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AudioCodes UMP 365: Simplifying MS Teams & Skype for Business Management

Navigating AudioCodes User Management Pack 365 solution for Microsoft UC deployments

AudioCodes UMP 365: Simplifying MS Teams & Skype for Business Management

The rise of new technology and disruptive ideas in the communication and collaboration space has created a great deal of complexity for today’s companies. For business leaders to get ahead, they need to understand how to stay on top of all the crucial tools and applications their workforce relies on. AudioCodes, a global communications vendor, is delivering a new solution for Microsoft users, to bring extra simplicity to the tech stack.

AudioCodes is a leader in voice-enabling Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

They have a strong relationship with Microsoft and have used this partnership to create the advanced “User Management Pack 365” or UMP 365.

At UC EXPO 2019, I caught up with the Microsoft Solutions architect at AudioCodes, David Edri, to discuss the UMP 365 solution for Microsoft deployments.

What is AudioCodes UMP 365?

David Edri

David Edri

AudioCodes has been closely aligned with Microsoft for quite some time now. The company is one of the main vendors of Microsoft certified IP Phones and Session Border Controllers. As Edri told me, “Our vision of the future of enterprise collaboration in the modern workplace syncs with that of Microsoft. We’re committed to helping organisations get maximum value from their investment in the Microsoft portfolio by seamlessly integrating voice services with it.”

The User Management Pack 365 product is a software application designed to simplify user, identity and lifecycle management within Microsoft deployments. “It gives companies a complete overview of their user and technology environment for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.” Sitting on top of the existing Microsoft collaboration tools, the UMP 365 from AudioCodes links to the enterprise environment and Microsoft Office 365 through advanced connectors.

The solution aims to empower modern IT teams by giving them a fully accessible tool for maintaining their Microsoft deployments and seamlessly linking their Active Directory policies and Microsoft Office 365 application policies via automated processes.

How Does the User Management Pack Work?

Essentially, the UMP 365 from AudioCodes works by giving users with on-premise, pure cloud, or hybrid cloud environments more control over their Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams environments. You can link your Microsoft collaboration service with a Microsoft Calling Plan service or connect it to your PSTN using the Cloud Connector devices, or Microsoft’s Direct Routing Service.

For organisations making the migration from Skype for Business into a new Hybrid solution, or full Teams strategy, the platform can make the transition as simple, and transparent as possible. However, as David told me, migration is just one aspect of what you can do with UMP 365. “The solution gives businesses more complete control over their Microsoft solutions. You can see everything that’s going on in the technology stack for your business, which improves security, lifecycle and identity management across multiple environments, and more.”

Through the User Management Pack that AudioCodes specifically designed for Microsoft, users can access full control over all of their Skype for Business modalities, including Office 365 Cloud PBX systems. It’s also easier to simplify the setup of hybrid voice delivered through the Office 365 Connector.

Information in a Single Pane of Glass

One of the biggest pain points that IT managers face today involves trying to get an overview of all the information they need in one, unified environment. As Edri told me, the UMP 365 solution “consolidates and improves the management of cloud and on-premise systems through a single, easy-to-use web portal. This means that you can make your Microsoft operations more straightforward and cost-effective. There’s no need for multiple management tools like the Skype for Business control panel, PowerShell, or even in-office experts.”

Essentially, what AudioCodes has done is make the advanced control tools that administrators and business leaders need more accessible. The strategy is particularly well-suited for businesses that have a lot of users to manage. “You can bring all of your information together in the same environment, with no PowerShell scripts or specialist knowledge required.”

“In the same screen, you can see everything you need to know about a user and tool, including data, user policy, and device information”

Simply put, UMP 365 is an IT admin or manager’s dream. It removes the complexity from the process of managing various Microsoft technologies, and completely automates the user lifecycle. As a result, IT teams can be more productive, the Microsoft collaboration TCO is reduced, and there’s no need for any advanced training courses to help you get the most out of Microsoft.

Removing Unnecessary Complexity

The User Management Platform for Microsoft from AudioCodes is the simplest way for today’s IT teams and administrators to manage users across a range of Microsoft devices. It’s a multi-tenant solution that’s available for both service providers and enterprise users alike. What’s more, UMP 365 is fully compatible with all the latest Microsoft Tools, including Microsoft Teams.

“It puts a single pane of glass management layer into the Microsoft environment. It’s such a complex world today; we want to make it easier for IT teams to control users and tools and improve security and compliance”

By providing an admin layer that sits over the top of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Deployments, the AudioCodes UMP 365 pack removes the complexity of managing complicated technology stacks and lifecycles.

Available on Azure Marketplace

AudioCodes UMP 365 is available to download today on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. Organisations can download a trial version for five users to try it out, or request a licence key for a 30 day trial with more users.

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