Snom Endpoint Buyer’s Guide

Your complete guide to Snom

Snom Endpoint Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right communication vendor is one of the toughest parts of any plan for digital transformation and long-term growth. With so many different companies competing for your attention, how do you know where to turn? We’ve put together our buyer guide series to help our readers make more informed decisions about UC.

Snom Technology, a German company known for their VoIP and SIP phone solutions, is one of the most popular contenders for small to mid-sized companies. Here’s your introduction to the world of Snom technology.

Introducing Snom: Communication Technology Experts

Founded in 1996, Snom is a communications company with plenty of years of experience in the field. The Snom portfolio began with the introduction of unique VoIP telephone, the “Snom 100”. This phone was initially designed according to the H.323 protocol, but it quickly gained SIP compatibility.

In the year 2000, Snom transformed their go-to-market strategy by deciding to create interoperable components for a range of enterprise communication systems. Rather than selling a single telephony solution, Snom wanted to create VoIP phones compatible with a host of vendors. Thanks to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Snom were able to deliver more flexible devices to the communication space.

In 2016, Vtech holdings limited purchased Snom Technology AG. Today, the business is lead by CEO Gernot Sagl. Glassdoor reviews report that Snom employees give the company a rating of 2.9 out of 5 for general satisfaction.

What Does Snom Do Best?

Where other communication vendors seem to be focusing exclusively on the software conversation today, Snom believes in the power of technology. Snom is known for its commitment to superb design, driven by exceptional audio quality and high-performance voice engineering tools.

Snom is proud of its heritage for high-quality German engineering. This is a UC company that strives to achieve perfection in everything from elegant design, to cost-effectiveness for it’s small to mid-sized customers.

Snom produces some of the world’s favourite solutions for SIP and VoIP endpoints. However, the business isn’t focused exclusively on devices. Snom also has a 15-year history in development and innovation. To create the best telephony experiences around, Snom also provides its clients with more than 900 settings and features for flexible, powerful and versatile communications.

The Snom Product Portfolio

Snom offers fantastic communication technology at an affordable price for small to mid-sized companies. The brand specialises in DECT phones, desk phones, conferencing, headsets, accessories, and more. Here are just some of the things you can purchase from Snom.

Desk Phones: The D7XX Series

Desk phones are still some of the most critical components in a communication strategy. Snom’s D7XX family of professional-grade phones are both stunning and practical. These high-level devices include the very best in wideband HD audio, future-proof sound quality, and Bluetooth compatibility. The D7XX family is also highly extensible, thanks to support for programmable keys and various other updates. The series includes the:

  • D785 desk telephone
  • D765 desk telephone
  • D745 desk telephone

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Desk Phones: D3XX Series

The D3XX Series from Snom offers high-class voice quality with the state-of-the-art design Snom is famous for. These phones have been the telephone of choice for effective work across millions of installations worldwide.

The D3XX Series is Snom’s best-selling line of telephones, offering feature-rich technology including Wideband HD Audio, robust CTI integration, HD displays, and Bluetooth. This series is particularly popular because it also supports companies with very tight budgetary restrictions. Options include the:

  • D385 desk phone
  • D375 telephone
  • D345 desk phone

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Workplace Mobility DECT solutions

Snom is innovators in the communication space, supporting the rise of the mobile and remote workforce. Through Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications or “DECT” technology, Snom helps employees to roam the office freely during professional conversations.

Snom’s workforce mobility devices are designed specifically for use in small to mid-sized businesses, where companies may need to reduce their cabling costs and support agility. Setup is easy thanks to the integrated installation mode on Snom handsets too! Workplace mobility solutions include:

  • M325 DECT bundle
  • M85 Industrial handset
  • M700 Multi-radio base station

The Snom M SC-Series is another innovation in Snom’s approach to DECT technology. These single-cell DECT solutions are designed for instant mobility, with no cords or wires to hold your employees back.

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Snom Conferencing

As well as offering enhanced mobile and desk-based solutions for HD voice communication, Snom also specialise in conferencing. Snom’s conference telephone and base station range provides a reliable solution delivered from a business with more than 15 years of experience in engineering. The Snom conferencing phones include all the high-quality audio support you’d expect from Snom, along with easy implementation. Options include:

  • The C520 WiMi – a cost-effective conferencing solution that’s mobile-friendly thanks to advanced Bluetooth and DECT technology
  • The C52 SP – The Snom C520 is the perfect solution for people who regularly hold conferences with large numbers of people. You can even pair up to 3 units at once
  • MeetingPoint – MeetingPoint allows up to 5 parties to join a conference call from a multitude of locations – great for remote working teams

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Snom Headsets

Today’s companies don’t just rely on desk phones and mobile solutions for communication. Employees also need the right technology to communicate freely in distraction-prone environments. Headsets can enhance comfort and productivity in almost any situation, and Snom has a broad selection to offer. Snom headsets are specifically tested for use with Snom headphones, and they come with noise-cancelling capabilities. Options include the:

  • A170 wireless DECT headset
  • A100D Headset
  • A100M headset

The Snom Public Address System

Finally, Snom offers a fantastic SIP bridge that allows companies to extend their public announcement systems, and simultaneously upgrade from POT systems into SIP-based communication. The PA1 – Snom’s public Address solution, is ideal for small and large business spaces alike, thanks to the inclusion of a 4-watt amplifier. Larger locations can also use multiple speakers at once.

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