Google Glass is Back and Ready for Business

Google Glass is back on track as Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google Glass is Back and Ready for Business

When Google Glass first emerged in 2014, customers weren’t ready for virtual reality headsets – particularly when they were hideous to look at. However, Google didn’t give up on the smart glasses completely. Instead, they just took them back to the drawing board.

Recently, Google announced a brand-new and updated version of the AR specs, named “Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2“. The glasses are stronger, more attractive, and specially designed for business users, with a price tag of around $999.

Similarly to the previous version of Google Glass, the smart bifocals aren’t available to be sold directly to consumers. However, if you do get your hands on a pair, you’ll find that they come with an improved processor, an enhanced artificial intelligence engine, faster charging, and so much more.

The New Version of Google Glass

Coming in at a price tag that’s a hefty $500 less than the previous iteration, the new Google Glass just looks like a pair of glasses (although they do have a science-class goggles style to them). There’s a tiny camera included, and a small glass prism that appears just above your right eye. According to Google, surgeons, engineers, and factory workers will be able to use the glasses to display AR content over their real-world view.

You’ll have the option to project checklists, information, and even videos over the right-side of your vision. This means that the glasses don’t take up all of your view, unlike the Microsoft HoloLens.

Google also announced that it had moved the product away from the Moonshot factor of Alphabet, and into the official Google family of products.

Is This the Right Time for Google Glass?

When Google Glass arrived on the scene several years ago, it had some serious issues to do with functionality, performance, and even style. Google ended up pulling the plug in the project in 2015 – or so it seemed until now.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 with safety frames by Smith Optics. Glass is a small, lightweight
wearable computer with a transparent display for hands-free work

Today, companies can access a brand-new version of Google Glass, inspired by all of the growing developments in the AR and VR wearable space. Perhaps now that customers are more familiar with the idea of mixed reality, and Google has had more time to work on its technology, Glass will have a better chance in the marketplace.

What do you think about the new version of Google Glass? Is it a reflection of the marketplace’s readiness for disruptive new technology? Will the new version shatter Google’s hopes and dreams like the old one?

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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 15:14, 03 Jun 2019

I’d definitely like a pair of these…

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