GlobalMeet Delivers Greater Flexibility with Microsoft Teams & Video Collab

PGi announces the introduction of new features for its Unified Communications and Collaboration platform GlobalMeet

GlobalMeet Delivers Greater Flexibility with Microsoft Teams & Video Collab

PGi, the world’s largest provider of dedicated collaboration solutions, has now announced the introduction of new features for its Unified Communications and Collaboration platform “GlobalMeet.” For over 25 years, PGi has been offering companies an extensive portfolio of innovative products which support and empower the collaborative teams in enterprise spaces. Today,

the new additions to the GlobalMeet solution will ensure that collaboration can take place whenever, and wherever it needs to.

Enhancements to GlobalMeet include a new video room connection for huddle-room and conference-based systems, as well as integrations with leading productivity application, Microsoft Teams.

Upgrading the GlobalMeet Experience

Since the initial launch of the GlobalMeet platform, PGi has introduced various upgrades, features and branding enhancements intended to give end-users a more immersive collaboration experience. The latest updates to the GlobalMeet platform include:

  • GlobalMeet for Microsoft Teams: The new integration with Microsoft Teams provides a seamless interoperability that connects the world-class audio, web, and video conferencing capabilities of GlobalMeet, with the productivity support offered by Microsoft Teams. GlobalMeet’s integration allows for excellent support for Microsoft Teams end-users, with a contextual and highly focused connection that should allow users to be more productive and focused at work
  • GlobalMeet Video Room Connector: The Video Room Connector from GlobalMeet allows end-users to collaborate seamlessly in real-time using video endpoints, regardless of their chosen device or location. This ensures that companies can truly get the most value out of their investments in conferencing hardware. Users can simply connect to GlobalMeet from the existing on-premises technology in a room, without the support of IT teams

PGi Continues to Invest in the GlobalMeet Platform

The latest announcement demonstrates PGi’s continued devotion to investing in their GlobalMeet platform so that it can provide the highly diverse and immersive support that PGi customers need. According to the Chief Technology Officer at PGi, Patrick Harper, the PGi team has continued to innovate with the GlobalMeet platform to ensure that it can grow according to the changing needs of their customers.

The new video room features, alongside the Microsoft Teams integration, are offered as part of PGi’s promise to extend their core collaboration capabilities to the next level and ensure that GlobalMeet can be at the centre of every meeting. In a world where the modern workforce is quickly evolving and collaborating in new and exciting ways, PGi believes that these new integrations deliver next-level flexibility for GlobalMeet users.


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