Exploring the Value of Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

88% of workers prefer having all solutions in one place

Exploring the Value of Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

In today’s agile and evolving work environment, businesses and their employees need to be able to communicate effectively across geographical borders, languages, and time zones. Immersive and intuitive collaboration tools are evolving to give companies the innovative solutions they need to drive no-compromise collaborative experiences.

Microsoft Teams, one of the leading solutions on the collaborative market today, gives organisations everything they need to work together in the same intelligent hub. When companies can access chat, meetings, calling and other productivity apps in the same place, they become more productive. According to the Forrester study “The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams,” a standard 5,000 user organisation can achieve benefits of $30.3 million.

The Forrester Microsoft Teams Study

The Forrester study, commissioned by Microsoft, surveyed 260 consumers currently using Microsoft Teams in a variety of verticals. The study found that overall, customers are pleased with the unified experience that they get from the Teams tool. Through Teams, employees can make faster, more informed decisions, regardless of they’re part of the C-Suite or front-line worker group.

The Forrester results revealed a host of 11 benefits that companies can experience when using Microsoft Teams as their primary tool for collaboration. For instance, employees can save 45 minutes per week collaborating with first-line workers, and 4 hours per week through improved information sharing. Other benefits included an 18.9% reduction in weekly meetings and a 17.7% improvement in time-to-decision.

The study revealed that by offering employees the collaborative services included in Teams, businesses could reduce the cost of collaboration, improve decision making, and enhance employee and customer experiences.

The Top Benefits of Microsoft Teams

According to the Forrester study, four main benefits came out on top for many of the 260 respondents using Microsoft Teams, including:

  • Reducing the total number of meetings that employees are exposed to, and their duration. The total time saving from simpler, high-quality meetings equal around $6.9 million
  • Information workers save 4 hours a week from improved collaboration. Teams features like internal directories and integrated file storage promotes collaboration, leading to savings of potentially $14.3 million
  • Information workers save over one hour a week from not having to switch between applications. Third-party tools and Microsoft productivity solutions inside of Teams delivers benefits to all workers. Better employee cohesion can save businesses an average of around $4.8 million
  • Downtime was reduced by 14.6%. Thanks to resources all being available within the same cloud-based location, Microsoft Teams users were able to reduce their downtime and improve compliance. Compared to on-premise options, time savings were worth around $285,000 for first-line and information workers

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