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Snom Conferencing Solutions Buyer’s Guide

Incredible conferencing from Snom

Snom Conferencing Solutions Buyer’s Guide

Part of the UC Today Snom Endpoint Buyer’s Guide.

In an era where “collaboration” is one of the biggest buzzwords in the marketplace, conference phones continue to be a crucial business tool. While file-sharing software and instant messaging services are continually rising in popularity, conference phones remain to be a must-have device for quick, yet critical conversations.

Snom, a communications company that prides itself on its exceptional German engineering and reliable VoIP and SIP solutions, offers a range of conferencing phones to suit small to mid-sized companies. Snom’s conference phones refine 15 years of industry expertise into compelling opportunities for teamwork. Here’s everything you need to know about Snom conference phones.

Features and Benefits of Snom Conference Phones (By Device)

Snom conference phones prioritise performance and reliability in a time when it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep teams connected. As remote working and globalisation transforms the workplace, conference phones are one of the simplest ways for businesses to make sure that their teams have a way to talk about and address issues with professional projects.

Snom conference phones are built on the company’s famous commitment to voice quality and state-of-the-art software. Even in a hands-free environment, Snom customers can depend on HD audio from their conferencing devices. What’s more, with available extension microphones, you can extend call coverage to support spaces ranging from huddle rooms to large meeting halls.

Snom’s conference phones include:

The Snom C520 Conference Phone (WiMi)

A cost-effective and feature-rich solution for business conferencing, Snom’s C520 conferencing phone is a scalable device, equipped with Bluetooth and DECT technology for absolute mobility. As teams demand more freedom in their work and meeting environments, the Snom C520 makes every conversation more flexible. What’s more, three state-of-the-art microphones provide unbeatable voice quality in any situation.


SNOM C520 WiMi

The C520 microphones come with features like adaptive feedback control and dynamic noise reduction to eliminate distractions from everyday discussions. What’s more, because the microphones can synchronise with the base station in real-time, participants in a meeting can move freely around the room, without having to raise their voice. Features include:

  • Bluetooth interface for pairing DECT phones and smartphones
  • Extensibility through C52 loudspeaker units (Max of 3 units)
  • Full-duplex speaker
  • 3 next-generation microphones
  • Support for 3 SIP identities and simultaneous call management
  • Snom HD voice via G.722 wideband codec
  • Up to 70 hours of standby time
  • Continuous running for 12 hours without recharging
  • Smart conference features with detachable DECT microphones, built-in charging stations, and automatic volume control

The Snom C52 – SP Conference Speakers

Snom believes in giving their customers the freedom to extend or customise their conferencing experience in a way that suits them. To give you more control over your C520 conference phone solution, Snom created the C52 -SP units. The C52-SP conference speakers are ideal for organisations who frequently hold conferences with a significant number of people, or in a large room. You can pair as many as 3 C52-SP units at once with the Snom C520 using wireless DECT technology.

The C52-SP speakers include 2 integrated microphones and one high-quality speaker. The devices work seamlessly with your Snom C520 conference phone with a compatibility range of up to 50 metres. What’s more, the automatic voice synchronisation software ensures that everyone benefits from HD voice quality – no matter where you are in the room. Features include:

  • Full duplex hands-free sound
  • Crystal-clear audio through two integrated microphones using the G.722 codec
  • 12 hours of talk time (without charging)
  • Up to 70 hours of standby power
  • Support for up to 3 C52-SP units with a single C520 conference phone
  • Wireless integration through Snom’s advanced DECT standard
  • Compatible range of up to 50 metres

The Snom MeetingPoint Conference Device

Explicitly designed to support companies exploring the power of flexible working, MeetingPoint allows up to five parties to connect to the same conference experience from a multitude of locations. The MeetingPoint device is intended for use in mid to large-sized conference rooms, with features like background noise suppression and high voice quality built-in.


Snom Meeting Point

MeetingPoint comes equipped with full duplex broadband audio for crystal-clear and balanced sound. This was the very first VoIP conference telephone designed by Snom, and the MeetingPoint continues to be one of the most popular items in the portfolio today. Features include:

  • Stylish design that fits well in any conference room environment
  • Excellent OmniSound wideband sound for up to 10 persons
  • Call recording features
  • Simultaneous management for internal and external phone listings
  • Optional extra microphone connections for larger meeting rooms
  • Open VPN
  • Support for up to 12 SIP registrations
  • Backlit graphical display
  • 5 Navigation keys for the menu system
  • Reception range for up to 20 people (depending on room size)

If you need more from your Snom MeetingPoint than the base device can offer, you can always build on top of your existing capabilities with extra Extension Microphones. The additional microphones available for the Snom MeetingPoint increase your audio radius to 70 metres squared. The integrated OmniSound technology will also automatically detect the other microphones, making set-up easy. No matter your distance from the MeetingPoint device, the extra microphones ensure you’ll always have crystal clear audio.

Target Market & Regional Availability

Snom’s conference phone devices are well-suited for companies across the globe with small, mid-sized, or large conference environments. Whether you need to connect multiple teams at once, or you’re looking to launch an agile huddle room experience, Snom’s conference solutions can help. Snom conference phones are available around the world, in any location with a specialist reseller. Snom recommends their conferencing devices specifically for companies in the following verticals:

  • Legal practices
  • Professional services
  • Real estate

How to Buy & Pricing

Like the other products in the full range of Snom devices, Snom conference phones are available to buy through resellers in the company’s network. The average price (at time of writing) for each device is:

  • Snom C520 conference phone: £234.00 excluding VAT
  • Snom C52-SP speakers: £179.99 excluding VAT
  • Snom MeetingPoint: £715.19 excluding Vat

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

In today’s agile work environments, the right conferencing solution can be crucial to an effective communication strategy. Snom offers a range of conference devices intended to support everything from the smallest huddle room environment to the largest and most complex enterprise meeting space. No matter what your team members need to connect and collaborate over, Snom’s conference phones and speakers are ideal for empowering critical conversations.

Q: Can I extend my Snom conferencing solution?

A: Snom offers multiple ways to extend your conference room environment. The Snom C52-SP speakers are ideal for building out your audio and microphone connections with the C520 conference phone. For the Snom MeetingPoint, extra Snom extension microphones are available.

Q: Are Snom conference phones easy to use?

A: Like the other devices offered by Snom, the conference phones, extra microphones and additional speakers in the conferencing range are designed for quick and straightforward provisioning in any small to mid-sized business space. With Snom, you can invest in and roll out new equipment for your communication stack, without having to spend extra on support from a professional IT team.

Q: How does Snom offer exceptional conferencing quality?

A: Snom’s next-level conferencing solutions use extensibility and high-performance audio to give users a state-of-the-art experience. OmniSound technology maintains fantastic wideband audio in any conference space, while the graceful styling of each conference phone makes the technology more compelling from an aesthetic perspective too.


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