Logitech Rally OS Review: 4K Meetings Get Even Better

Rebekah Carter

The Logitech Rally solution continues to evolve

Logitech Rally OS Review: 4K Meetings Get Even Better

The Logitech Rally Video Conferencing system is one of the most popular plug-and-play solutions for meetings on the move. The complete “Rally” series from Logitech features the Rally Plus, the Rally Bar Mini, and the Rally Ultra HD. 

Logitech designed the Rally collection to ensure a brighter future of video communication, collaboration, and team work. Now more than ever, companies are searching for ways to keep their staff as productive and connected as possible, wherever they are. In an age of remote and hybrid work, having access to a flexible all-in-one device for communication is crucial. 

The Rally collection responds to that need perfectly, with a selection of products to suit all meeting room sizes and conferencing types. Recently, the Logitech brand also upgraded the Rally experience with the arrival of a new operating system: CollabOS 1.2.

Logitech Rally Features and Enhancements 

The updated version of the Logitech operating system for the Rally collection was announced at the beginning of June 2021. The CollabOS 1.2 solution supports the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, two of the plug-and-play options in the Rally collection. When Logitech originally announced the arrival of the Rally collection, it also promised that the technology would be upgradeable, future-proof, and extensible, with the arrival of new software partners and innovations. 

The CollabOS 1.2 solution includes new integrations with three partners in the Logitech ecosystem: RingCentral, Pexip, and GoTo. These applications can all now run natively on the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, in an “Appliance Mode” setting. This means that users can quickly and easily start meetings without having to access a computer. This operating system solution builds on the existing features of the Rally collection, including things like:

  • Ultra-HD video conferencing with up to 4K resolution
  • Professional elegant designs with plug-and-play simplicity
  • Automatic focus, pan, tilt, and zoom
  • 4K image sensor with a 90-degree field of view (diagonal)
  • Up to 15 times HD zoom 
  • A range of pre-sets for lighting and focus
  • Security slots for extra protection
  • Automatic camera control
  • Privacy assurance features
  • RightSense and RightSight technology for image enhancement

The Logitech Rally collection already benefit from partnerships with other leading brands like Vidyo, Google, BlueJeans, BroadSoft, and more. Additionally, the all-in-one collaboration tools are certified for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

Logitech Rally CollabOS 1.2: What’s New?

The new partnerships with external brands allow Logitech to add more functionality into the Rally collection, designed to improve the operations of businesses from all backgrounds. For instance, IT decision-makers looking to leverage the advantages of a seamless setup for their meeting rooms can benefit from the GoTo meeting room partnership, while Pexip integration brings one-touch meeting join and security into the conference; solutions include:

  • GoTo: The Logitech and GoTo integration turns any meeting room into a dynamic workspace for collaboration with sensational video performance. You can start meetings immediately with amazing video quality. The integration uses a Linux-based operating system to ensure meetings remain as flexible and stable as possible
  • Pexip: The Rally bar Pexip integration brings secure Pexip conferencing into the meeting room with one-touch join. Employees can attend Pexip meetings through a web browser, the Pexip app, or through third-party Sip devices. The collaboration between Logitech and Pexip makes it easy for enterprises, government, and healthcare organisations to interact more securely and effectively. Pexip rooms can even deliver comprehensive, feature-rich meeting experiences out of the box 
  • RingCentral: A collaboration between RingCentral and Logitech aims to offer the ultimate one-stop environment for video conferencing. The solution provides video conferencing solutions for the desktop, as well as personal room and client systems. This collaboration means companies can access a full suite of product solutions when navigating the communication and collaboration space – even in a hybrid environment

The RingCentral collaboration with Logitech is also now integrated within the Rally hardware so that companies can unlock a holistic communication suite with a simple device. The offering provides an all-in-one environment for video, team messaging, file sharing, seamless collaboration, and more.  

The Evolution of the Rally Series

The Logitech Rally Series, ranging from the Ultra HD bar to the simple and effective Rally Mini solution for individual users, ensures teams can collaborate more effectively in a video-first environment. From the moment the collection was initially released, it’s been offering innovative technologies to companies, such as RightSense and RightSight technology, to frame participants and improve focus. 

Logitech’s Rally collection also offers automatic image control with a wide dynamic range, and privacy assurance through automated screen shuttering when the camera isn’t in use. The partnerships now developed by Logitech for the Rally hardware builds on an existing set of impressive features, covering everything from 4k image streaming and recording to a wide selection of installation options to empower all kinds of businesses. 

According to the team at Logitech, the new integrations are particularly important as businesses continue to transition into the new age of work. Organisations need a set of software and hardware tools that simplify the collaboration process and help bring people together in a more intuitive way.

Logitech Rally Verdict

The latest updates to the Logitech Rally collection ensure the selection of all-in-one video conferencing tools can continue to delight and empower a range of companies. Brands planning on making the move into a more video-first strategy for teamwork will now have the potential to access a range of additional go-to-market enhancements from Logitech and its partners.

Users of the RingCentral, GoTo, and Pexip platforms will now be able to access services quickly and efficiently with the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, allowing for a faster and more efficient workplace, regardless of where your team members might be. 



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