Cisco UC-One SaaS Now Supported by Webex Teams

Cisco moves closer to unified Webex vision

Cisco UC-One SaaS Now Supported by Webex Teams

After the significant merger between Cisco and BroadSoft took place in February 2018, Cisco announced that its new partnership would quickly lead to newly enhanced products for partners and end-users. The driving force behind this promise was Cisco’s desire to leverage BroadSoft’s global BroadWorks calling platform and combine it with the Cisco Webex portfolio for collaboration. Bringing the two solutions together allows Cisco to create more significant user experiences, enhance service provider differentiation, and deliver new revenue opportunities.

Recently, Cisco took the next step in its journey towards an enhanced portfolio with the rise of new UC-One SaaS functionality, complete with Webex Teams messaging features, team spaces, and a UX that is fully aligned with Webex Teams. What’s more, service providers can now access new branding tools, and updated UC-One growth features.

UC-One SaaS NOW Driven by Webex Teams

With the Webex Teams Messaging Engine working to support UC-One’s SaaS collaboration features, end-users can now unlock new benefits like file sharing with drag-and-drop functionality, team spaces that offer dedicated workspaces to all teams, and universal search. There’s also access to enhanced B2B communication solutions via federated messaging with Cisco Jabber and Webex Teams users across a range of organisational environments.

The upgraded UC-One SaaS experience also comes with a simplified and updated UX which brings the best of the collaborative Webex Teams design into UC-One SaaS across all devices, including tablets and smart phones. Additionally, to help service providers capture consumer attention, Cisco also updated the UC-One experience for service providers. Intended to help partners understand the elements that delight customers at every touchpoint, UC-One SaaS now features faster and easier app branding, advanced collaboration features. There’s also flexible packaging from softphone to full UC, and an online product guide maintained by Cisco. The Cisco tam is even offering a range of success planning guides and digital acceleration tools that help to set service providers up with the tools they need to succeed.

UC-One SaaS Continues to Grow

Already, the UC-One SaaS solution offered by Cisco has proven itself to be a significant competitor in the marketplace. The SaaS solution has 41 service provider partners offering coverage around the world, from Latin America and North America to Europe and the Middle East. Cisco continues to add new partners to its portfolio, with a promising future ahead. What’s more, billed end-user customers have grown astronomically over the last year.

As Cisco continues to move forward with its plan for growth and development, the company plans to continue delivering on its promises to partner sand end-users. This means that Cisco will be making bigger investments, encouraging better growth, and developing new capabilities for the UC-One SaaS experience. Currently, UC-One SaaS is an excellent opportunity to build market share with SMBs, while the Webex Teams engine offers the kind of state-of-the-art collaboration that today’s employees need.


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