NFON Launches NVoice for Microsoft Teams and NCTI Pro

New solutions from NFON AG

NFON Launches NVoice for Microsoft Teams and NCTI Pro

Leading pan-European provider of Cloud PBX solutions, NFON AG, recently announced the launch of its NVoice for Microsoft Teams offering. The solution combines two communication platforms into a single offering. Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office 365 and Cloudya are all coming together to form a comprehensive comms solution.

César Flores Rodríguez

César Flores Rodríguez

According to César Flores Rodríguez, the Chief Sales Officer for NFON AG, With NVoice for Microsoft Teams, NFON will be able to serve the changing needs of a rapidly evolving market. NFON’s Vice President of Products and New Business said that the company is extending the scalability and flexibility of its high-performance cloud PBX using the Teams collaboration platform.

Today’s customers demand a more enhanced business environment, with highly functional telephony features. NFON AG believes it succeeded in delivering the best of both worlds to consumers, for complete freedom in business communication.

Addressing the Needs of the New Marketplace

NVoice for Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive part of the NFON portfolio, which addresses the needs of business communication tools and unites the communication strategies in NFON cloud platform strategies. Partners now have the opportunity to offer NFON premium offerings like NContactCentre, NRecording, and NHospitality to users from a single source. There’s no additional hardware needed, and the flexibility of the offering makes growth incredibly easy.

Hans Szymanski

Hans Szymanski

Since the company’s launch in 2007, NFON has benefited from ongoing growth. The brand’s IPO in 2018 helped to fuel its expansion, and the launch of the core Cloudya product marked a new era for NFON’s growth. NFON also recently completed its takeover of the Deutsche Telefon Standard at the beginning of the year and began to open further branches across France and Italy.

CEO and Chief Financial Officer of the company, Hans Szymanski, believes that the successful growth that the company is seeing today comes from the fact that NFON understands the needs of its customers, partners, and the markets that it works in. The brand is always working on enhancing the functionality and diversity of the services that they offer for European companies, with a clear focus on becoming the number one choice for EU users. The new Microsoft Teams solution is just one part of that ongoing plan for growth.

As well as delivering the new NVoice solution for Microsoft Teams, NFON has also recently announced the arrival of another solution for specialised work environment and larger user groups too. The NCTI Pro offering complements the existing NCTI portfolio with additional business process integration options and Unified Communication features. There’s a demand for a more comprehensive solution, particularly in the telephony landscape, which helps people to communicate more profitably, efficiently, and productively, according to Chief Sales Officer, Cesar Flores Rodriquez.

Introducing the New NCTI Pro Solution

Today’s businesses are showcasing a constantly growing demand for intensive business process integration, offering a host of added value for brands. Individual customer requirements can be integrated into existing application and business tools like SAP and Salesforce with simplicity and convenience. This integration will mean that additional information about callers can be displayed in a simple computer setting.

Markus Krammer

Markus Krammer

The Vice President of Products and New Business for NFON AG, Markus Krammer, said that NCTI Pro demonstrates that a holistic view of the client is increasingly essential today. Applications need to perform significantly better in the current environment, and it’s essential to make these tools easy to use. NCTI Pro aims to offer the extensibility that companies need with features like chat, video, and screen sharing while enabling the mobile communication of workers via Android and iOS apps that they already have installed.

Markus noted that mobile communication in the evolving workplace is becoming increasingly crucial, particularly as the workplace of tomorrow continues to prove that they can thrive regardless of location. NCTI Pro is the answer that NFON offers to the transformation that’s happening in the business communication landscape. What’s more, NCTI Pro also complements the flagship Cloudya product, with global scalability, and billing per user.


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