Empowering Firstline Workers with MS Teams

New support for firstline employees

Empowering Firstline Workers with MS Teams

Microsoft has started the new year on a positive note, with the announcement of 3 new features for Microsoft Teams. The latest capabilities are designed to support Firstline workers as they complete service-oriented roles in hospitality, retail, manufacturing, travel and more.

Because Firstline workers are typically required to be “on-the-move,” Microsoft has implemented more mobility and versatility into the flagship Teams collaboration product. The new features introduced include a mobile experience that users can customise to suit their needs, a “Praise” feature for quick recognition from managers, and a Graph API for Microsoft’s Shift scheduling tool.

The update provides even more ways to keep Firstline employees productive and connected.

A Custom Teams Experience

The latest selection of solutions for Microsoft Teams Firstline workers will give these employees more opportunities to communicate and collaborate intuitively on-the-go. Whether you’re a flight-crew member or a field service worker, you’ll be able to share information with people inside your organisation easily, without having to resort to unsecured or dangerous consumer apps.

Microsoft Teams is giving Firstline employees the freedom to customise the mobile experience that’s available to them, with a build-your-own experience. Workers can access the tools they need to complete tasks every day and ignore the features that aren’t relevant to them. Some of the new mobile-only features available include the option to record and share audio messages, a smart camera and location sharing.

IT administrators can give each employee exclusive access to the role-based features that they need, including private chats, calendars, calls, channels, and more. Microsoft is even offering a “Firstline Worker configuration policy template” to help speed up adoption.

Integrating Workforce Management Options

Many modern businesses need more than just communication and collaboration tools to ensure productivity. Organisations with Firstline workers often rely on workforce management tools to handle tasks like payroll, shift scheduling, attendance tracking and more. Microsoft recently announced that they would be working on an upcoming selecting of APIs that allow business leaders to integrate existing WFM systems with the Teams application.

The most recent API to be delivered is the “Graph API” which supports integration with the Teams schedule management tool. Shifts is available for all customers in Teams, and the latest API makes sure that integration between this feature and other enterprise scheduling programmes is as simple as possible. The Graph API is set to appear in public preview during the first quarter of this year.

Recognising Firstline Workers

Finally, Microsoft is giving managers more opportunities to show employees how much they’re valued with the new “Praise” feature. Since Firstline workers are often the face of a brand, it’s important to keep them engaged. Unfortunately, this part of the workforce is particularly vulnerable to high turnover rates. Fortunately, Microsoft believes that recognising and praising employees will help to improve satisfaction rates and keep crucial team members onboard.

The Microsoft Teams Praise tool, ready to appear this quarter, will give employees and managers a great way to recognise others within the Teams app. Users can share badges, celebrate successes, and give colleagues a much-needed back on the back.

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