Mitel Delivers Continuous Collaboration for Teams

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Real-time video conferencing and virtual workspace available from anywhere to help businesses unleash productivity

Mitel Delivers Continuous Collaboration for Teams

Mitel, a global leader in business communications, recently announced the arrival of its new MiTeam Meetings solution. This continuous collaboration offering tightly integrates chat, video, and voice with the Mitel MiCollab application, offering a real-time virtual workspace and meeting environment.

As the increasingly globalised business environment continues to push companies to discover new modes of efficient collaboration, tools like MiTeam Meetings could lead the way. In times like these, with record numbers of people asked to work from home for weeks on end across different time zones, complexity and delays in project completion and decision-making become increasingly likely. There’s even the risk of shadow IT to consider, particularly in business landscapes that rely on disconnected communication channels.

MiTeam Meetings aims to eliminate these issues, providing a valuable tool in an environment where demand for remote working is growing faster than ever amid global health concerns. Mitel is leveraging the AWS (Amazon Web Services) global cloud solution to deliver an experienced that pulls the various threads of the global team together.

Supporting the Changing Global Workforce

Tarun Loomba

Tarun Loomba

A recent survey conducted into 2,500 business professionals across North America, Australia, and Western Europe found that 74% respondents believed collaboration and communication tools would increase their productivity. Over half of the participants also ranked face-to-face meetings as the best way to communicate, with 40% highlighting video to become more frequent in the next five years. MiTeam Meetings allows companies to unlock the true potential of their employees in a collaborative landscape.

According to the Chief Product Officer of Mitel, Tarun Loomba, the nature of how and when we work is evolving, with dispersed time zones, meetings, and remote workers to consider.

“With the ability to continuously collaborate, businesses can capture the essential ingredients for effective teamwork, enrich the meeting experience, and fuel employee productivity.”

“With boundaries erased, meetings on the other side of the world now feel like they’re happening right across the table”

As a simple-to-deploy solution for meetings and collaboration, MiTeam Meetings allows for seamless movement between video, voice, and chat. This means that teams have the freedom to collaborate and enhance their connections, however they choose, without the need for excessive travel. Collaboration doesn’t have to end when a meeting does. Users have the freedom to return to their group’s workforce, refer to notes, review documents, and more, all within the same application.

Users can even launch a new meeting whenever they choose from within the same environment.

Free and Seamless Meeting Solutions

MiTeam Meetings from Mitel allows companies to free their teams from the constraints on traditional meetings. As Ray Chan, VP of Information Technology for San Diego Padres, said, “I want to be able to provide my employees with the best tools and technology to collaborate seamlessly, using voice, video or chat, and from a single vendor. MiTeam Meetings makes that possible and, ultimately, effective collaboration is what leads to a championship on the field,”

MiTeam Meetings from Mitel uses the CloudLink architecture of the Mitel brand to help customers maximise investments in previous generation technology. At the same time, the solution integrates cloud-based applications at the pace that’s most appropriate for the business. The new meetings solution is built into the MiCollab application suite, integrating easily into the Mitel private cloud and premises-based platforms. As part of the new alignment efforts within the Mitel collaboration and UC portfolio, the functionality will also extend to other components of the portfolio in the coming months.

Mitel is already recognised as a market leader in the 2019 IDC MarketScape for Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions. What’s more, the business has been ranked as the best offering for enterprise and mid-market company satisfaction when it comes to PBX hosted solutions and on-premise offerings.

The new solution from Mitel will give businesses the tools that they need to collaborate more seamlessly and efficiently in an environment that is seeing a rapid global increase in demand for tools that allow people to connect over the cloud. With MiTeam Meetings, it’s quick and easy for team members to create conversations however they choose and keep those conversations going in an efficient and productive manner.

Mitel understand that businesses around the world are currently facing unprecedented difficulties as they ask their employees to work remotely for potentially weeks on end. To help organisations ensure business continues in this unpredictable environment, they are currently offering a six month free trial of MiTeam Meetings, in addition to a range of offers for existing MiCollab and MiVoice Connect customers.

You can discuss the continuous collaboration software solutions available from Mitel today by contacting your local Mitel partner.



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