Microsoft Teams Introduces France Data Residency

French data residency starts now

Microsoft Teams Introduces France Data Residency

Microsoft recently announced that its Teams Collaboration tool will provide data residency for France, as of March 2019. This means that all new customers for Microsoft Teams in France will have data for chat and conversion stored at rest within France.

Teams data residency in France, along with other Microsoft Office 365 data residency commitments will help regulated companies like those in banking, education, government, public sector, and healthcare verticals to comply with data residency requirements.

Where is Your Teams Data Stored?

According to Microsoft, your Teams data will be stored differently depending on the type of content in question. For instance, Core Teams customer data for people in Australia, the EU, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, the US, and now France will have their data stored at rest within that location. Voicemail messages, channel conversations, images, and SharePoint online content will also be stored within that site.

The rollout of data residency in France further expands the in-country data solutions offered to users of Microsoft Teams. This new release means that Microsoft Teams services can store data at rest in these locations:

  • Canada – in Toronto and Quebec City
  • India – in Pune and Chennai
  • UK – in London and Cardiff
  • US – in Bay, CA, and Boydton
  • EMEA – in Amsterdam and Dublin
  • APAC – in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Japan – in Osaka and Tokyo
  • Australia – in Victoria and New South Wales
  • France – in Paris and Marseille

Crucially, Microsoft notes that customers allowing users to store files with third-party storage providers will be dependent on the storage locations of those services.

Rolling out New Microsoft Teams Data Centres

From March 18th, 2019, customers in France who had never logged into Microsoft Teams before will now have data residency in France. The workloads aside Teams offering data residency in France include Project Online, Skype for Business Online, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online.

If you were already using Microsoft Teams in France, you’d have your content and data stored within the EMEA locations mentioned above at rest. However, Microsoft will soon be offering a migration feature that will allow you to move your data closer to home. Additionally, Microsoft already has a roadmap in place to help them bring Microsoft Teams data residency to all Office 365 country-based data centres.


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