Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions release ‘Rainbow’ Cloud

Enterprise Connect 2017 Report

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions release ‘Rainbow’ Cloud

At Enterprise Connect this week Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise introduced a new approach for connected platforms with Rainbow™, enabling a smooth transition to the cloud while protecting past investments and making communications borderless and secure.

Rainbow is their latest UCaaS and CPaaS platform which is available in the UK for free to anyone who registers at www.openrainbow.com. Naturally, as a “freemium” service, users will have to pay to unlock certain features and services.

As it is a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), Rainbow’s open architecture enables developers to integrate with Rainbow easily.

We’ll be reporting more on ALE’s Rainbow as it develops.


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AvatarNimit 10:05, 08 May 2018

We need to suppress auto update popup for this software, as users do not have admin rights to install upgrades in clients environment.

Please suggest, quick response would be appreciable.

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