Microsoft Kaizala Migrates to Microsoft Teams

Kaizala now a part of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Kaizala Migrates to Microsoft Teams

Leading communications and technology brand, Microsoft recently announced the arrival of Microsoft Kaizala into the Microsoft Teams portfolio. Kaizala will be available to all eligible Office 365 and Microsoft 365 customers worldwide, spanning across 180 markets.

According to Tom Arbuthnot of “Tom Talks,” Kaizala offers an experience similar to WhatsApp, with a handful of additional features. The application keeps people both inside and outside of the business directory connected, providing a space for customers, suppliers, partners, vendors, and more. The solution enables number-based identity (like WhatsApp), and the simple user experience makes it easy to onboard a range of new users.

What Does Kaizala Offer?

The Microsoft Kaizala solution is available in both free and paid versions depending on your needs. The two solutions are designed to help companies to connect with anyone using an open directory strategy. Additionally, they both offer the opportunity to access secure work management solutions integrated with video and messaging. You can access action cards like training, location sharing, surveys, and more.

Kaizala Pro gives users the option to design and manage extensive organisational groups, create custom workflows, and gather useful analytics. The platform’s extensible design also makes it easier to digitise evolving business processes.

According to Microsoft, since Kaizala’s initial rollout in 2017, the company has received a lot of positive feedback about its functionality and features.

Connecting Kaizala and Microsoft Teams

The collaborative features of Kaizala are a natural complement to the communication and collaboration solutions in Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams solution is Microsoft’s fastest-growing application, helping more than 500,000 organisations to improve their workflows. The Kaizala solution will allow businesses to ensure that they’re communicating effectively with teams inside and outside of their directory.

Allowing every member of a group the ability to access digital collaboration and communication tools is an excellent way to streamline operations in a business. Microsoft also believes that Kaizala will be an essential addition to Teams as it will give companies more access to their crucial company data. The integration will be happening in the next 12 to 18 months, with roll-outs launched in stages.

New Features for Microsoft Kaizala

Alongside the new Microsoft Teams integration, Microsoft also announced a range of new Kaizala features, including:

  • Message deletion: You can delete messages within an hour of sending them, or at any time if you’re a group admin
  • @Mentions: Tag individual members in your chats
  • Kaizala Web App: Access and search through conversations easily in a desktop environment
  • Image annotation: A rich annotation experience so you can markup images before you share them
  • Video calling: Rich face-to-face video calling for 1:1 conversation
  • Kaizala Me: A private chat space where you can send yourself notes, or reminders, or experiment with action cards
  • Updated Kaizala Management portal: Companies can now manage their groups more effectively using the updated portal
  • In-region data residency: Kaizala will store information at rest within the customer’s region for new users

Microsoft commented that it is excited about the momentum that Kaizala has gained recently and will be working on various new capabilities requested by customers too. For instance, there will be upcoming support for right-to-left languages, and an opportunity to invite users using their email address. There’s also an upcoming ability to sync your Azure Active Directory in Kaizala and assign new admin roles.


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