019?

Rob Scott

Huddle Room Technology – Who’s dominating the small meeting space in 2019?

Huddle room tech is trending right now, the small meeting space is the cool kid in town. Trendy offices across the globe are adopting a new way of working, meet the huddle space.

Huddle Rooms are Trending

We’ve seen some pretty significant changes to the modern workspace over recent years. People no longer want the standard 9-to-5 schedule, and open-plan offices are becoming a more common solution for versatile group working. Of course, while open-plan office spaces might meet some of the changing demands of today’s employees, they also present a challenge when it comes to meeting spaces and collaborative spaces that need to exist without the threat of disruption.

The huddle room is an answer to this challenge that takes the focus away from the typical “large conference room”, and starts to focus on the benefits of an ultra-connected, smaller space. As companies search for ways to connect employees from all areas in one unified location, huddle rooms are growing rapidly in popularity. The huddle room allows everyone to make use of the best tools and collaboration services of a company, instantly.

We’ve reviewed a number of popular huddle room solutions, if you’ve experienced any of these first-hand we’d appreciate your feedback (comment below).

Here’s our latest huddle room reviews

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