StarLeaf Enhances Huddle Room Meetings

Introducing the all-in-one huddle room solution

StarLeaf Enhances Huddle Room Meetings

StarLeaf, one of the market leaders in seamless collaboration experiences, recently announced the arrival of its new huddle room solution. The company introduced the StarLeaf Huddle experience during ISE 2020 and has now begun shipping room kits to early adopters.

Designed to transform any space into a fully functional and efficient meeting room, StarLeaf Huddle is an all-in-one environment that allows users to collaborate reliably wherever they are. The kit ensures that employees can get the most out of any workspace, whether it’s at home or in the office, with the ability to quickly and cost-effectively transform any room into a collaboration hub.

Easy to install and set-up, the StarLeaf Huddle kit comes with a wide-angle camera for video conferencing, touchscreen controls, and a high-performance microphone too. There’s also a Pronto Cable USB designed to make it easier for team members to manage cables in smaller spaces.

Transform Any Room into a Collaboration Hub

As more companies search for ways to ensure that their employees can remain connected and productive wherever they are, the StarLeaf Huddle solution ensures that everyone can get the most out of any space, no matter where they are. This plug and play room kit gives you everything you need to start having creative meetings in no time!

StarLeaf Huddle is just one of the several new innovations offered by StarLeaf recently. Other arrivals coming in the future months include StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams and StarLeaf MultiJoin. The CEO at StarLeaf, Mark Richer, commented on the arrival of the new Huddle kit, saying that it’s more valuable today than ever for the UK workforce. As employees continue to embrace the remote working environment, StarLeaf Huddle will help provide organisations with a secure and reliable way to run effective meetings.

Update Your Meetings

StarLeaf has always been committed to offering intuitive and immersive experiences for businesses in search of a reliable way to connect with their colleagues. The StarLeaf Huddle solution is an ideal addition to the StarLeaf portfolio, offering users a premium video and audio experience. The experience is very similar to what employees might already be used to in the office.

The StarLeaf team believes that good collaboration relies on a company’s ability to provide employees with the tools that they need to work better wherever they are. This is why the company works so hard to make sure that video meetings are highly secure, flexible, and intuitive. Whether you’re looking to host a large scheduled meeting or an ad-hoc conversation, Huddle has you covered. This new offering shows StarLeaf’s commitment to giving organisations a flexible solution designed to be intuitive and easy to implement.



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