People are Really Hating the New Microsoft Skype Redesign

Maybe the rebuild should have been rejected at the planning stage

People are Really Hating the New Microsoft Skype Redesign

If you’ve updated your ‘consumer’ Skype app recently, then you’ve probably got an opinion on the latest refresh, and if the latest reviews are anything to go by – it won’t be a positive one. Today’s users are complaining that the latest redesign is not only an aesthetic nightmare, it’s also less productive than the solutions that came before it.

Many of the key features of the iOS and Android updates have disappeared, and customers seem to hate the fact that Microsoft has gone for a youth-oriented “Instagram-style” service, rather than the business-oriented, sophisticated app we’d grown to know and love.


Functionality and Features Take a Nosedive

Of course, it’s not just the glaring colours and horrific use of emojis that makes the new Microsoft redesign so unappealing. Many users are complaining that the features they relied on have now gone missing, in exchange for an option to change the colour of your chat boxes or choose a new “theme” for the app.

To make way for these, let’s face it – pretty pointless – changes, Skype has removed a range of key elements, such as the ability to clearly see who’s online, and who isn’t. Additionally, the app no longer works with a Bluetooth headset, you can’t send video outside of Skype, and you can’t take a picture with your hardware buttons.

Some users have immediately back-pedalled from the upgrade saying that if Microsoft ever forces an update, they’ll have to delete their account.

A Huge Mistake for Microsoft

It’s easy to see where Microsoft was coming from with the re-design. As collaboration and communication apps become more common, it’s logical that Microsoft would want to upgrade their appearance to something a little more “hip”.

Unfortunately, Skype users liked the app because it offered a sophisticated chat experience – they weren’t looking for a clone of Snapchat. While there’s a Microsoft Skype for Business app available, it’s part of Microsoft Office 365 and will cost extra to download. In other words, everyday consumers might just be stuck with this unwanted update.

Of course, the Skype team think that the latest update is everything it should be and more, stating that they consider the app to be the greatest version they’ve ever built, designed to make communication simpler for everyone.

While there are probably a few people out there who share that (rare) point of view, it seems that complaints and one-star reviews are the norm for the newest Skype.

Skype Interface Reviews

Have you used the Skype UI (user interface)? Share your opinion below. Is it all really as bad as everyone’s making out?

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Latest comments

Avatar**ELENA 09:10, 06 Oct 2018

New Skype update SUCKS totally
I really dont understand with all the brilliant minds we have to hire somebody this untalented to create this update
Seriously im ***** off

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AvatarNikki Varton 03:09, 22 Sep 2018

I am not a computer geek so can’t comment on technicalities of skype. All I can say is SKYPE SUCKS and I am looking for an alternative.

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AvatarCarl 12:09, 18 Sep 2018

loved msn/live messenger.
ever since they bought skype and gave up innovating the product, ive moved to different platforms.


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Avatarchanwei 07:08, 31 Aug 2018

The new skype is so bad, I’m terminating it because of unsafe resources as for my company internal use. I’m now transfering to ZOHO Cliq.

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AvatarUmair Idrees 08:08, 31 Aug 2018

new skype is bad. just one word for new skype “Bad”

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AvatarShail 04:08, 24 Aug 2018

The UI not effective and highly in efficient. Just because they made it touch friendly does means its better in all other sense too.

Since the day it got installed, it freezes my laptop laptop randomly, mutes my microphones with out asking me.

Microsoft has a history of taking over excellent products, “upgrade them” and make them absolutely non usable. Same has happened with Skype.

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AvatarBogdan 10:08, 20 Aug 2018

Unbelievably bad UX/UI design. Esthetics are inane. The functionality effectively taken away is the PAID functionality (calling regular phone numbers)! If I ever stumble on a prospect candidate software engineer who had anything to do with this project I most likely be inclined NOT to give a hiring recommendation! Once I drain the money I still have on my Skype account I will inform everybody I care on my contacts list how to reach me otherwise and then delete the Skype and terminate my Skype account. What a piece of s … oftware …

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  • AvatarBogdan 08:08, 20 Aug 2018

    I still have ~$40 on my account .. as soon as I use them I will close my account … I cannot add phone numbers to any account or create account with a landline phone only .. and calling phone numbers is actually a PAID service! The Help says things about the software which are NOT there and the “help” people insist on giving advice which CANNOT be followed! I even cannot understand what the motives were behind the design, the changes even cannot be described by Microsoft self-interest …

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AvatarGert Oelkers 11:08, 16 Aug 2018

The idiots who made windows 8 has been moved to make a bad SKYPE,,, They should have been FIRED,,,,

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AvatarChris 09:08, 10 Aug 2018

I loaded the new Skype, it’s a piece of crap, functionality is rubbish and what the hell are all these bots? I want to talk to people not some lump of quasi AI garbage and I can’t tell whose on/off/away. So, I put back an earlier version of Skype and all is now ok, even reinstalling that was a pain in the arse. So how much longer can I use the version of Skype I have, ie. will MS kill it after so many weeks?

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AvatarJake Platter 04:08, 02 Aug 2018

Should we thank the Peter Skillman who is a director of design for Skype and Outlook at Microsoft…

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  • AvatarJeroen 09:07, 31 Jul 2018

    I have been scanning alternatives and the pickings are slim. Which other tool integrates chat, video conferencing, file and desktop sharing, with the ability to have multiple chats open at the same time? None of the usual clients (Discord, ICQ, ooVoo, Viber, WhatsApp, Signal, Gotomeeting) bundle these features with split chat alternatives.

    What alternatives have you found, especially with the ability to see multiple conversations?

    For me, especially this feature made Skype stand out for me. Now the cons outweigh the pros. I’m closing my Skype account the day Skype 7.41 stops working

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AvatarDuke Theedam 06:07, 31 Jul 2018

I deleted my Skype account today, it’s become utterly useless. I ‘used’ to use it to stay in touch with my wife, 2,000 miles away, messages and video calls, but now I can’t even get into it as from today, change passwords, sign in with this and that….sod off, it used to sign me in automatically…and as for that crappy new interface….jeez. Maybe that’s the plan, buy out the competition and destroy it…I don’t know, as for MS, I think they lost the plot after MS Groups were discontinued, why is it when something is going well they have to change it. ?? Anyway, I’m using Farcebook chat now, I can send messages and do video calls on that instead, that’s all I need….until some idiot thinks changing that would be a good idea as well….

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  • AvatarMick 01:07, 31 Jul 2018

    I had exactly the same feeling at the time of the takeover. I knew Microsoft would eventually sabotage skype. It was only a question of time before MS destroyed skype’s functionality.

    Now it’s been done I need to find a professional dialing service that really works. Has anyone a recommendation?

    I have over the years put together a giant international list of contacts with multiple phone numbers since I’m in sales. The functionality of my contact list has been destroyed.

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AvatarMick 01:07, 31 Jul 2018

I am a trader and Microsoft’s skype update (I updated by mistake and hate myself for it) has destroyed the functionality of my skype call. Thousands of phone numbers which were attached to contacts over many years of work have simply been removed by the “update” cooked up by a bunch of geniuses. I can still see the numbers, but they only appear when I look for the contact details. I can not anymore pick a number from a list and dial rapidly. Thanks to MS I am wasting time when calling clients and prospects. No different from using a traditional handset.

This is unacceptable, unprofessional work. A real nice screw up. Well done MS.

Looking for a professional alternative now.

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AvatarBONGANI 10:07, 31 Jul 2018

I so hate the latest version of skype tjeerrrrr I don’t know which idiot re-designed this one. the features are wack you can’t even view several chats at the same time no even split the chat view with contacts. like really?? and the Boss approved this kind of shit. “make life better” you don’t know what you talking about. its better if you can leave it the way it was. the previous version was better man tjeeerrr nxha!

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Avatarchang 03:07, 30 Jul 2018

Now with the bug in all of skype. They have an excuse to completely screw everyone over.
I would like to reiterate I hate the new gui! I AM UNABLE TO DO SPLIT SCREEN MESSAGING WITH AND OR OF MULTIPLE PARTIES CONTACTS AT THE SAME TIME. I am limited to 30 day message sync. I am unable to set conversation backup to local. I am unable to access all settings in one sub menu. I am unable to set character letter size or font. I cannot see contact list and conversation thread at the same time.
Seriously how do you call taking away multiple major functions an upgrade? The reason our company has used skype and not a competitor. Is due to the fact that skype had these functions that the others did not. Why take away functions to make yourself like a lesser competitor. When they are adding functions to be more like skype.
I understand trying to declutter a gui, but that is for consumer products. For a corporate business environment at the very least there should be some way to open up, and make use of the under lying functions.
For small to medium business there should be a way for regular(non technical) users to access, and at least be able to reliably backup. (ie know exactly what they are backing up, and know where they are backing up to will not change) Not some random 30 day sync which they have no control of when it starts, or when it gets erased, where it is written.
To echo the handicap user above. They have alienated an entire market share of users. It’s like they’ve never heard of the internet and it’s issues of pictures not being able to be read/identified by computers.

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  • AvatarJeroen 09:04, 29 Apr 2018

    Jerry, that link can also be used for Windows 10.

    Just do the following on Windows 10:
    – Uninstall the new Skype abomination
    – Download Skype 7.4* from your link and install it. Do not launch Skype, or quit it if it launched
    – In File Explorer, delete the file ‘updater.exe’ from the folder C:Program Files (x86)SkypeUpdater. This ensures that the old Skype does not update itself to the new abomination
    – In File Explorer, rename the folder C:Program Files (x86)Skype to C:Program Files (x86)SkpeOld. This ensures that the new Skype and Windows Update cannot find the old Skype anymore, and thus cannon uninstall it
    – Create a desktop or start menu shortcut to C:Program Files (x86)SkpeOldPhoneSkype.exe to launch Skype 7.4

    This should keep your Skype 7.4 running undisturbed until the day that Microsoft decides that this version can no longer connect to the Skype servers. Then we are screwed.


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AvatarJerry H. 06:04, 29 Apr 2018

For Win7, at least, you can revert to classic Skype with this link: https://www.skype.com/go/getskype-full . That will install version Then you can uninstall Microsoft’s new abomination, Skype 8, from the control panel.

They claim they were listening to users requests. They certainly didn’t hear any of mine. They’ve either broken, crippled or removed features I relied on and added nothing I wanted or needed. The new user interface is ugly, cluttered, difficult to use and very unhelpful. The list of contacts isn’t even alphabetized (it would have killed someone to call the system sort function?) and can’t be restricted to those currently on line anymore. “If it doesn’t need fixing, break it,” seems to be the philosophy behind the new version.

In short, Microsoft has taken a useful, functional, reliable application that the users were mostly pretty happy with and utterly ruined it just because they could. The good news, such as it is, is they’ve created a great market opportunity for anyone who wants to create a working, ergonomic, helpful program that does what Skype did and isn’t owned by Microsoft. I’m looking forward to that.

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AvatarHugh 09:04, 25 Apr 2018

Yeah I agree. The AVAST software antivirus program was rampantly unhappy that my skype software was not the latest version of crap that Silicone Valley sisters have come up with. Obviously the thing was designed for children and 12 year olds… read… I can’t adjust my cam settings and dictate what sounds I will hear and not hear anymore. When i could just double click a name in the roster of contacts… the phone call initiated. Not anymore. And apparently I am stuck with the bubble sounds. I feel like I have been lost in a Sponge Bob Squarepants world. If I was NINE YEARS OLD and not a serious user of Skype for personal and business and phone… this would all be okay. After all, I would have my 100 dollar a month IPhone to make serious calls with. But, alas… I am an adult, and now might have to go out and get a dumbass phone for myself to carry around… because Skype just got stupider… dumber… and less useful. Sigh. Such is everything. I blame it all on the Millenials. The world is being DUMBED DOWN and brought to the standards of… it has to be better… its newer… and its changed.

Newer is not always better. Change is not always good. Thank God, God does not change the parameters of the SUN everyday when it rises, update it, and require us to get new body parts in order to be able to see and feel the sun, and benefit from it for vision, life, warmth, etc. Thank God Microsoft is not in the seat of God Almighty. Or in the seat of General Motors or Toyota. Can you just imagine the mayhem, the madness, the needless degrees of constant change. sometimes the best thing a CEO can do for the business and the world is… NOTHING!

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AvatarFroggerq3 09:04, 24 Apr 2018

Skype was the best chat program. Now it is a bull c***, with this new hippie design. The mobile version (with a single MF chat, without any call and videochat) drains the battery more than any application. I have some older installer, but it says, you must download the newest version. So I stopped using this overbearing S***!
I hope this massive disappointment will ruin the “developer’s” business!

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AvatarSigrana 08:04, 22 Apr 2018

Microsoft has done it again, making Skype (which was the best) the worst possible internet communication device existing on the planet. I wish who ever ruined it could be eliminated from the earth. I am serious. The number of morons is already too high: we do not need super-morons!!!

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AvatarSenay Cebioglu 07:04, 20 Apr 2018

I so sick and tired of Skype updates. That why I finally gave in. The damn thing won’t let you even sign in unless you do the updates every single time. I was such a loyal customer. There is a limit to my patience.

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AvatarTim 99999 02:04, 20 Apr 2018

it’s terrible

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AvatarAndrew Halmay 04:04, 19 Apr 2018

Everybody beefs but few have the gumption to hit back with a lawsuit. Thousands had their hard drives crashed by switching to Windows 10 but just a handful in Illinois launched a class action suit.

I was one of the thousands who lost 10 years of data in that fiasco. It cost me $2,600 U.S. ($3,400 CAN) to recover part of the data.

I then bought a new all-in-one HP disaster of a computer that swallows up disks and Best Buy doesn’t know how to open the computer to retrieve the disk. As always in the past, I assumed all the software that came with the machine was a purchase but now, a year later, I discover that Word is now on lease with annual payment due to MS.

They freeze Word along with all your existing Word files and since it is all connected, my Canon scanner and laser jet printer won’t work. There is nothing wrong with either of them. I connected them to an old computer and they work fine. But because MS has locked up Word and its connections, printer and scanner won’t work on this machine.

What MS have in fact done is akin to Ford or GM to decide that the steering mechanism on their cars no longer becomes part of the purchase and if you want to continue driving your car, you need to renew the “license” for your steering wheel each year.

Ironically, with Skype I have another story. I assumed it was also connected to Word somehow because I couldn’t even open it. I had some credit on account and then, lo and behold, I get a message from Microsoft that if I don’t use Skype in a few days I’ll lose my credit. I tried Skype once again, which was yesterday and it worked. The surprise of my life.

Nevertheless, it is really time for a major revolution by computer owners against MS in the courts of the world.

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AvatarArn Mol 10:04, 19 Apr 2018

MS has cut out a generation of Skype users by letting kid techies change a popular communication system, – which Skype WAS. Many can’t find the contacts gathered from in and out of country over many years – families, friends and other people with whom one passed pleasant time behind the webcam and mike – Many Skype subscribers have even lost their money. What is the world coming to? Personally, I have not found a way to regain my contacts, and I will not be part of the “replacement” “skype”, which I unfortunately signed up to, not suspecting it was a trap. Furthermore, how can I possibly get my contacts back? I do not necessarily have all the email addresses. MS has eradicated Skype, which was too good to let sane people have!

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AvatarBraden Dodge 09:04, 16 Apr 2018

People hating a redesign by Microsoft? That’s some breaking news there.

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  • Avatarjeroen 12:04, 12 Apr 2018

    @kevin: install 7.40, rename the installation folder to skype_old (or something), and delete the updater program that you can find in one of the subfolders. This will prohibit new Windows 10 ‘updates’ from obliterating your old Skype. The only caveat is that at some point, hopefully not too soon, the plug will be pulled on Skype 7.4 and it won’t be able to connect anymore to the Skype servers. I dread that day, but it will come. No idea when though, I can’t find a date on that

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Avatardogsforhire 12:04, 12 Apr 2018

***beep beep beep***
Worst **beep** company on the planet.

Win NT…solid…everything since…garbage, crap, bloated, unstable, crashed, freezes, sucks the life out you OS.
Win10…nothing but a MS TV. **beep**

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AvatarDUKI 03:04, 10 Apr 2018

I Really Hating the New @Microsoft @Skype Redesign. I will not use iskype anymore.
Goodbye after many years!!!!!

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  • AvatarAndrew Halmay 08:04, 09 Apr 2018

    Time for a class action suit. Such arrogance and bullying practices are unacceptable.

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AvatarSebastian 06:04, 09 Apr 2018

I have been using skype for years exclusively for online meetings.

Since Microsoft take over Skype, and start redesigning it, I saw a lot of contacts start to mooving their online meetings to platforms like gtalk, and any other free online service that is available.

I used to pay for credit with skype which is convenient to mix phone users with internet users in the same meeting.

I’m not upgrading to the new client. It cant be worse. If I forced to update, I will be migrating everything to other services as I did before with the msn service.

Why Microsoft keeps ruining everything ? A lot of users flee from Microsoft service from MSN to Skype, and now everything seems to be happening all over again.

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  • AvatarPip 06:04, 09 Apr 2018

    Couldn’t have put it better myself! Had exactly the same effing experience. I also discovered (after navigating their 100-step instructions to delete Skype) that the only way I could do so was if I deleted my Office 365 subscription as well! Unfuckinbelievable. Nothing short of blackmail.

    I’m moving to VSee or Google Hangouts and am going to cancel my Office 365 sub either.

    Definitely an insane ‘upgrade’.

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AvatarJoe Esso 09:04, 06 Apr 2018

To make matters worse, M’sucks have now taken down the option to download the Windows “Classic” version of Skype. Fortunately, I saved a copy and have installed and now use the older version 7.40… Also found a way to prevent M’Sucks from upgrading to the new crappy version. When this version stops working, I will unscribe and switch to Google’s Hang-Out. Read that it now has more users than Skype!

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Avatarkevin 02:04, 06 Apr 2018

Hated the new Skype – Luckily found the old version and uninstalled the new piece of c*** and got the old version back – I am used to certain things like a custom sound scheme that the new version did not provide – those dweebs who are responsible for this should get away from computers.

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AvatarConversant Technology 09:04, 04 Apr 2018

Don’t see all the fuss about this. Yes the update wasn’t great but it’s 2018 and there are much better alternatives out there now over Skype.

SFB for example has been lacking in the latest collaboration tools for quite some time.

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AvatarAndrew Halmay 03:04, 03 Apr 2018

If you have a deposit with them (credit) demand it back and if they refuse sue them in small claims court.

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Avatargraeme 01:04, 02 Apr 2018

I just don’t have words to say how effing bad this new skype is. I am so utterly fed up with this crap I am seriously going to delete my account and move on to a better provider. I have been a Skype customer for ages and I get THIS UTTER CRAP. My contacts have gone missing I can’t add or delete contacts. and it’s so difficult to block calls i don’t want too. The list goes on and I am really fed up now. Todays is Easter monday but IF I can get in touch with a live chat I am going to tel then enough is enough and delete my account

Whio in their right mind approved this “upgrade” needs help from a head doctor as they re insane

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AvatarJim Snoww 12:03, 28 Mar 2018

Does your Classic Skype on Windows 8 or 8.1 or even 10 not work ?
no ring when a caller calls in on your Skype number ????
Guess what, as I learned today, the only fix for the problem is to install the latest version of Skype. If you use Classic no ring !!!
That’s the only way the Microsoft can force all of us Classic Skype afficionados to move to the latest version.

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AvatarJohn 11:03, 26 Mar 2018

I’ve used skype for 15 years. MS just manage to make it worse with every upgrade. Maybe we can send a petition?

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  • AvatarSerge 11:03, 26 Mar 2018

    These people does not care of you, for 20 years they are selling the worse software ever made, shit and viruses … everybody has reinstalled their shit windows fake “OS” millions of times but are continuing to pay the tribute to the fucking system … instead of moving to serious recognized Unix tools from honest and competent people … that’s their idiot choice ! but I respect even idiot choices.

    For the M$-now-destroyed-SKYPE, you never more can see yours own contacts if they are not using windows, because of the incompetence of the newbies guys employed by the firm (for 25+ years they are trying to removing bugs from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and NotePad ! with no success, so from time to time we lost 5 minutes to “kick the pig” !!
    Have a nice day, everybody.

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AvatarPanagiotis 10:03, 25 Mar 2018

Did I knew that the so called Skype upgrade would destroy what worked perfectly for me, I most certainly would avoided to so at all costs…
Now looking for new program to use.

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AvatarSel 06:03, 20 Mar 2018

I am unable to find files and images sent to me via skype on iPhone using this new version can anyone help please ??thank you

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AvatarCeleste 08:03, 17 Mar 2018

I HATE THE CHANGES that have been done with Skype. All the options are being removed from the menus, difficult to navigate, don’t need them to recommend contacts to me (not Facebook!), changes in contact display, now I can’t find recent calls,… I want the old Skype back!

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AvatarDr. Colin 06:03, 16 Mar 2018

No tools, no privacy settings, no way to delete phone calls,
Can’t understand how they could have been so out-of-touch with customer’s needs to develop such an unfriendly program from such a successful base.
In all fairness, I guess it does require certain skills to foul things up so quickly.

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AvatarAndrew Halmay 09:03, 15 Mar 2018

Bitching online or trying to complain to MS is a waste of time.

Thousands of users have paid in advance and have credit with Skype which they can’t recoup. Sue them. Sue Microsoft. They’ll get the wax out of their ears when a judge gives them orders.

Someone set up a site through which we can all join hands, get a law firm specializing in class action and get the show on the road.

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AvatarWizzard 08:03, 15 Mar 2018

Garbage and thy won’t let you add a previous Skype. Microsoft is too controling

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AvatarWayne 07:03, 15 Mar 2018

This new skype is terrible. please go back to old format. nothing works right, cnt delete or block or who called. I give up, why do you people have to change things when they were working.

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Avatarcesia 12:03, 15 Mar 2018

Lost my contacts my history with important info, pictures, everything this is terrible!!!!!!

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AvatarAndrew Halmay 12:03, 13 Mar 2018

Worse than Skype and worthy of a class action suit is their arrogant, downright fascist control of Word which is no longer part of the system when a new PC is bought. No one mentioned that when I bought my lemon HP all-in-one PC but a year later MS comes to me demanding a renewal of the LICENSE for Word. I have years of Word files transferred to the new PC which I can’t use – they’re frozen – it’s the same as RANSOM WARE. And not only is Word frozen but all sorts of functions they’ve linked to it. My printer and scanner, which work fine on an old Dell PC won’t work on the new computer because MS has frozen word. Skype, in which I have credit, is also frozen. Screwing up Skype is an irritant to users but not an illegal act. Ransoming Word is the work of tech gangsters. I’m going to be talking to law firms specializing in class action.

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Avatarpeter padar 06:03, 13 Mar 2018

For years skype was the trustful and working apps for my mother in belgium and me in the silicon valley. Never an issue. Since microsoft f….d up the software my mother (84) can’t use it anymore.
Thanks microsoft for making a great software useless.

Great job! (ironic tone)

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AvatarJamie Dee 11:03, 11 Mar 2018

Absolute bloody rubbish! Microsoft (‘we know what’s good for you’) has converted a well loved, and simple to use product, into a nightmareish maze of bling, bells, and whistles.
It wasn’t broken, and it sure as hell didn’t need fixing!

Microsoft couldn’t run a bath.

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  • AvatarStein V H Haugan 08:03, 07 Mar 2018

    Ya gotta be f’in kidding. There’s a 9-step procedure to get to a support chat when you’re a paying customer (which I’m not, but that’s beside the point)? Seriously? Really? I mean… I’m at loss for words. LMAO, then keep crying over the idiotic redesign of the Skype app on Mac.

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AvatarIanMorrow 11:03, 06 Mar 2018

Couple of years back,was having a lot of trouble with Skype calls dropping out,So starting using Oovoo. It was great Many standard features , had to have Skype Premium for on Skype .
Then they decided to do an all singing and dancing upgrade .Had to upgrade my password , Great ,except it would not let me , After many months finally was able to log in, and yes , like Skype up grade , they totally Stuffed the whole thing ,Couple of months later , they announced Oovoo was closing .
Looks like Skype is going down the same slide to the end .

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AvatarL X V 09:03, 05 Mar 2018

Thanks God for this way to vent our frustrations with the garbage MICROSOFT BILL GATES has given to us!!!
Didn’t he learn ANY GOOD THING from the 2 young european guys that created SKYPE!!

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AvatarDavid Roberts 06:03, 05 Mar 2018

This version of Skype is total and utter ****! I used to be able to have 2-3 different Skype windows open talking to 2-3 different people. For my own reasons I wanted to keep separate accounts open at the same time. Now I cant do this.

As for the garish colors has it been designed by at 10 year old school pupil going mad with a colour palette?

Bring back our own well loved Skype and Microsoft stop messing around with a perfectly good and functional app.

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AvatarDanley Wolfe 03:03, 05 Mar 2018

I totally agree with ALL of the comments above. Skype clearly did not have their longstanding existing customers in mind but were trying to target the Instagram type of users … very bad mistake, the very loyal exiting customer base is business VOIP and individual/group/family. I wrote several identical letters delivered by USPS mail to Senior Manager of Skype, General Manager of Skype, Director of Skype, and to William Gates, MSFT CEO, at 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052 Tel (425) 882-8080. Following list of Skype senior product managers from
Linked-In unfortunately does not give Skype Senior Manager(s) but “product managers.”
Kasia Krzoska, Senior Product Manager, Skype
Rania Leliou, Senior Product Manager, Skype
Tatjana Shchenova, Senior Product Manager, Skype
Siunie Sutjahjo, Senior Product Manager, Skype for Business IT Pro Experiences at Microsoft
Theo Short, Principal Product Manager at Skype, Head of Skype for Windows at Skype
Skype is mentioned only once in the 2017 annual report which says, “Looking ahead, our vision is to teach human language to all of the computing experiences that surround us. We imagine a world in which a deeply personal agent understands you, and your world, helping you get more out of every moment. Skype and Outlook with their hundreds of millions of users already are conversational canvases that will increasingly become rich platforms for getting every task done with every application in the form of bots.” Sounds an awful lot like a company that has lost touch with its customers.

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  • AvatarAndrew Halmay 07:03, 03 Mar 2018

    Your hope is reasonable but hoping never makes anything happen. It takes action.

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  • AvatarAndrew Halmay 01:03, 03 Mar 2018

    Skype is also one of the elements in Microsoft’s Ransomware connected to Office & Word. When I bought my PC in November of 2016 I was not informed that I was not BUYING it but subscribing to it for a year. When the year was up, M|S froze Word which also put out of commission my HP printer, my Canon scanner, and it blocked the data on my external drive with years of data salvaged from my previous computer’s hard drive which had crashed after I let them persuade me to switch to Windows 10. If ever since the advent of computers there was reason for a worldwide class action, this is is.

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  • AvatarAndrew Halmay 01:03, 03 Mar 2018

    Skype is also one of the elements in Microsoft’s Ransomware connected to Office & Word. When I bought my PC in November of 2016 I was not informed that I was not BUYING it but subscribing to it for a year. When the year was up, M|S froze Word which also put out of commission my HP printer, my Canon scanner, and it blocked the data on my external drive with years of data salvaged from my previous computer’s hard drive which had crashed after I let them persuade me to switch to Windows 10. If ever since the advent of computers there was reason for a worldwide class action, this is it.

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AvatarProf. Bruno De Michelis 09:03, 03 Mar 2018

I rarely use swear words or vulgar ones, but this time I will have to say **** YOU UP THE ****** ARSE, MICRO****!!!! You have ruined the BEST Internet communication system existing. I FULLY REALISE THAT THIS HAS BEEN DONE TO ALLOW YOU TO SPY EVEN MORE ON PEOPLE. I HOPE YOUR COMPANY WILL COLLAPSE AND NEVER BE REBORN!

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AvatarMike B 02:03, 03 Mar 2018

For everyone on this forum who has complained about the new rediculouslly designed skype, I 100 percent agree! From what many of you have said, it looks absolutely horrible from a visual point of view, but now what are myself and my fellow blind counterparts supposed to do? Yes, blind people depend on skype to keep intouch with our loved ones both near and across the globe, and now with this stupid, useless, piece of crap Microsoft calls a product invading our computers ad other devices, there’s no way in hell anyone can use this piece of junk! Keep this up Microsoft, and you wil lose every one of your customers! Skype was never your product to begin with you worthless, money grubbing, greedy, corporate thieves! Give Skype back to its rightful company! I have not now, nore will I ever install your worthless useless product!

Reply to this comment
AvatarMark David Smith 04:03, 02 Mar 2018

I hate it and have gone back to the original version. I and 53 other people use Skype to get our voices to my on-line radio station and take calls for the station. All the live shows are recorded with a Replay Skype Recorder. When I updated to the new version on the station server – I could no longer receive phone calls and the recorder won’t work. I spent hours making this all happen for my producers and then spent more hours trying to contact someone at Skype to help me fix my problem. NOTHING! HOURS wasted! Hours! You can’t contact Skype. Microsoft does not care about the consumers and their products SUCK!!!!! I have now gone back to the previous version – you know – THE ONE THAT WORKS!!!! THE NEW VERSION OF SKYPE SUCKS!!!!! MICROSOFT – YOU SUCK – GIVE ME A REAL PERSON TO TALK TO.

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AvatarFabio 12:03, 02 Mar 2018

The new interface is so horrible that calling it c**p is a compliment.

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  • AvatarVytautas 02:03, 02 Mar 2018

    Older versions no longer connect to the network, or at least not completely. I was FORCED to upgrade because of this reason as V7 kept “connecting”, but was unable to do so anymore. The problem is that the new version is unusable. Will be forced to find another application after 15 years of using skype.

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AvatarMatt 12:02, 26 Feb 2018

Skype for Business is even more horrible than the consumer version. As much as I hate the changes in the latest version, the Business app is still worse.

You missed one lost feature, the Skype dialpad (keypad) no longer accepts keyboard input on Windows.

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AvatarAndy Halmay 05:02, 16 Feb 2018

Time for the world’s biggest class action suit. Switching to Windows 10 in late fall of 2016 cost me $3400.00 Canadian to recover the data from the crashed hard drive brought on by Windows 10. Bought a new PC in Nov. 2017 which came with Windows 10 – similar problems – was not advised by Best Buy that Office (Word) was not a purchase but a lease. Now one year later, MS froze not only all Word functions but screwed up the entire system – my printer and scanner (which work fine on another computer) won’t work here – Skype where I have credit won’t work (it’s linked to Word somehow) Am contacting lawyers who specialize in class action suits – it’s time to indict the incompetent gangsters.

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AvatarJay Smyth 08:02, 16 Feb 2018

New Skype on Windows desktop is absolutely terrible.

During video calls, there is some terrible tiling system, that prevents you from seeing the entire camera. It tries to somehow slot you into a mobile-shape-esque rectangle instead of showing the full view.

Microsoft developers. I am better than all of you. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have turned a great product into a terrible Microsoft nightmare. Honestly speaking, you should all quit your jobs, go home, jump in the bath with a toaster.

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AvatarBruno De Michelis 04:02, 15 Feb 2018

It is the death of real Skype and the opening of a new chapter in communication spamming and definitely spying. Microshit has found a new way of impeding people from avoiding unwanted contact, be unable to only display their own contacts, being unable to choose real settings. The new interface can only be defined as absolutely ridicoulus and stupid, as his creators are. On top of all this, version 8.5 keeps crashing every two minutes. FUCK YOU, MICROSHIT!

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AvatarAndrew Halmay 04:02, 13 Feb 2018

I’ll never forget my first experience with Skipe. I’m in Toronto and my caller was a British film producer living in Vienna, Austria. We chatted for an hour. Everything worked beautifully, sound, picture; it felt so real and natural than when we finished our conversation I reached out to shake his hand. Once Microsoft took over all my addresses disappeared, it all went to ratshit. NOW I can’t use it all all on my year old computer. They’ve blocked it, frozen it without any explanation.

My hard drive on my old computer crashed in November of 2016 – I realize now that it was because I had let them persuade me to upgrade to Windows 10. There was a class action suit being organized for that around that time but I just learned of that now. It cost me $2,500 U.S. to recover the data on that hard drive. My new HP All-in-one PC is another disaster with Windows 10. Best Buy didn’t inform me that the Office (with Word) that I bought with the PC was not BOUGHT but just RENTED.
Now MS comes to me demanding a new license and froze all my word files and now, reading this article, I realize that Skype is now part of Word and also doesn’t work. IN EFFECT MICROSOFT USED SOFTWARE SIMILAR TO RANSOMWARE. It’s impossible to reach them. I’ll be seeing lawyers next week. It is really time for a class action suit.

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AvatarEugene 01:02, 12 Feb 2018

The new skype is terrible. It’s lacking all the reasons that I used skype over other chat clients. Sure it’s hip and looks nice, but there’s no usability whatsoever. I don’t think they could have compiled a bigger piece of garbage if they tried.

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AvatarJohn Lozinski 08:02, 10 Feb 2018

WOW Microsoft Skype sucks
Having to login everyday is horrible
less people are using it
I can not wait till a competitor makes a better Skype
so I never need Microsoft Skype again.
Also I will be buying a Mac soon Microsoft crashes and Microsoft office needs licenses all the time when I travel I do not have them with me.
I pray Microsoft goes bankrupt soon because that means it will be replaced.

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  • AvatarInterlocutor 04:02, 08 Feb 2018

    Horrors of all horrors. Who decided it is a good idea to make colored messages and put in every single message of your interlocutor a smile ?! I got a message about a terrible death of my friend and I see a smile in the end of this message !!! Are you idiots????

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AvatarEveryone uninstall skype 03:02, 06 Feb 2018

10+ years user. 2 payed accounts in the family to make sure we can call eachother and others who are abroad. Forcing their childish Colourful Wavy Waves App update (sorry I mean the new skype) is not for me. Their chat help is worse than cheap cars salesmen. Thanks but no thanks Microsoft. (Application uninstalled, accounts closed, looking for alternatives)

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AvatarIan Bryan 08:02, 04 Feb 2018

This stupid new version of Skype has entered the UK now and the sooner it is reformed to the old version the better. Whoever decided this idiotic new version should be fired. If Microsoft want to mess around with something that has always been a quality product then get someone who knows what they are doing. If something is not broke then don’t fix it. I am seriously thinking of moving to Messenger if this is not put right, please Microsoft get back to how you used to be THE BEST

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AvatarAde 07:02, 02 Feb 2018

I have ditched Skype after forcing me to update for a communication app called wire, more secure better layout and it works very well.
Skype in no longer usable for me just need to get everyone I talk to on the app changes over to wire as well 🙂

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AvatarJohn Peate 11:01, 17 Jan 2018

This morning I found that Skype would only load if I ran as administrator. I could discover no way to fix that so, after an hour or two of trying. I uninstalled and installed the latest version. With that I can find no way to get past the welcome screen so, it is quite useless and unusable.

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AvatarPaul 11:01, 09 Jan 2018

I’ve been a Skype user since 2006 and I always liked it for its no-BS, professional approach to telecommunications and its simple, lightweight interface. I had been avoiding this update since the middle of last year but last weekend, my Skype for Desktop decided to upgrade by itself. I was appalled at how bad this was! I quickly looked for a download link on the Internet and downgraded to Skype 7 once I saw the disaster that this piece of software is – from the kiddy design, through the sluggish performance, to the utter and complete lack of functionality, it is a failure in every aspect. I’m often quite welcoming of change, but this time they really messed up. It’s like Microsoft has been trying to appeal to 13-18-year-olds who spend day and night on their phones sending selfies and emojis to one another, while neglecting their adult user base who actually uses their products for business purposes. Here’s a tip, Microsoft: STOP TRYING TO BE TRENDY AND BE PROFESSIONAL! You’re not Snapchat, Instagram or whatever application teenagers are using these days, you’re not “cool with the kids,” and you should stop trying to be so. Stick to designing solid, reliable, professional software as you used to back in the day. I’m staying with Skype 7 for now, but should they force an upgrade in the near future, I’m officially switching to Viber or any other alternative.

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AvatarPeter Sperico 04:12, 29 Dec 2017

Microsoft has hit a new low. If you do anything with Microsoft they will make you spend at least an hour changing passwords again and again. With SKYPE they totally destroyed it. I am unable to get on this site with any computer. They ask the ID and password. Yes I have them written down so I know what they are. Then they force you to email a code, yet they refuse to use the primary email which has the Microsoft password on it, and when you send it to the email that is you secondary one the code NEVER COMES TO YOU. So I have no access anymore with SKYPE. Trying to get any help from Microsoft is at best a joke. No one ever respond. Their is another option though…


The Eastern Europeans That you dont mess with things that work. They are very easy to access and they provide better service with out the Ridiculous attacks by Microsoft. Microsoft has succeeded in Destroying SKYPE…. Leave it to the Russians to show them how it is supposed to work.

Now all we need do is find a better option then Windows 10 and we can remove all the garbage from the computers.

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AvatarRNH 02:12, 22 Dec 2017

! usually don’t put in my 2 cents on Blogs, but I can’t resist on this. My wife’s old SKYPE just disappeared and to recover a download was required. Guess what – it appeared as if a virus had come into the system and literally destroyed the MS Window Displays. After some attempts to check on our sanity we realized somebody has made a BIG mistake. I have spent many years as a computer analyst in Development with a large computer company and here are some thoughts of what has probably happened at MS. (1 A bright aspiring graduate with a fresh / latest degree in comp science has been hired and put on a fast track. This person with no experience on how normal people use a computer makes a new design and anybody in MS that tries to point out errors is told to ‘Sit down and shut up’. So we go int Beta with something that doesn’t work and the ‘clever’ designer is off on another project leaving everybody in development ‘holding the bag’. 2) MS will not declare this a misfit. Think of the Bad Press. 3) The question to ask when talking to MS reps is, ‘Do you use Skype?’. If so, how about doing a UTube to show us lay people how marvelous this Skype is.

Thanks to those that have mentioned how to get an older version which worked so nicely.

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AvatarLes Nuttall 08:12, 21 Dec 2017

Well when I heard microsoft bought skype back in 2011 my first thought was how long before this useful econonomical platform gets redesigned over and over again until it they turn it 8nto a useless turd. I must say, now both my desktop skype phone and cordless ipevo skype phone have been kicked to the curbside by microsoft ( no more support). Why is that? Because microsoft doesn’t give two shites about its regular home user customer base…it wants to suck everything it can out of its business model that is aimed at its commercial cloud base….leave it to microsoft to turn regular loyal customers in the direction of their competitors. Oh yeah I forgot….sip is the future blahblah blah lol

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AvatarMWH 08:12, 17 Dec 2017

New Skype is useless, booted me off the system for travelling (which is when I use skype) then told me after asking me 5 pages of personal data that they can’t verify my identity, also won’t let me delete my account as I need to log in to delete it and since they can’t confirm that I’m me (username and password matching, they only booted me off) I can’t even cancel my account with them. Microsoft killing a once fantastic application.

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Avatarchazfr 03:12, 17 Dec 2017

Well… I’m relieved. I thought I had had a stroke and gone stupid. Now I realize it is just more of Microsoft coming off the rails. Something is very off-kelter at MS… Starting with their SaaS business model, things started derailing. Instead of providing new stuff as options that we can adopt as we make them fit into our modus operandi, they have decided to force feed us and it is wreaking havoc on those of us who have to get work done. Someone needs to, and the marketplace will, explain to them the difference between productivity usefulness and cute uselessness. I’ve used Skype since its inception, in spite of its crude interface. When MS bought it, I thought, “Wow! This will be dynamite.” Well, in a perverse way, I was right… They have blown it up! Now it is useless. If I wanted a snapchat or twitter, I’d use one of them. I want a business tool that lets me get work done. Skype is not that tool any longer… I guess I can kiss my credit balance goodbye. Any suggestions as a replacement?

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AvatarThavashan 01:12, 16 Dec 2017

The New skype totally sucks! Trust Microsoft to fix something that ain’t broke.

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AvatarVaughan 05:12, 12 Dec 2017

Typical MS – bugger up everything they touch and then tell everyone how great it is. Never listen and no options.
what were they thinking?? clearly not a lot – it is a total disaster. time to move on I reckon

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AvatarKrx 03:12, 11 Dec 2017

I’ve thought that previous Skype version was the worst.
Well today’s one is even more worst. :/
IMHO there is no other explanation except that they deliberately destroys functionality and UI so that ppl would stop using it. >_<

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AvatarKith 08:12, 11 Dec 2017

This is the worst worst skype ever….we beg of you please downgrade!!! No one ..and i repeat no one likes this latest version….downgrade!!!!!!!!!!! NKT

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AvatarAdam 06:12, 09 Dec 2017

I actually went and downgraded my Skype after this fiasco, if Microsoft forces an update I will be transferring to Discord, since it does almost everything that Skype did and works still

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AvatarKK 11:12, 08 Dec 2017

MS Skype UI is one of most stupid app interfaces out there!!

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Avatarnik 06:12, 08 Dec 2017

Ruined. Stupid. Switching to facetime fulltime now. Goodbye skype.

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AvatarAndrew larue 09:12, 07 Dec 2017

The have totally messed this up, i can no longer drop and drag files in the chat window, the fonts are to big, it bounces up and down, useless now, another typical company that thinks they know what is best but never used it enough to know anything, as always the rich people are brainless people, having never had to learn anything on their own. Its slow, the files show up as huge boxes in the window, what can you expect from a bunch of idiots that think they know something.

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  • Avatardeiseboy 10:12, 07 Dec 2017

    Once you have rolled back the Skype version, make sure that automatic updates feature is turned off or Skype will update itself and you’ll be back to new version.
    If it’s on an android phone you have to go to Google Playstore and turn off automatic updates in the settings.

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AvatarThis is honestly HORRIBLE. 05:12, 07 Dec 2017

Cant just see my online friends list anymore? Why? I have to click on a seperate window? Why lose all the easily available at a right click features? This new update is just confusing.

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  • AvatarElizabeth Haynes 10:12, 06 Dec 2017

    Yes. Uninstall it then do a search for old versions online. There are many reputable sites that have old versions of the software. Reinstall the version previous to this one, or any version that is slightly older. That’s what I just did and it worked fine. I now have the Skype I used for years and that actually worked properly.

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  • AvatarChrister 12:02, 13 Feb 2018

    In my case on my desktop I noticed I had two versions installed. I uninstalled the newest version and then the old version was active. After that I deactivated the updates of skype.

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AvatarElizabeth Haynes 09:12, 06 Dec 2017

I spent DAYS reporting bugs in this new release. It is useless and sloppy, and slow! I finally uninstalled and got an old version, and now I’m back in business. What a huge headache.

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AvatarJoe Fugate 02:12, 06 Dec 2017

The skype upgrade totally sucks. I can’t find anything or make it do anything I used to do.

Big FAT F to the developers.

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  • AvatarDenny 12:12, 06 Dec 2017

    I retract my comments. Yes, what I said is happening but I have found that with Skype you have the option to export your recent conversations, and you can even open them in the browser, where I can get them easily

    Reply to this thread
AvatarDenny 08:12, 05 Dec 2017

Well, I will make a comment and then find some other chat app to use. My main problem has been that you can’t often see old messages, so I created a database so that I could simply select everything and click a button to add the latest updates to the thread to my database, so that I always have access to the full message history. The problem is that MS has intentionally changed the structure so that you can’t copy all of the messages that you see. You can select all of them, but when you go to copy/paste them much of it is missing. The only possible reason for this is to force businesses to purchase a special version of the chat. But we use primarily Macs, and there its no version even to buy. So my only option is to have all of my thousands of contacts to stop using Skype. Many of them have always objected to using Skype anyway, because I uses more memory than their competitors. So it looks like they have won as I am forced to use something else.

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AvatarClint 02:12, 05 Dec 2017

Micro$oft, can you recommend a replacement? This is garbage.

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AvatarAlonzo 09:12, 03 Dec 2017

The most backward transition I ever seen . It should be illegal to allow a huge business like Microsoft to buy a company like Skype just to transform it in something so bad. Nothing works well in this new fucking Microsoft Skype. On top of things is way more expensive. The balance disappear like air the account. Customer service sucks. I think Microsoft went into this business just to kill it from inside. What a moron !!!

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AvatarBrent 05:12, 03 Dec 2017

it’s fucking retarded.

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  • Avatarhow? 01:12, 03 Dec 2017

    how do you port your skype in number away from skype? thanks. v8 is a disaster!

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AvatarAnnie 04:12, 03 Dec 2017

Its just a mess- totally destroyed a superb efficient easy access service we have used for years. Our family live OS- so we are REALLY UNHAPPY. Home page hopeless Contacts disappear, the “phone face’ to make other calls is gone. I got really cross trying to my usual call to Delhi.
Yesterday I tried to use there ‘help’ – mind bending 30 later still circling being told what they couldst do!
Skype would have sorted in 2mins. RUBBISH RUBBISH Microsoft Skype is ruined.
Disenchanted old lady Mac user.!!

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AvatarDan 10:12, 02 Dec 2017

This transfer was horrible and complicated with no reason whatsoever. It is so rude and unprofessional to force users to go for update and not even give them an option to choose whether they want it or not.
Please, just undo all this merging and redesign thing and give us back an old Skype app.

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  • AvatarJo 01:11, 30 Nov 2017

    They deleted all my contacts as well. This upgrade is like a dysfunctional child. temperamental and impossible to work with.

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Avataregrubbs 10:11, 29 Nov 2017

None of the online help matches the new skype. MS should update the online help before rolling out a new version. How lame!

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AvatarBen 02:11, 24 Nov 2017

ahh, such a shame, MS make things too complicated…Now their Skype has deleted all my contacts. They didn’t even give me a option to update, they just did it…
Called 3 numbers, every time pawned off to someone else who couldn’t help, emailed them 4 times, no one replies. How can a company be worth that much money when they couldn’t give a damn about their customers…. No wonder people go to Apple, at least they care and are hands on with their customers. after 17 years I am sadly going to delete all my microsoft emails and skype and find alternative companies that has customer service’s that give a shit.
Good luck Gates, because if you keep making these calls you are gunna need it-numpty!

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AvatarNathan 11:11, 16 Nov 2017

I must have used Skype for a decade , maybe once a fortnight, the only issue was the call quality could get glitchy when my flatmates got home… not Skypes fault.
Now… I think I will uninstal it.
Less functional interaction. Worst of all, I can not make calls – the icons never illuminate (always off line). Calls to me flash up and log as call made, call missed, all without the sound of the call.
I’ll start looking for a replacement.

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AvatarBlarney77 07:11, 15 Nov 2017

Lord, where do I start. I used the WAY above advice of how to get to a PERSON in chat, and they conversation is useless. They DO NOT CARE if we are unhappy. They have DESTROYED a good piece of Software and now they think it’s a good thing!
They told me to turn off automatic updates, Like I hadn’t thought of that already. It updates after about a week anyway. I have rolled it back numerous times to no avail, they still update whether you want it to or not. The new version is TERRIBLE. It is a Discord / Snapchat wannabe that fails even at that! MY menu is gone. My contacts are a dropdown that sometimes stays open long enough to scroll down to who I need to call. I have two subscriptions that I will be cancelling, and I JUST PAID for my Skype Number for the year. I hope I can get a refund!
I WILL NOT USE this new version! MIGHT keep it.. MAYBE, if they at least give us the option of using the old interface! It SHOULD have been an option, but that apparently wasn’t considered. New Skype is losing users by the thousands! DAILY!

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AvatarCaryn 12:11, 13 Nov 2017

I really don’t like the updates to Skype!!!!!!!! Is there anyway to change it back?

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AvatarFreddy 10:11, 12 Nov 2017

The news Skype version is a disaster only matched by Windows 8.

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AvatarAnneke Dempsey 06:11, 11 Nov 2017

How can a company like Microsoft make such a terrible mess with Skype, a well-liked and well-used application by many (non-technical) customers around the world. And, why did Microsoft not give advance warning about this major and extremely frustrating situation. Did they think that by ignoring it, the problem would disappear? How very naive?

The hours I went through this past week (without having the knowledge) to “fix” the Skype problem made me realize that I might not continue to be an MS and Skype customer. There are other options.

Please, Mr. Gates, come back and re-instill some excellent customer service attitudes within MS.

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AvatarGlynn Eyre 08:11, 11 Nov 2017

Why on earth did Microsoft take over Skype? First they remove it from a $2,500 TV bought because of its Skype access and now they “improve” the desktop application by making it impossible to change the ringtone to something you can hear. The stupid modern ringtone is so muted we cannot hear it unless we are actually at the computer. We now miss more than 95% of our Skype calls because we CANT HEAR IT !

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AvatarMarcelo 07:11, 10 Nov 2017

Horrible version, it smells a Microsoft: clumsy and unproductive. Are they trying to kill Skype so they can sell some other product??? that would be very Microsoft…

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AvatarJason 02:11, 07 Nov 2017

It’s amazing who Microsoft can screw things up. They had everything – a great product with a great band with a huge following. And they messed it up. Not only that, but they have actually disrupted the business world that relied on Skype.

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AvatarThe Oldies 08:11, 03 Nov 2017

I only keeping Skype on as my grand children like to see and chat to us from oversea’s.
OTHER WISE I WOULD DELETE IT. It is just shit, I agree with you all I am thinking of even removing Microsoft also.

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AvatarArt Williams 11:11, 02 Nov 2017

I agree. I’ve been trying to find and us Skype Translator which, as I remember from about a year ago, worked passably. Now, NONE of the tutorials I see anywhere make any sense. It amazes me how supposedly smart “engineers” continuously screw up customer UI’s. I remember the days when Skype really was something special. But it really sucks big-time now. Almost totally useless.

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AvatarPhil 03:10, 31 Oct 2017

Absolute crap – hate it with a passion!

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  • Avataryouna770 04:10, 26 Oct 2017

    I miss that time when the blue one and green one are hugging each others and welcoming me… I am still using Skype from time to time but I dont think I wont use it a lot…

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  • AvatarDavid 12:10, 18 Oct 2017

    You can port your number away from Skype. I did it with limited problems.

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  • Avatarjonjo 06:12, 22 Dec 2017

    It’s all about proper English without colonial twist

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AvatarKenny 06:10, 10 Oct 2017

I’m still missing MSN!
I wonder why Skype and MSN didn’t take the MSN platform to build further upon and not vice versa. More options on MSN, add your own fav emoji’s or even gifs and choose your own font and color font.

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Avatar. 09:09, 26 Sep 2017

Dave, found a solution to Skype not taking PWs, on android, after entering with keyboard, hit GO on keyboard , for some crazy reason, if you click enter on the page after the PW, it will fail…at least that’s the screw up of this week

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  • Avatar. 09:09, 26 Sep 2017

    Dave, found a solution to Skype not taking PWs, after entering with keyboard, hit GO on keyboard , for some crazy reason, if you click enter on the page after the PW, it will fail…at least that’s the screw up of this week

    Reply to this thread
AvatarDave 07:09, 26 Sep 2017

Read all and agree, but new problems just started yesterday. The desktop app let me go to my account, because they sent me an email claiming I had canceled my number. I did not. They then wanted me to log in again, I was told wrong PW, then the ordeal of changing again. Used it to log in, worked, but to reactivate my number, it said the system was down, try later. So today I go to set new PW on my Androids, and again was told it was wrong. The new one lasted one day. Entered my account user name, no such account, it suddenly opened my Skype as usual back on desktop, I added $ to cover number this year, but again was told when tried to reactivate, system down, try later. So their entire system is a mess, the suggestions here on live chat, are not working either, yesterday or today. At this rate, after 9 years I will need to give up on MS/Skype. There is no customer service, just a guy sitting by his pool checking the profits for the week. Criminal to me. They can’t retain PWs or accounts, but happily take your money.

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AvatarB. Zmorrg 01:09, 20 Sep 2017

I can’t believe what MS product managers and developers did to this application. I can imagine there were quite a few people on the development team, did everyone check their brains at the door?

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AvatarAdr 10:09, 15 Sep 2017

I and friends liked old skype for simplicity. new one is awful. Stupid wavy lines…essential menus like invisIble have gone..it grabs my private fone contacts… it Suggests friends of contacts to message (and they are very unhappy i now know these peeps!)…. No way i can see to add and save a contact of my choice with fone no or skype name…..they have added icons for sending emicons and clips of films that i cant get rid of……..THE OLD SKYPE WAS SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE. THIS ISNT. IM NOW LOOKING AT WHATSAP. A SHAME AS THE HUGE ADVANTAGE OF SKYPE IS IT CAN BE USED ON SEVERAL DEVICES AT THE SAmE TIME. THIS NEW VERSION IS TOO DIFFICULT TOO GARISH. INTERFERES WITH MY PRIVACY. HORRIBLE.

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AvatarRed 03:09, 15 Sep 2017

Yeah new version is horrible… Can’t dial keys during a call anymore : makes customer services unusable. I could, however, send stupid emojis.

What a %^#}…….

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AvatarfabioB 01:09, 08 Sep 2017

Horrible, invading interface

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AvatarCarlos 01:09, 07 Sep 2017

MS should be ashamed of this new android version, they are trying to be something else, but completely failed. Also it’s impossible to remove it from the phone.
Now I’m using whatsapp and I hate skype

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AvatarName 09:09, 04 Sep 2017

It is like someone took the original design and defecated all over it. When your user base doesn’t like the update, it’s time to take a step back

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AvatarConi 11:09, 04 Sep 2017

Terrible update: The new Skype ios app should not be called Skype anymore. The update is the worst chat app i ever used and has lost most of the original Skype features.
Microsoft has made 10 steps backwards. And the Design is so unsexy i prefer not even to start with.

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AvatarH 01:09, 02 Sep 2017

I like many people have a telephone handset which worked with Skype. This is now obsolete, no warning, no alternatives, it is now effectively a brick thanks to Microsoft no longer supporting the software, they did not have the courtesy to maintain any historical compatibility. Surely an opportrunity for a class action.

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AvatarJennifer 06:08, 30 Aug 2017

Horrors of all horrors. I tried. I honestly tried, but couldn’t manage to find anything or do anything past pick (who cares) colors. Buh-bye Skype app on my Android.

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Avatardjank 01:08, 28 Aug 2017

I have also used skype from its inception in 2004. I loved that first original interface. Everything went downhill when MS bought skype. I didn’t know about the update until several days ago when the app updated itself automatically on my iphone. When I opened it at first I thought it was a joke, or a virus or something like that. It was so difficult to navigate and so counterintuitive. Once I realized that this was here to stay I was devastated. I have already canceled all my skype subscriptions and and am moving to google hangouts. I have already imported all my contacts there and calling experience has been great. I now just need to get my family around the world to move with me. I think they are ready too. Good bye Skype! And MS, you can say goodbye to my money.

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Avatard Court 05:08, 24 Aug 2017

It’s about as a stupid interface as they could do and that’s when they were trying to make it better.

Add to the fact they can’t even be consistent with the GUI on different interfaces… take the PC app then try browser skype and they’re from different planets.

I guess Microsoft has succeeded in it’s target to get rid of truck loads of customers so that bandwidth is more manageable. Well done!

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AvatarGlenn 10:08, 20 Aug 2017

It’s awful. They need to keep it insanely simple like google Duo. Just the contact list with green dots for who is online with chat or video calls – keep it simple- ditch the stupid Snapchat video sharing etc . Simple is best. I’ve removed it from my phone.

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  • AvatarDeiseboy 10:08, 16 Aug 2017

    If you’re using Skype on Android you can revert to the 7.6 (old) version as follows:

    1 Uninstall the new app.
    2 Go to APK Mirror and search for version
    3. Download and install on phone.
    4. Make sure to turn off AutoUpdate Apps at Google Play Store – (click on 3 lines top left of the home page then go to Settings.

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AvatarAnon Emos 04:08, 16 Aug 2017

I don’t like leaving negative feedback, but it has to be said: OLD SKYPE WAS FANTASTIC, AND NEW SKYPE IS A TOTAL UTTER DISASTER.
Calls often do not connect with 2 x audio and 2 x video streams. Calls that do connect often don’t have video until you turn video off then on. Calls that connect often have frozen video one way, then dropout. Call quality is seriously diminished, unless you have a 10/10 MB/s commercial grade Internet connection. The old Skype used to work on 0.4MB/s, or even less. New Skype has lag – 3 or 4 seconds is typical. Audio frequently distorts. Video frequently freezes. Skype calls to iPhone work one day, then not the next, for no apparent reason. Or they connect with audio only. One Mobile Internet carrier works well today, then tomorrow calls fail miserably.


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AvatarNeil Fixter 02:08, 16 Aug 2017

MS have totally ruined Skype. I have used Skype for the past 7 years for business and personal communication, however I am now going to cancel Skype account and move to an alternative system. What is wrong with MS??? They need to get there act together!!!

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AvatarPaul 12:08, 16 Aug 2017

Just tried to give the skype app a one star review on the app store. Wrote the review and clicked send – saw the network icon light up – but nothing happened. Kept trying – it kept failing. App store doesn’t seem to be accepting my review.

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AvatarWalter Jennings 09:08, 15 Aug 2017

I just deleted it off my Android phone after a decade of use. It’s impossible to navigate. I hate what Microsoft has done. I’ve moved over to WeChat and WhatsApp. I no longer need Skype – farewell!

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Avatardpunchard 02:08, 13 Aug 2017

The new Skype is a total disaster, I’ve been using this program for 15 years (just like some of the previous texts) and was both an advocate and heavy users, spending hundreds of $ a year, if Microsoft doesn’t offer a way to move back to the simple and easy to use previous version they will loose my personal business – and as a business owner we will change international numbers and move on to another program that offers me the style and simplicity that Skype used to provide

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AvatarRichard Laycock 12:08, 13 Aug 2017

Skype has one of the worst interfaces I’ve ever used. Today’s maddening issue is trying to dial a phone number some idiot company posts only in a clever letter combo. 800-I-Fly-SWA. So stupid that I can’t access the damn keypad anymore from the main page. I have to make a call to get a keypad.

So I have to type on my keypad while looking on my iPhone dialpad. Why did the junk the keypad button on the main menu? What idiots they employ at Microsoft. They make everything worse the longer they work on it.

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AvatarJohno37 07:08, 06 Aug 2017

If anyone is planning a class action for the way in which MS terminated service (permitting autorenewal – and taking payment – for12 months not refundable even though you only use one or two months), count me in.

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AvatarCHARLES ANGUIANO 07:08, 04 Aug 2017

I started using skype on 2004 and I feel that I lost a very dear and useful tool…one again microsoft pushed by stupid experts assume that all of us we were teenagers …Man I am 42 years old…I was ok with video calls…I didn’t want snapchat…and the just killed Skype…I know Microsoft stubbornness and they will keep pushing on this direction and they simply lost us…because the idiots didn’t understand their market share and thought that all of us were 14. the new app is horrible it waste battery as hell and is complicated…I wont repeat what others have already say, I only wanted to point out, knowing Microsoft they wont admit they fucked it up, they will try to redesign and resign … I dont have time for their stupidity …I am going to give a try to ooVoo, facebook, and google voice… lets see how it goes

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AvatarJohn 08:08, 02 Aug 2017

Skype used to be like the light switch, turn it on, presto there’s light. All you contacts and numbers conveniently to hand and convenient calling to anyone anywhere.

Now it’s so frigging unfriendly, 24 hours to recover a password, give me a break.

I never had an MS account and still do not want one. As soon as I get my contacts back I’ll begin divesting myself of MS.

Thanks Bill and Co.

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AvatarBilltheGeo 04:08, 01 Aug 2017

Microsoft needs to do a rapid back peddle to a format resembling the old Skype or I, a long term user of Skype, will be a new term non-user.

Not being able to see who is and isn’t on line on the “new and improved” Skype is an unbelievable and incomprehensible mistake.

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AvatarSilvi 05:07, 30 Jul 2017

While talking for an hour to a friend on this new version of Skype, I noticed on top appears her status “last seen days ago “. How reliable is the rest of Skype?

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Avatarthejsk 03:07, 30 Jul 2017

I can agree also. What a terrible thing to do.
So many good things gone and so many bad things came out. Too many bad things, it is now bye bye for skype.

Now there is the darn choice next to the “free skype call” which charges 20cents minute… which you can accidentally press, since it is placed that way.

Earlier, when someone called, my computer rang first, then around 3 seconds later, my phone would rang. Now it does not rang at all. If I restarted the skype in iphone, it might ring, but next day it was basically back, not ringing or posting any messages.

I also hate the stupid heart icon in the bottom right corner…

so when seeing the 20cent call suggestion there, I have to start thinking, is microsoft now a money greedy bastard, since how they have treated the wp 8.1 users and wp 7 users. Then the new surface book. They copied everything that was wrong in apple products… so those new surfaces, if something breaks, you need to buy a new computer, since everything is soldered and glued together.

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AvatarHans Hags 09:07, 28 Jul 2017

I think the new version i terrible… lost a lot of features I normally use texting (sms) to real numbers… so I must consider other options… still wish there would be some chance MS rolls this crap back, and just give us back the skype we know and use for what it is… wishfull thinking maybe? Anyway, I’m keeping the old version alive on my mobile for as long as possible… have a great weekend everyone and thanks for listening… oh, MS – I hope you are listening ;-o Best regards, Hans

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AvatarGene S 03:07, 22 Jul 2017

What the hell was MS thinking with this new version? Not only is it ugly, the UI is downright user hostile.

Just another example of MS being out of touch with reality.

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  • AvatarBill Hartland 09:07, 18 Jul 2017

    Also, don’t forget to turn off automatic app updates at Google Playstore – Settings, or you may wake up and find yourSkype future has turned orange again.

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  • AvatarBill Hartland 08:07, 18 Jul 2017

    You’re very welcome, Lyndon. (I did say “Uninstall the new horrible app version.” as a first step by the way.)

    At the moment, that version of the App is the last v7 which will be supported by Microsoft, so enjoy it while you can. Skype is also no longer supported on Android versions below 4.3.
    I’m affected by Microsoft’s decision to withdraw support for all Skype / ATA phones worldwide, as well as a host of other devices, even their own Windows phones versions 8 & 8.1 and Skype on TV. This has left thousands of people with useless equipment.
    Having been there, done that etc. with Skype, I understand the frustration of Microsoft’s “customer service”.
    I also, incidentally, posted above how to get to Text Chat at Skype. You’re quite right about the infamous loop.

    I’ll post it again for others who might need it:

    To contact the Skype Text Chat service.
    Go to the Skype website and sign in.

    1 Select Help – Contact us
    2 You will see a link to ‘support request page’ highlighted in blue.
    3 In the ‘Choose a Help topic’ box select ‘Payments and Orders’
    4 In the new ‘Choose a related problem’ box that appears select ‘Help with a subscription’
    * NB * – It is important to choose this option – other choices will just send you round the loop and back to the Skype Community.
    5 Click ‘Next’
    A page will appear giving you the choice of Skype Community or Text Chat support.
    6 Choose Text Chat support and enter your details on the new page.
    7 Click ‘Next’
    8 On the next page click ‘Start Chat’ (You may have to disable plug-ins and pop-up blocker in your browser.
    9 A pop-up window will appear and you can begin to chat.

    I will never use a Microsoft product or service if I can find a suitable alternative.

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AvatarLyndon 03:07, 18 Jul 2017

I don’t normally write on these forums, but just thought I’d say a BIG thank you to the guy above me (Rolling Back the Skype App on Android). Worked great!!

However you need to uninstall your latest (current) version of Skype first or it won’t work.

My biggest gripe with the new Skype (besides the horrible kiddy look), on android at least, you cannot save new contacts anywhere. Confirmed this with a Skype representative. So frustrating.

And don’t get me started on trying to contact someone at Skype for text chat. If you follow the links you end up going in a continuous loop – obviously trying to stop people contacting them directly to save costs (never mind that it frustrates your paying customers).

Pro tip: if you want to chat to an actual person then, no matter what your issue, select the options for billing ie that you have a billing problem (even if you don’t). This way you then get an option to select “live chat” which does not normally appear, because they want you to go to the Microsoft Community.

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AvatarRolling back the Skype App on Android 05:07, 15 Jul 2017

Uninstall the new horrible app version.
Go to APKMirror
Search for version Skype Version on (called Skype- free IM & video calls.)
Download and install from APKMirror.

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  • AvatarTo the Skype Text Chat service. 05:07, 15 Jul 2017

    To contact the Skype Text Chat service.
    Go to the Skype website and sign in.

    1 Select Help – Contact us
    2 You will see a link to ‘support request page’ highlighted in blue.
    3 In the ‘Choose a Help topic’ box select ‘Payments and Orders’
    4 In the new ‘Choose a related problem’ box that appears select ‘Help with a subscription’
    * NB – It is important to choose this option – other choices will just send you round the loop and back to the Skype Community.
    5 Click ‘Next’
    A page will appear giving you the choice of Skype Community or Text Chat support.
    6 Choose Text Chat support and enter your details on the new page.
    7 Click ‘Next’
    8 On the next page click ‘Start Chat’ (You may have to disable plug-ins and pop-up blocker in your browser.
    9 A pop-up window will appear and you can begin to chat.

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  • AvatarBrian 01:08, 11 Aug 2017

    Like IE, Microsoft seems bent on self-sabotage. If they stick with the new design, I imagine that they will only retain people from the business-end in the medium term. Once a popular alternative is adopted, then the it becomes safer for business to follow suit. Regardless, the new Skype == a slow and painful death to what was once a fantastic application.

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  • AvatarDavid de Lionheart 06:02, 08 Feb 2018

    Skype is not really Skype anymore. It’s a casualty of business take over wars. We the users of Skype are just collateral damage. We desperately need anti trust regulation on the activities of these behemoths of the tec-Giants. They are all dictatorship that userp the democratic organic nature of these success stories. It wasn’t the business minds behind these orgsnizations that made Skype and Apple et al so successful. It was US the subscribers who lend our support. Wake up everybody. Quit Skype and tear is down.

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  • AvatarJohn Robbins 03:03, 13 Mar 2018

    I totally agree Skype has totally lost it and seen to be aiming at the children’s market, when the world has an ageing population, how pathetically short sighted. It should be named kiddy messenger it has little to do with Skype as we know it. Thankfully there is a new kid on the block try https://zoom.us all the functions of Skype classic and far far better!

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AvatarAndrew Johnson 10:07, 14 Jul 2017

Yep, I will moan here too. This article is dead right. I now find my Android Skype seems to be locked to using a headset that’s not even connect – with no way to switch . The buttons are small and the icons are less clear than they were. Terrible.

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AvatarBen 03:07, 13 Jul 2017

This simply sucks.

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AvatarPirike 11:07, 13 Jul 2017

Myself despise it enough that I’m going to delete the program and find another option to communicate with family. It has downloaded all my contacts. It’s a pittyful mess. I personally like to take the guy who designed this absurdly useless, ugly, horrible, disfunctional mess along with the approving tasteless human to a Russian labour camp it seem to have had ONE GOAL IN MIND ….. to be as disfunctional and ugly as possible. It looks like I have to switch to facetime for our who family

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Avatarsandra mccahill 11:07, 13 Jul 2017

Utterly ridiculous and of course no help at all.
Skype suddenly knocked me off just like that.
Said I needed a new upgrade then when i went through everything a nightmare.
Lately I was getting trash calls messages.
OH yup!! they have taken my £10 upgrade to a site I can never get onto.

It said you already exist..so a big circle…hate it cannot connect with anyone.

If its NOT BROKE why change it. Same for every big compnay to make sure the techies or designers earn their salaries….just leave it alone and reinstate us all and go back to the simple version
Are you ever going to answer my emails

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AvatarDavid Austin 11:07, 13 Jul 2017

Nigh on used Skype since the day it launched….three paid subscription accounts for family and Skype for business….until this upgrade…read DOWNGRADE!

Can t seem to be able to install older versions on android either…. So

As of today… I have closed all my accounts which may not amount to more than $500 a year loss to skype….but I sincerely hope I am not the only one doing so….. $500 x 10000 users

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AvatarDavid Austin 11:07, 13 Jul 2017

Nigh on used Skype since the day it launched….three paid subscription accounts for family and Skype for business….until this upgrade…read DOWNGRADE!

Can t seem to be able to install older versions on android either…. So

As of today… I have closed all my accounts which may not amount to more than $500 a year loss to skype….but I sincerely hope I am not the only one doing so $500 x 10000 users

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AvatarAli 07:07, 13 Jul 2017

I agree hundred percent with others and hate the new version of Android Skype. I can not recognise who is ON orOFF or AWAY

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AvatarTomJ 12:07, 13 Jul 2017

My situation is similar to Arlon……skype number on my business card and website….I have used skype for 10 years plus not only for business but for staying in touch with my family…..I was a huge advocate of skype…..now i’m just furious.

On my android devices I’ve managed to uninstall and re-install version 7 from an APK mirror site…..but now recognise that whenever i contact a client I’ve gone from contacting them via a mature, professional looking, relatively stable communications application…..to contacting them via a retarded version of snapchat….I feel like i might as well be wearing a clown outfit and honking a klaxon!

Great f***ing work microsoft.

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AvatarAli 09:07, 12 Jul 2017

I agree and join you in hating the upgrade.I can not recognise who is ON or Away.

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AvatarPetya 02:07, 12 Jul 2017

I agree one hundred percent with the author and hate the new version.

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Avatarkevin 11:07, 12 Jul 2017

so sorry – used Skype since inception – now it sucks – NO sorry there can be no sucking in a vacuum – it has said that my Mac no longer supports Skype – and you still have over $100.00 of my subscription – baaaaa

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AvatarArlon Arriola 11:07, 11 Jul 2017

After well over 15+ years of use, 15+ years! Last month they …took away my voicemail greeting. I was pissed! Replaced it with some british lady’s voice, all british-y. My friends were like dude did you your voice box augmented bionically with some british lady?

Actually first – a month or so before that – the spam calls started. At first I was pissed about that too but then realized it was a good mid-day phone test – test calls coming in all the time, 10-20/day. Random numbers that don’t say anything when you pick up. I could live with it. Kept me on my toes.

That went on for a couple months or so – then a few weeks ago, calls started not going through, at all, just not getting to me until hours or days later … more and more until today: today I have to reset my phone in between each call, and just hope I might get the next one. If I test it, that’s it – then I have to reset the phone again – only one call works, then it’s just… a paperweight! A really annoying paper weight that used to ring when people called me.

Microsoft is obviously INTENTIONALLY BUTCHERING their skype service now. So, basically, I’m just SUPER pissed, I have to change a business phone number now that I’ve had for 15+ years through skype. Not sure which provider to use – but skype is now OUT. This means throwing out and re-ordering boxes and boxes of business cards! Calling hundreds of companies, hundreds of friends and family! Making trips to phone stores! All because of some corporate nonsense coming from Microsoft/Skype. So, so lame, take me back to 2016 please!

MetroPCS told me today you can’t get your number away from skype – it’s not like a regular phone. This whole skype service flop is major major class action lawsuit material. I paid my bill. They just had to leave well enough alone but they couldn’t do that.

They took down the skype community of course, and if you call (chat) skype about it they are like “Yes, sir, we have been experiencing similar issues, I am very sorry for your disappointment, let me explain it to you….” (They’re butchering skype on purpose is what they explain in very nice polite language which is impossible to actually understand because it’s double talk – they don’t actually fix anything and tell you over hours of time that they are trying to, and ‘escalate’ your problem …. they don’t do anything, just waste your time, stall you around over hours, very, very, politely and with a seeming explanation and a hopeful, just out of reach, possible fix, they might have, if only you would explain more to them about what the problems are …. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!) ( I screen-shotted the entire chat-conversation I had it was so ridiculously shocking, I will publish on another site and link it…)

So in summary I pay my bill on time for 15 years straight, they take away the entire service basically, mid-billing cycle, meanwhile my business is well dependent on what they have already been providing for 15+ years … I am so mad about it I could just keep writing but I think I said everything now. -GRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, well, thanks for the article at least, and letting us post comments!!

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AvatarMsJ252 09:07, 11 Jul 2017

I agree and join you in hating the upgrade. My home PC is no longer functional using Skype. There is no way to contact Skype. Microsoft has programmed a useless loop into their feedback hub. This is a nightmare. Mourning the loss of billed online internet phone/sms capability.

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