BroadSoft Team-One Review – Team Collaboration App

Read our review of collaboration app BroadSoft Team-One

BroadSoft Team-One Review – Team Collaboration App

Founded in 1998, BroadSoft is a global communication company that develops cloud-based Unified Communications solutions that give businesses the tools they need to enhance productivity rates, improve efficiency and work together as a team within a strong collaborative environment.

With this in mind, this article shall be reviewing the collaborative benefits of one of BroadSoft’s flagship products: BroadSoft Team-One. With this application, it is claimed that users are able to communicate and work together as a team better than ever before and this article will be putting that statement to the test by analysing the various features it offers.

Before we continue, however, we must first inform readers that we are not selling this product and any information we give should be taken as nothing more than helpful advice from people are can translate the technical jargon into basic pros and cons.

What is BroadSoft Team-One?

In an age where messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Chat are undoubtedly the most widely used methods of communication within the consumer sphere, many companies are now looking for a solution that can cater for this shift in communication preference and provide a way for users to communicate more naturally within a business setting. With this in mind, BroadSoft has succeeding in a creating a solution that has harnessed the zeitgeist and given users the ability to share information and connect with one another more efficiently in way that echoes how they would connect with their friends or relatives in a non-work environment.

BroadSoft Team-One Review

BroadSoft Team-One

What can it do?

With its Business Chat feature, users can choose to either chat one-on-one with their contacts in private conversations or share ideas and information with everyone in a group meeting all at the click of a button. As well as this, the feature also stores all messages sent to and from all members of the conversation so that can be recalled from any device with a working Internet connection for use at a later date, thus making no information, instructions or ideas are ever lost.

Another great feature is the Drag & Drop File Sharing, which enables users to share any type of file from documents and images to audio and video directly into the live conversation window. As well as saving users a great deal of time, this feature is also excellent at maintaining the flow of conversation and ensuring the brainstorming and idea sharing atmosphere of the conversation can easily continue at it’s natural pace without disruption.

BroadSoft Team-One Review

Being powered by BroadSoft Hub, Team-One’s Contextual Intelligence feature will display all of the info and content a user has in common with their colleague during one-on-one conversations to make sure all the relevant data is at hand every time the pair communicate. Not only is this is a fantastic way for users to build up their working relationships and deliver better results as a partnership or team, it can also potentially help management better monitor their staffs performance and guide them through what needs to be done to improve their work.

As well as this, users also benefit from a single Click To Call Feature that allows them to make calls to both internal and external contacts at the click of a button without having to leave the page. Moreover, the Live Meetings feature means that all Team-One users can hold or take part in conference meetings that are broadcast in full HD.

What are our favourite bits?

Though there are many features that grabbed our attention with this product, the thing we were really blown away by was the Contextual Intelligence feature for its truly unique and innovative design. With this feature, users are not only able to save time during their a conversation but are also able to rapidly improve their working relationships by communicating in a bespoke collaboration environment that was built entirely for them. By doing this, Team-One helps users remain organised, stay in tune with one another and ensure they are both achieving the best of their potential.

Who would benefit most from this app?

For any company wanting to help improve the collaborative working environment of their business, help staff keep themselves more organised and give them the tools they need to ensure that work is completed and the best results are achieved, Team-One is a worthy investment that we feel would benefit just about every type business.

UC Today Opinion

As a solution that was created to help bring individuals together and unite them into one team, BroadSoft Team-One is outstandingly effective and we would strongly recommend it to any modern businessperson. In an age where social media applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp have become the fastest, easiest and most popular way for people to communicate, BroadSoft have created a solution that takes all the benefits of the aforementioned and applies them to a professional business setting.

However, this is only our opinion and we are fully aware that not everybody will agree with everything we have to say. So, if you have had an experience with this product (good or bad), please feel free to leave a comment or review at the bottom of this page to help other prospective buyers make the right decision.


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Asif 12:09, 04 Sep 2017

This is an outstanding tool in the collaboration tool kit. BroadSoft has done a great job here.

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TJ 03:06, 29 Jun 2017

User friendly and very effective repository for project-centered communications. I use it everyday with my team(s) internally… and even with vendors!

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Rajesh Sharma 07:06, 29 Jun 2017

Team one bring individuals together. BEST APP

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Sandeep singh 09:06, 28 Jun 2017

BroadSoft Team-One is outstandingly effective, easy to use, high quality of calling, easy and faster file sharing ,organize live meeting etc. All about best apps in the world.

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sashidhar 07:06, 28 Jun 2017

BroadSoft Team-One is user friendly.

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