BlueJeans Partners with Google Glass

Tom Wright

Augmented reality meetings designed for frontline workers

BlueJeans Partners with Google Glass

BlueJeans has partnered with Google Glass to provide native video meetings for frontline workers.

The BlueJeans on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 application will be pre-loaded onto the headsets and available in the first quarter of 2022, the firm said.

The solution will give users a hand-free meeting experience and utilise the headset’s built-in camera to let other meeting participants see what the user is looking at it in 720p quality.

Users will also be able to adjust zoom and brightness via voice commands.

BlueJeans said that the tie-up will be particularly useful for businesses that need to connect remote engineers with subject matters that are off-side, or in remote training situations where students can benefit from guidance.

“The BlueJeans roadmap will be taking full advantage of this platform, with advanced augmented reality capabilities designed to blend the best of the physical work with the best of the digital world” BlueJeans said.

“With the onset of today’s hybrid work approach, it’s imperative that our teams are empowered to do their best work, even when they aren’t located in the same region or time zone.

“Specifically, as we think about truly unlocking productivity for distributed teams, breakthroughs in augmented reality will enable us to fundamentally reimagine the way our teams can work together.”

The first iteration of Google Glass was initially scrapped, but the device was brought back in 2019 with a new enterprise spin. The second version of the Enterprise version was revealed at the end of 2020.

BlueJeans said that it will complement the Glass’ video credentials with Dolby Voice audio, which features noise suppression.



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