Nureva HDL200 System Gets Barco Certification

Rebekah Carter

Nureva Audio Conferencing certified for Barco Clickshare

Nureva HDL200 System Gets Barco Certification

Innovative audio solutions provider, Nureva, has recently announced some exciting news about the HDL200 conferencing system. Nureva has proudly revealed that the audio-conferencing solution is now certified for the Barco Clickshare Conference experience.

The Barco offering is a wireless conferencing and presentation system, designed for the age of digital collaborative work. In December last year (2020), the HDL300 and Dual HDL300 earned certification for the same solution. Now, Nureva can bring even more intuitive collaborative solution experiences to users with Barco’s help.

Nureva solutions cover a range of use cases, with more sizes and configurations of classroom and hybrid meeting environments to choose from through the Barco Bring Your Own Meeting platform.

Intuitive Solutions for Meetings

Users can wireless link to the AV equipment in a meeting room or classroom environment using the Clickshare button from Barco plugged into a laptop, or by running the desktop app. This functionality automatically connects the user to the Nureva audio system to deliver reliable, clear and efficient audio coverage in the space.

There’s no need for spontaneous meetings to be delayed by complex logging in processes with Barco, and nobody needs to huddle around a shared microphone – crucial in the new era of social distancing. As hybrid working and learning environments continue to grow in popularity, and more users prefer sticking with their personal devices, Barco and Nureva’s offering is more valuable than ever.

One global study recently shared by Barco found that 85 per cent of employees prefer hybrid working environments. These team members want the flexibility to continue adopting a better blend of office and home working going forward. They’re looking towards employers to help create a technology-driven environment for hybrid work that enables quick, safe, and flexible working.

The combination of Barco and Nureva technology supports teams in connecting to all the tools they need in a meeting room, with minimal touch required. What’s more, the service isn’t tied to a specific UC&C platform, allowing for greater flexibility.

Supporting the Teams of Tomorrow

Nureva’s audio conferencing solutions are powered by the innovative Microphone Mist technology that has made the company so popular over the years. This solution fills a space with thousands of virtual versions of microphones to allow for better audio coverage. The unique approach to audio conferencing makes it easier for teams in an in-office environment can still be heard while staying safely distanced from their peers.

The continuous autocalibration features of the system also automatically adjust to changing configurations of meeting rooms, reducing the demand for IT tech support. According to VP of Global Alliances for Barco, David Fitzgerald, the company is thrilled to continue its partnership with Nureva. The Nureva CEO, Nancy Knowlton, also commented that the Nureva team is happy to have a full selection of audio-conferencing solutions certified for Barco’s Clickshare conferencing service.



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